adversity Collocations
a lot of adversity1) They battled through a lot of adversity and hung in there.
2) They must have endured a lot of adversities to reach this point.
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adversity1) A fabulous example of triumph through adversity .
2) You can bear adversity better than prosperity.
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cope with adversity1) Budget repair is about restoring our capacity to cope with adversity .
2) They also give instructions for coping with adversity .
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face adversity1) I knew I was going to face some adversity .
2) I'm talking about facing adversity in your life.
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faced with adversity1) You like to know your partner will back you when faced with adversity .
2) Whatever the outcome, the DIY community in Athens will only grow stronger when faced with adversity .
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great adversity1) Sometimes, one can find a silver lining in great adversity .
2) Those who have suffered great adversity , lived through it, and created amazing lives.
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handle adversity1) Many people who handle adversity well enough fall under the challenge of success.
2) It's how we handle this adversity that will forever determine who we are.
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in the face of adversity1) A leader stands strong in the face of adversity .
2) I laugh in the face of adversity .
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meet with adversity1) As she does, she'll want to change her image, and that change will be met with adversity .
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overcome adversity1) I guess this post is essentially about overcoming adversity .
2) You can overcome adversity and live your dreams.
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patience in adversity1) The Trojans wish to avenge the death of Hector; their misplaced values mean that patience in adversity is impossible.
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personal adversity1) That consistent love for us will help us through personal adversities .
2) Bach speaks of such things with the passion of a self-made man who has beaten personal adversity .
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triumph over adversity1) Not just by being successful, but who has triumphed over adversity .
2) triumph over adversity ; it's the oldest story in the world.
2) Women are not the weaker sex today, and have triumphed over adversity .
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