aerial Collocations
German aerial1) Since its inception, German aerial doctrine had covered most aspects of aerial warfare.
2) The team must also do their bit to defend Hampshire against German aerial bombardment.
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Japanese aerial1) On the 4th, Japanese aerial resistance began.
2) Japanese aerial response was pitifully small; 29 planes were located and destroyed.
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TV aerial1) Try an external roof top high gain TV aerial .
2) I thought the TV aerial had blown down in the strong winds.
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aerial1) The initial human aerial counterattack is annihilated.
2) The state predator control program includes aerial shooting.
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aerial attack1) The aerial attack is divided into four phases.
2) The aerial attack for both teams produced big numbers.
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aerial bombardment1) The attack was preceded by an intense and sustained aerial and artillery bombardment .
2) Despite heavy aerial and artillery bombardment , no appreciable damage was done to the giant fortress.
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aerial bombing1) American forces also killed civilians through aerial bombing .
2) The attempt to control the aerial bombing of civilians was unsuccessful.
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aerial combat1) He depicted aerial combat in several works.
2) The scenes of aerial combat are skillfully done and exciting.
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aerial footage1) The aerial footage was filmed by Jack Hildyard.
2) The last aerial video footage from below the rim was filmed in 1984.
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aerial maneuver1) Speed is critical in aerial surf maneuvers .
2) Slopestyle skiers navigate terrain parks while also performing various aerial maneuvers .
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aerial naval1) Progress halted as UN aerial and naval bombardment made movement more difficult.
2) Interdiction is carried out primarily by aerial and naval armed forces patrolling known trafficking zones.
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aerial photo1) NOAA has posted detailed aerial photos from this week.
2) All your aerial photos have been great.
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aerial photograph1) The squadron filled many requests for aerial photographs .
2) An aerial photograph was taken by helicopter.
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aerial photographic1) Forensic aerial photography is the study and interpretation of aerial photographic evidence.
2) July 3 : aerial photographic reconnaissance.
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aerial photography1) aerial photography is an important artistic skill.
2) aerial photography is an important commercial skill.
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aerial reconnaissance1) Aircraft conducted aerial reconnaissance and bombardment sorties.
2) The objective was aerial reconnaissance and air attack.
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aerial refuel1) Their first aerial refueling was completed without incident.
2) On the left: VRSG real-time aerial refueling scenario in MetaVR's booth.
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aerial satellite1) These valleys can be seen on aerial and satellite images.
2) The proposed multiple object detection approach is tested on aerial and satellite images.
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aerial surveillance1) One important task they conduct is aerial surveillance of oil.
2) Oftentimes unmanned aerial surveillance receives more attention than the soldier.
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aerial torpedo1) As aerial torpedoes were unavailable they dropped 500 lb bombs.
2) A proper aerial torpedo could have prevented such losses.
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aerial tramway1) An aerial tramway relies on wire rope to support and move cargo overhead.
2) An aerial tramway accesses the park from the bottom of the hill.
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aerial vehicle1) Air surveillance capabilities are provided by unmanned aerial vehicles .
2) Modern aerial warfare includes missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles .
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aerial victory1) The successes represented his 33-34 aerial victories .
2) The aerial victories were recorded as numbers 57-58.
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aerial view1) An aerial view can be found here.
2) A common mistake is to design from an aerial view .
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aerial warfare1) Modern aerial warfare includes missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.
1) Evolution of aerial warfare introduced its own air combat tactics.
2) Later on aerial warfare in all forms used by both sides.
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aerials1) A second attempt was made to snatch the aerials which succeeded.
2) Loft aerials are more prone to bad weather signal loss.
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allied aerial1) Consequently, by 1943 Romania became a target of allied aerial bombardment.
2) Both bridges were used for two years, until they were destroyed by allied aerial bombing.
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extensive aerial1) All the main ranges are explored with extensive aerial photography.
2) The Gulf War began with an extensive aerial bombing campaign on 17 January 1991.
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first aerial1) It is the first aerial night ramming in history.
2) This is considered the first aerial bombardment ever in East Asia.
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good aerial1) Nothing makes this punker's day like a good aerial rumble.
2) The film features good aerial footage of both the B-47 and the Convair B-36.
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heavy aerial1) Johnson was involved in heavy aerial fighting during this period.
2) Beginning on 1 December, Russian forces openly carried out heavy aerial bombardments of Chechnya.
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indoor aerial1) However, to DIY install a indoor aerial in a loft does have some advantages.
2) indoor aerials are even more likely to be affected by these issues and possibly need replacing.
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install aerial1) However, to DIY install a indoor aerial in a loft does have some advantages.
2) If DTT reception is poor or marginal in your attic, install an outdoor roof TV aerial instead.
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massive aerial1) Another massive aerial effort was undertaken to keep the beleaguered Marines supplied.
2) Sarrail ordered a massive aerial bombardment of the city.
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new aerial1) Jan Svěrák filmed some new aerial scenes and reused aerial footage from Hamilton's film.
2) On 6 November 1988 two new aerial masts were taken out to the Ross Revenge.
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other aerial0) She is passionate about outdoor theatre, trapeze and other aerial skills.
1) other aerial tour companies lease space in the western wing of General Lyman Terminal.
2) Veterans Recognition Day and Memorial Day activities often include parachuting and other aerial displays.
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radio aerial1) Very like radio aerials , aren't they?
2) Two men in the front in uniform and their radio aerial extended.
2) Very few cars passed - some with white handkerchiefs draped around their radio aerials .
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spectacular aerial1) This spectacular aerial highway will allow the animals to simulate their natural treetop routine.
2) While the spectacular aerial scenes used real aircraft, more dangerous sequences were created with models.
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television aerial1) Used to deal with such things as installation of television aerials or small antennas.
2) She finds him and assumes he fell from their roof after fixing the television aerial .
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unmanned aerial1) Air surveillance capabilities are provided by unmanned aerial vehicles.
2) Modern aerial warfare includes missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.
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