direct affair in a sentence

1) He mainly directed state affairs , even when not at Court.

affair collocations
affair collocations
2) The movement passed, clearly depriving Braun of the right to direct military affairs .

3) A man of energy, skilled in directing affairs , he prospered through life.

direct affair example sentences

4) I think it 's high time another capable hand directed the affairs where he stopped.

5) Naval affairs were directed by the country's most senior admiral from his Bangkok headquarters.

6) From 1979 to 1981, he directed Chinese affairs at the Department of State.

7) By means of the borough court, the mayor and corporation directed the affairs of the town.

8) The 20 members of the Board supervise and direct the affairs of PRIM&R via a committee structure.

9) Mr. Downing possessed both energy and skill in directing affairs , and through life kept steadily upon the rising plane.

10) Nor did he play any part in directing the affairs of the enterprise." Id. at 1344.

11) Here he con tinued for four years, growing in strength of character and the power, of directing affairs .

12) The directors of the Crusaders were the same gentlemen who direct the affairs of Wrexham Village and also Wrexham FC.

13) The Chinese troops departed but the leading general Yuan Shikai remained in Korea from 1885-1894 as Resident, directing Korean affairs .

14) These "strategoi" were given duties which included planning military expeditions, receiving envoys of other states and directing diplomatic affairs .

15) Skillful in directing affairs , and turn ing out excellent work, he was soon running a paying and steadily increasing business.

example sentences with direct affair

16) In 1813-14 Cambacérès directed civil affairs as president of the Council of Regency, finally voting for Napoleon's abdication.

17) Experience gained as a political leader in his native Virginia and in directing the business affairs of his large plantation at Mount Vernon also stood him in good stead.

18) Pitt, however, as principal Secretary of State, was the real prime minister, directing foreign affairs and conducting the war.

19) Manage and direct the School's affairs , employees, programs, facilities, and outreach activities to accomplish both immediate and long-term organizational goals.

20) He directs the affairs from the heavens to the earth: then it ascends unto Him, on a Day, the measure of which is a thousand years of your reckoning.

21) What does independence mean ? In the olden days, independence used to refer to the autonomy to direct all domestic affairs within a well-defined territory**,

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