affair Collocations
administer affair1) To administer city affairs , municipalities shall be established.
2) The Board administers the affairs of U.S. Soccer.
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affair1) This years open days were quiet affairs .
2) My husband had n affair 23 yrs ago.
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affair become1) The affair became known as the envelope affair .
2) Along the same line, office affairs are becoming more common.
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affair begin1) The family affair is just beginning , though.
2) Some affairs actually now begin with a medical procedure.
2) Their prospective love affair begins in a burst of enthusiasm.
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affair between1) A casual fling or affair between two co-workers.
2) The affair between Erskine and Mitford continued intermittently.
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affair come1) Why did such an irrational state of affairs come about?
2) How, precisely, did this state of affairs come about?
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affair go on1) My household affairs go on very pleasantly and easily nowadays.
2) It then transpires there is an affair going on .
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affair lead1) Involvement in company affairs led her to come on board professionally.
2) Some issues arising from the affair led to X losing her job.
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affair occur1) That state of affairs never occurred under the previous system.
2) Most department of corrections affairs occur academic amount circulating fundraiser mini-buses.
2) Assumption : affairs occur mostly because of sexual attraction.
2) The budding love affair occurred outside the gym on the gorgeous island .
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affair remain1) The link to European affairs remains underdeveloped.
2) The affair remained thus, and was quite just.
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affair seem1) The whole affair seemed merely a minor mystery.
2) For now, the story of the affair seems dead.
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affair specialist1) Michael Maloof also becomes an aide to Perle as a foreign affairs specialist .
2) Dick Carelli is senior public affairs specialist in the Office of Public affairs of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts.
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affair take1) The whole affair had taken nine minutes.
2) Mr. King denies the affair took place.
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affair with1) Early concerts were hectic affairs with guitar strings repeatedly snapping.
2) An international affair with some astounding revelations.
2) So began my love affair with cooking.
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affairs1) This years open days were quiet affairs .
2) Vulcan weddings are usually private family affairs .
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affairs of state1) Alexander had no experience in affairs of state .
2) What counsel or wisdom to manage the affairs of state ?
2) The church would play no role in the affairs of state .
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alleged affair1) He did not address the alleged affair .
2) Perroncel maintains that the alleged affair never took place.
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arrange affair1) There must surely be a better way of arranging affairs .
2) Although Greeley had requested a simple funeral, his daughters ignored his wishes and arranged a grand affair .
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attend affair1) Do all importers get to attend these affairs ?
2) The restrictions culminated in the family not able to attend affairs outside of the home.
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begin affair0) The two began an intense love affair .
0) Thus begins an adorable love affair and marriage.
1) Phyllis and Michael began a wild affair .
2) He begins a passionate affair with his former love.
2) Alison and Billy later began a love affair .
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black tie affair1) Evening meals were black-tie affairs attended by selected officers.
2) This sophisticated black-tie affair pampers guests to a spectacular intercontinental 4-course banquet.
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brief affair1) Three years earlier they had had a brief affair .
2) She has a brief affair with Hank.
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business affairs1) Their descendants have remained active in local business affairs since.
2) It is used for public and business affairs .
more business affairs sentences
casual affair1) The arrest was a quiet, almost casual affair .
2) His worm ranch is a deceptively casual affair .
more casual affair sentences
civic affair1) He became deeply active in Michigan civic affairs .
2) How does it work in civic affairs ?
2) We are all active in church and civic affairs .
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clandestine affair1) When does this clandestine affair come to an end?
2) They begin a clandestine affair .
more clandestine affair sentences

commercial affairs1) Mr Dean has also been prominent in commercial affairs .
2) In commercial affairs he was a bold speculator.
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community affair1) I was active in both school and community affairs .
2) For services to farming and community affairs .
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conduct affair1) All the cities affairs were conducted in Hebrew.
2) She also conducted affairs with a number of men.
more conduct affair sentences
conduct an affair1) Villefort had once conducted an affair with Madame Danglars.
2) In season two, Rowland continues his shady ways while conducting an affair with his secretary.
more conduct an affair sentences
consumer affairs1) consumer affairs Victoria does not endorse any specific private suppliers.
2) CNN reported a story originally reported by the website consumer affairs .
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corporate affair1) Marie-Claude Leroux is vice-president of corporate affairs and secretary.
2) The ministry of corporate affairs to be absorbed by the ministry of finance.
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cover up the affair1) Edwards allegedly used campaign funds to pay hush money to cover up the affair .
2) She sends word to David, who thinks of a plan to cover up the affair .
more cover up the affair sentences
cultural affairs1) Mậu was the third deputy, overseeing social and cultural affairs .
2) Ministry of Education is the most important body responsible for cultural affairs .
more cultural affairs sentences
current affair1) The highly acclaimed 24 hour news and current affairs channel.
2) It specifies regional programmes and high quality news and current affairs .
more current affair sentences
day affair1) House moms also take care of day-to-day house affairs .
2) They administer and manage the association's day-to-day affairs .
more day affair sentences
deal with the affair1) the other was part of dealing with the affairs of a builder who had emigrated.
2) During this period Bahíyyih Khánum dealt with the affairs of the Holy Land and outside.
more deal with the affair sentences
deny the affair1) Mr. King denies the affair took place.
2) Audrey gives a press conference afterwards, and denies the affair .
more deny the affair sentences
direct affair0) Numerous allegations of illicit love affairs were often directed against McPherson.
1) He mainly directed state affairs , even when not at Court.
1) The job of these officials was to direct the affairs of the church.
2) The movement passed, clearly depriving Braun of the right to direct military affairs .
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discover affair1) Their affair was discovered and Hölderlin was harshly dismissed.
2) Seth discovers the affair and threatens to tell Riley.
more discover affair sentences
discuss affair1) People met regularly to discuss local affairs and make decisions.
2) Aiken refused to discuss the affair later in life.
more discuss affair sentences
domestic affair1) domestic affairs shall be made a criminal offence.
2) This is severe interference in our domestic affairs .
more domestic affair sentences
economic affairs1) How does a country transform its economic affairs overnight ?
2) Iran remains deeply involved in Iraqi political and economic affairs .
more economic affairs sentences
end affair1) The pair mutually decided to end the affair .
2) Their affair ended in the fall of 1932.
more end affair sentences
environmental affairs1) Source: Department of environmental affairs and Tourism.
2) Directorate of environmental affairs , Ministry of Environment and Tourism.
more environmental affairs sentences
expose the affair1) Michaela is hesitant initially however she succumbs, exposing the affair publicly.
2) On her wedding day to Riley Mercedes was the one who exposes the affair .
more expose the affair sentences
external affair1) He was frequently occupied with external affairs during his tenure.
2) They oversaw the city state's external affairs .
more external affair sentences
extra affair1) Others may have maintained a long-term extra-marital affair .
2) Leopold was famous in Florence for his numerous extra-marital affairs .
more extra affair sentences
extramarital affair1) In some jurisdictions an extramarital affair may incur unexpected financial costs.
2) That relationship became an extramarital affair that lasted 14 years.
more extramarital affair sentences
family affair1) Vulcan weddings are usually private family affairs .
2) Our ranch visit last weekend was a family affair .
more family affair sentences
financial affair1) The Council had power every financial affairs .
2) In their financial affairs they have been abnormally secretive.
more financial affair sentences
foreign affair1) In foreign affairs too there were problems.
2) He involved himself often with foreign affairs .
more foreign affair sentences
glittering affair1) The reception had been a glittering affair , and an odd one.
2) These were glittering affairs , with various celebrities appearing in principal roles or as part of the chorus.
more glittering affair sentences
global affair1) China is playing an increasingly crucial role in both regional and global affairs .
2) Future degrees include global affairs , conflict analysis and resolution and computer gaming.
more global affair sentences
grand affair0) The Christmas of 1755 was a grand affair .
1) I knew it would be a grand affair .
2) It was not a grand affair like Granny's.
more grand affair sentences
handle affair1) In handling affairs , ability is good.
2) Municipal affairs are handled by the town mayor and council.
more handle affair sentences
have affair1) My husband had n affair 23 yrs ago.
2) Both sides having had multiple affairs already.
more have affair sentences
home affairs1) My second object here is the home affairs .
2) Singh gives home affairs job to Muslim.
more home affairs sentences
human affair1) These human affairs include most intimate affects.
2) And soft is also with human affairs .
more human affair sentences
illicit affair1) The women were alleged of having illicit affairs with men.
2) From this illicit affair millions and millions of racist offspring were born.
more illicit affair sentences
interfere in the affair1) However from 1928 on the Politburo interfered in the affairs of the Academy.
2) Ptolemy II continued to interfere in the affairs of Greece and this led to war in 261.
more interfere in the affair sentences
internal affair1) Their responsibilities included foreign and internal affairs .
2) He never interfered directly in our internal affairs .
more internal affair sentences
international affair1) Her particular interests included social policy and international affairs .
2) An international affair with some astounding revelations.
more international affair sentences
intimate affair1) Cardiff has the ability to turn any setting into an intimate affair .
2) Since the performance is officially described as an intimate affair , seating was extremely limited.
more intimate affair sentences
investigate affair1) Drudge reported that other news outlets were investigating the alleged affair .
2) The Swedish Parliamentary Ombudsman also investigated the affair .
more investigate affair sentences
involved in an affair1) They got involved in an affair and he filed for divorce.
2) The couple have now separated after Keating was involved in an affair .
more involved in an affair sentences
involvement in the affair1) Havelock Wilson was inclined to play down his involvement in the affair .
2) While Maurice had his own reasons for resisting police involvement in the affair .
more involvement in the affair sentences
lavish affair1) lavish affairs were also organised around the life ceremonies of royal family members.
2) The typical upperclass wedding in the classical period tended to be a lavish affair .
more lavish affair sentences
legal affairs1) Participants discussed important political and legal affairs .
2) Tim also oversees legal affairs for the association.
more legal affairs sentences
legislative affairs1) Minister of legislative affairs , Bermuda.
2) This mechanism ensures significant government control over legislative affairs , particularly the appointment of presidents.
more legislative affairs sentences
local affair1) Which was very much a local affair .
2) local affairs are run by a parish council.
more local affair sentences
low affair1) The second half was a low-scoring affair .
2) It was a low-scoring affair on a difficult wicket.
more low affair sentences
low key affair1) The campaign for leader was characterised by being a low-key affair .
2) Last year's Championship for example was a rather low-key affair .
more low key affair sentences
manage affair1) managed the legal affairs of a large property developer.
2) The wife manages the affairs of the household.
more manage affair sentences
meddle in the affair1) He meddles in the affairs of a strange family, producing disastrous results.
2) He also charged that Congress was meddling in the affairs of the states.
more meddle in the affair sentences
messy affair1) There wasn't a jagged, messy affair .
2) Implementation in the guided authority is thus a messier affair than in the controlled authority.
more messy affair sentences
military affairs1) Everything pertaining to military affairs was novel.
2) Geographic distance is a key factor in military affairs .
more military affairs sentences
minister for foreign affairs1) He accepted the post of minister for foreign affairs .
2) He previously served as Japan's deputy minister for foreign affairs .
more minister for foreign affairs sentences
national affair1) Many were also prominent in national affairs .
2) Tim Harper is a national affairs writer .
more national affair sentences
no affair of1) It was no affair of his that she had left the London studio in the capable hands of her assistant.
2) He had got the upland and the orchard and a part of the meadow ploughed by Warren, at an expense of eight dollars, still unpaid, which of course is no affair of yours.
more no affair of sentences
oversee affair1) A specially constituted committee oversees such affairs .
2) Tim also oversees legal affairs for the association.
more oversee affair sentences
own affair1) What goes wrong is their own affair .
2) Our religion and practise is our own affair .
more own affair sentences
passionate affair1) He begins a passionate affair with his former love.
2) The two engaged in a passionate affair during filming.
more passionate affair sentences
personal affair1) That means being too interested in someone?s personal affairs .
2) It's all very intimate, personal affair .
more personal affair sentences
political affairs1) He became quite involved in political affairs .
2) His involvement in civic and political affairs spans four decades.
more political affairs sentences
private affair1) Labor is a primal and private affair .
2) Strong commercial pressure and private affairs left their mark.
more private affair sentences
public affair1) But such men are felt slowly and remotely in public affairs .
2) Davies has turned public affairs into an art.
more public affair sentences
put your affairs in order1) By putting your affairs in order and making your wishes clearly known, you avoid the tangles that can so easily happen.
2) Everything we have listed here may seem quite overwhelming to start organizing, but putting your affairs in order can greatly reduce the stress for your surviving family.
more put your affairs in order sentences
religious affairs1) The government plays an active role in religious affairs .
2) religious affairs were complex, but pregnant with possibilities.
more religious affairs sentences
run affair1) Local affairs are run by a parish council.
2) We don't need the business side running football affairs .
more run affair sentences
sad affair1) Mm but it's sad affair really int it?
2) It may be rightly concluded that it was a sad affair .
more sad affair sentences
scandalous affair1) Murder tends to be a scandalous affair , don't you see.
1) She is uninhibited in expressing her sexuality and has scandalous affairs with several men.
2) Nurse Anne Kahu embarks on a scandalous affair with son-in-law Nelson Copeland.
more scandalous affair sentences
secret affair1) He had plenty of cover stories for his secret affair .
2) Theirs was going to be a secret affair .
more secret affair sentences
settle affair1) Only a few remained to handle unsold property and settle affairs .
2) Protestant population was given two years to settle affairs before leaving the city.
more settle affair sentences
simple affair1) The shrines themselves are relatively simple affairs .
2) Paying direct and indirect taxes is a simple affair .
more simple affair sentences
social affairs1) Meals were not considered social affairs so conversation was discouraged.
2) Morgan has long identified himself with public and social affairs .
more social affairs sentences
sordid affair1) A show about people 's sordid affairs ?
2) To drag me into her sordid affairs .
more sordid affair sentences
sorry affair1) Our contemporary theism is really a pathetic and sorry affair .
2) Well there ends a sorry affair in Italian footballing history.
more sorry affair sentences
state of affairs1) This state of affairs caused widespread discontent.
2) An already existing state of affairs was improved.
more state of affairs sentences
supervise affair1) supervise the affairs of the chapter as the chief executive officer.
2) They also took on additional responsibilities such as supervising religious affairs and controlling firearms.
more supervise affair sentences
torrid affair1) They renew their torrid affair and are happy for sometime.
2) Nina continued her torrid affair with Steve.
2) Almost immediately they began a torrid affair fueled by sex and marijuana.
more torrid affair sentences
unhappy affair1) Victoria and Ernst's marriage was an unhappy affair .
2) June alluded to an unhappy affair with a boy back in Kenya, plainly giving me a message.
2) Mrs Feather's daughter Imogen had a brief, unhappy affair with Phipps, only last Christmas, and had subsequently left the village to care for an elderly aunt in Scotland.
more unhappy affair sentences
wash your hands of the affair1) Prescott, seemingly wanting to wash his hands of the affair , passed the matter to Ruth Kelly, who announced that a final decision would be made by July the 9th.
2) When Pilate realised that a riot was a distinct possibility, he literally took water and washed his hands of the affair with the words:
more wash your hands of the affair sentences
whole affair1) The whole affair had cost nearly three hundred pounds.
2) The whole affair had taken nine minutes.
more whole affair sentences
wind up the affair1) After making the distributions already described, you can wind up the affairs of the estate.
2) Voluntary liquidations occur when the company's members decide voluntarily to wind up the affairs of the company.
more wind up the affair sentences
world affair1) Monday's programme emphasises world affairs and sports news.
2) The war marked American entry into world affairs .
more world affair sentences

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