adversarial Collocations
adversarial1) The climate becomes adversarial within among key internal and external players.
2) The essays are critical without being adversarial or self important.
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adversarial approach1) Scottish trials are based on an adversarial approach .
2) This adversarial approach , however, is not constructive.
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adversarial nature1) The formal adversarial nature of arbitration produces some strange effects.
2) These expectations were nurtured by the adversarial nature of electoral competition and they pressed hard onto government.
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adversarial proceeding1) Courts-martial are adversarial proceedings , as are all United States criminal courts.
2) Once adversarial criminal proceedings commence the right to counsel applies to all critical stages of the prosecution and investigation.
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adversarial process1) It tries to reach solutions satisfying everyone while avoiding traditional adversarial processes .
2) Consensus decision-making is an alternative to commonly practised adversarial decision-making processes .
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adversarial relationship1) Pam has a very adversarial relationship with Martin.
2) Mackey believes that unions facilitate an adversarial relationship between management and labor.
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adversarial role1) Homework perpetuates adversarial roles between school and parents .
2) They were levied partly because StudentAid B.C. cast itself in an adversarial role , said the judge.
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adversarial system1) This is primarily due to a more adversarial legal system .
2) Do you hate the adversarial court system ?
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