advertise Collocations
advertise1) This game was neither widely advertised nor very popular.
2) Then advertised either combine ones or informing.
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advertise availability1) Casinos flourished and hotels advertised the availability of prostitutes.
2) Colonization agents advertised the availability of crown lands to people throughout Europe.
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advertise brand1) The African-American magazine Ebony often used athletes to advertise major cigarette brands .
2) Over their table was a mirror, advertising a long defunct brand of pale ale.
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advertise cigarette1) They were at first assigned to advertise Camel cigarettes .
2) How many magazines refuse to advertise cigarettes because of their addictive nature?
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advertise directly1) Begin advertising directly to your ideal prospects .
2) For one, they advertise directly to patients.
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advertise event1) Numbers were low as the event was not well advertised .
2) I also have a few big posters advertising the event .
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advertise extensively1) White Star advertised extensively for emigrant passengers.
2) His album was also advertised extensively .
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advertise fact1) advertise that fact by presenting a professional image to the world .
2) advertise the fact that it is marked with a sticker.
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advertise for1) The house was advertised for let again in 1843.
2) And there was a grade three carriage cleaning inspector advertised for .
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advertise good1) A website that merely advertises the goods is not acceptable.
2) goods advertised may not be available.
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advertise in a newspaper1) So I advertised in a newspaper for a job as a governess.
2) in 1985 he advertised in a newspaper Vocalist wanted who enjoys experimenting .
2) a bar advertises in a newspaper mostly bought by lesbian or gay women and gay men.
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advertise locally1) If you are selling locally - advertize locally .
2) Agencies advertise locally in newspapers, and may carry regular advertisements in the national nursing press.
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advertise nationally1) You won't see them nationally advertised .
2) Is, is, is that national nationally advertised ?
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advertise on TV1) Currently the tobacco industry is forbidden to advertise on TV .
2) Ever hear of beezid.com that advertise on TV ?
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advertise on television1) She advertised on television across the state.
2) It was the first toy ever advertised on television .
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advertise online1) They are commonly used ways of advertising online .
2) Your information session will be advertised online .
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advertise position1) The government is currently advertising the position .
2) Most faculties advertise open positions on their websites.
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advertise post1) None of the posts was advertised .
2) These figures represent a sharp fall in the number of posts advertised during previous years.
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advertise price1) All prices advertised are subject to such changes.
2) The companies should be compelled to advertise the actual price .
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advertise product1) Kraft promised to stop advertising certain products to children under 11.
2) Using celebrities to advertise products is nothing new.
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advertise route1) The backbone will then advertise this aggregate route to the mid-level.
2) The problem using the next-hop credit comes in if the route is advertised to BGP peers.
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advertise sale1) advertising fictitious bank repo sales and creating a false sense of urgency.
2) In 1778, he advertised the sale of a 14-year-old male slave.
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advertise service1) Not surprisingly, a wide range of financial services is advertised online.
2) The GP advertised a snip service in his local paper.
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advertise the fact1) advertise the fact that it is marked with a sticker.
2) This may be only too true, but if so, why advertise the fact ?
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advertised as1) The springs were advertised as being computer selected.
2) Corporate funded artworks are often advertised as public service.
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as advertise1) It was as advertised and exceeded expectations.
2) On a practical level everything works as advertised .
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billboard advertise1) Looming above them all was a giant billboard advertising a hamburger chain .
2) Many nations, including Germany and Greece, still allow billboards advertising tobacco use.
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brochure advertise1) Make a travel brochure advertising the setting of the story.
2) The Curse started when the brochure advertising the mobile phone said JUST TEXT 21 .
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business advertise1) Local business often advertises in the sentō .
2) Some businesses advertise disaster sales offering appliances and major electronics at reduced prices.
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commercial advertise1) Scenes from series were incorporated into the TV commercials advertising the Happy Meals.
2) commercials advertising the clothing line can be seen on Nickelodeon and TeenNick.
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company advertise1) The company advertised that they produced ready mixed oil paints.
2) When can a company advertise something as free ?
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currently advertise1) The government is currently advertising the position.
2) AAPT is currently advertising for an Associate Executive Officer.
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falsely advertise1) The rings were also falsely advertised as being Tiffany rings .
2) They do not try to manipulate or falsely advertise to potential consumers.
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firm advertise1) These firms advertise in do-it-yourself magazines and Exchange and Mart.
2) When Balbi's firm advertised for a receptionist, they received 200 responses.
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flyer advertise1) Below is a floor plan, from a flyer advertising the property.
2) The area was plastered in flyers advertising Fromm's home address and far-right political affiliations.
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heavily advertise1) The school is known for advertising very heavily .
2) The switchover to digital terrestrial was heavily advertised .
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it pays to advertise1) Thunder Punch Daily 75 - it pays to advertise ?
2) Sayers is also credited with coining the slogan it pays to advertise !
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job advertise1) Remember that most jobs are never advertised anywhere.
2) Many jobs are never advertised to the public .
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leaflet advertise1) Mr O'Connor has recently been distributing leaflets advertising his business on Darlington's Whinfield estate.
2) Leno printed 10,000 leaflets advertising Napoleon's visit and called for demonstrations at Cheapside and Long Acre.
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manufacturer advertise1) manufacturers usually advertise that higher frequency systems improve audio quality and range.
2) Often golf ball manufacturers advertise that they make the longest ball.
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medium advertise1) Whoever they are outsourcing their social media advertising to should be fired.
2) CCTS should also undertake a mass media advertising campaign to become better known.
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often advertise1) Such insects often advertise their toxicity using warning colors.
2) Corporate funded artworks are often advertised as public service.
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openly advertise1) Drag balls were openly advertised in the straight media.
2) They may not be in your neighbourhood but they are openly advertising in various publications and online.
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originally advertise1) The drink was originally advertised as a headache and overall cure.
2) The service was originally advertised on only four specialized USENET newsgroups.
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poster advertise1) The latest posters advertise the police ball.
2) A poster advertising a meeting against the Costa shop.
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previously advertise1) Please note: The performance dates have changed from previously advertised , shifting a week later.
2) This was not as solid as Logan had previously advertised to the rest of the Grant backers.
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product advertise1) That is why they want to eat the products advertised .
2) Googles product is advertising , all it's choices support that.
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publicly advertise1) It was one of the first publicly advertised positive-only parties in the country.
2) The adjudicator, whose job will be publicly advertised , will start work on 5 April.
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re advertise1) Reject non-competitive bids and re-advertise . 27.
2) The Explorers Club reserves the right to make no grant and re-advertise the program.
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regularly advertise1) Plots to build houses are regularly advertised .
2) Other courses are regularly advertised in the ILEA magazine, Floodlight.
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shop advertise1) One shop advertised a gold ring inside one of each batch of Brack Loaves.
2) A shop advertises 'Fur coat - was £600, now 20% off'.
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sign advertise1) Great big signs advertised the theater shows.
2) Built in 1923 the sign advertised a real estate development.
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site advertise1) The tour itself was just as the Disney site advertised .
2) These sites advertise services to do things such as know the location of a teenager, or find a lost child.
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vacancy advertise1) Job vacancies are advertised in many ways.
2) They advertise vacancies throughout the whole year.
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website advertise1) I pointed out that the BlackBerry website was still advertising Braehead .
2) Their websites advertise features such as month-to-month lease flexibility, high-speed Internet, and working space.
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widely advertise1) This game was neither widely advertised nor very popular.
2) So why are their activities not more widely advertised ?
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