adversary Collocations
adversary ally1) It will prove to be both fierce adversary and invaluable ally .
2) Perspective can be your adversary or ally .
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adversary politics1) In many ways it is a classic case of adversary politics .
2) A compatible but independent thesis is that of adversary politics .
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adversary proceeding1) Any motion to reopen a bankruptcy case or adversary proceeding .
2) Unemployment insurance appeals differ from the adversary proceedings of the traditional judicial proceedings.
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adversary system1) Civil litigation is based on the adversary system .
2) All British criminal courts operate on the adversary system .
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become adversary1) Once again, Harder became the aggressive adversary .
2) During the warmer months, Poison Ivy becomes a common adversary .
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chief adversary1) They are among the chief adversaries of the X-Men.
2) Old Banks–whom Mother Sawyer refers to as one of her chief adversaries –enters.
2) Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Satan is God's chief adversary and the invisible ruler of the world.
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dangerous adversary1) Opinion is a dangerous adversary as is selfishness with knowledge.
2) Supposedly he is a very dangerous adversary for Ayumu.
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defeat adversary1) The dead chicken is also meant to represent a defeated adversary .
2) Sulla followed his defeated adversary and won another victory in a very short time.
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fearsome adversary1) Now Grant was alone in the night with his fearsome adversary .
2) Even the helpful tomte, nisse, gårdbo or gårdbuk could turn into a fearsome adversary if not treated with caution and respect.
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former adversary1) McNamara later endorsed this statement by his former adversary .
2) Barrett rooted for his former adversaries in the finals.
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formidable adversary1) Putnam himself may be his own most formidable philosophical adversary .
2) They lack at present only training and experience to make formidable adversaries .
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great adversary1) It turned out however that Siam was not his greatest adversary .
2) Now came the temptations of the great adversary seeking to turn Him aside.
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main adversary1) His main adversary was the Soviet Union.
2) Germany's main naval adversary of this period was Great Britain.
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new adversary1) Holmes looks forward to the new case and new adversary .
2) Are there any new adversaries to contend with?
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old adversary1) The two old adversaries eye each other warily.
2) Even his old adversaries recognised the Duke's qualities.
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political adversary1) Morris's political adversaries used his bankruptcy to gain political power in Pennsylvania.
2) Or a crook who abused his position to spy on his political adversaries .
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potential adversary1) There are higher stakes here with China and other potential adversaries .
2) What data is valuable to me or a potential adversary ?
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powerful adversary1) By the time Kekaumenos wrote, new and powerful adversaries had risen.
2) He had deposed the Patriarchs of Antioch and Constantinople, but one powerful adversary yet remained.
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worthy adversary1) Nevertheless, they remained a worthy adversary .
2) Often their bravery is celebrated as worthy adversaries of Rome.
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