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America ally1) Recent Posts America's allies are nervous.
2) These accounts illustrate the fragile unity of America's allies against terrorism.
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European ally1) Portugal is one of our oldest European allies .
2) This means America is committed to protecting its European allies .
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Indian ally1) Cortez condemns his Indian allies for cowardice.
2) Americans became rangers exclusively under the tutelage of the Indian allies .
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NATO ally1) Debate continued on greater burden sharing among NATO allies .
2) Turkey as a NATO ally fighting terrorism?
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The Allies1) the Allies had much more petroleum production.
2) the Allies towed away 30 lighter craft.
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Western ally1) So did Iraq's former Western allies .
2) Iran wanted to reduce its reliance on its Western allies .
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alienate ally1) Setting up ridiculous strawmen only alienates potential allies .
2) In terms of disadvantages, the bilateral approach may alienate some NATO allies , even with consultations.
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allied1) allied occupation brought forth sweeping democratic reforms.
2) The allied forces used extensive artillery fire.
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allies1) Its secular allies are conspicuously staying away .
2) The leaders themselves found allies among the political leaders.
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ally1) Or financing ally bonus cash ally bonus cash financing incentive.
2) Or financing ally bonus cash ally bonus cash financing incentive.
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ally against1) There are allies against fear among occupied residents of the Bank .
2) Thus Guy and Conrad were allies against Saladin.
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ally defeat1) She and her allies were defeated by Heroes for Hire.
2) The allies were defeated in the ensuing conflict at the Battle of Pelagonia in 1259.
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ally to1) This defection forced the allies to seek peace.
2) Alex allied to increase away on company.
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ally with1) Merlin is often allied with these beings.
2) The population favoured socialism but never allied with communism.
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attack ally1) Simultaneously, the other allies attacked from the west.
2) In the meanwhile, his southern ally attacked Bavaria and temporarily occupied Vienna.
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become ally1) The blacks were armed and became allies in military conflicts.
2) They become allies once the aliens that attacked the ship return.
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close ally1) The result is that poverty and retirement are usually close allies .
2) Israel and Turkey were once close allies .
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earth ally1) Our earth allies are close to announcing many marvelous things.
2) Our earth allies comprehend and accept this.
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erstwhile ally1) Both Pakistan and Iran were erstwhile US allies .
2) But after October they rapidly became disillusioned with their erstwhile allies .
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find ally1) The leaders themselves found allies among the political leaders.
2) Organized criminals have found new allies among drug traffickers.
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former ally1) Hitler orders German divisions rushed south to disarm their former allies .
2) The ensuing rush for empire brought the former allies into conflict.
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friend and ally1) We drive away our friends and allies .
2) These are America's best friends and allies .
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gain ally1) Washington could certainly benefit from gaining additional allies in the region.
2) This entire book was about gaining allies and obsessing over Kaidan.
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gather ally1) Francis soon began gathering new allies to his cause.
2) Britain gathered together allies to form the Third Coalition against France.
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get an ally1) What they did here was to disarm the developer and get an ally which indeed is the best outcome ever .
2) Netflix gets an ally in its fight against Verizon, as Level 3 points the finger of blame
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great ally1) He has been a great ally of mine.
2) One of Satan's greatest allies is doubt.
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have ally1) Sweden had allied with France against several European countries.
2) The U.S. has allies , interests and responsibilities across the globe.
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important ally1) Lets not forget that women are our most important ally .
2) The ruling Austrian Patriotic Front lost an important ally .
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key ally1) Meanwhile new key allies had been gained.
2) We will consult with key allies and partners.
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long time ally1) Israel is a long time ally , a trusted ally.
2) The enemies of Islam created with their own hands a shia (lovers of ahlulbayt) state and let down their long time allies Wahabbi ( enemies of ahlulbayt).
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longtime ally1) Booker and Obama have been longtime allies .
2) William Beavers had been a longtime Daley ally .
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loyal ally1) Should a loyal ally be sacrificed to political expediency?
2) The tributary Slavs became loyal allies .
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natural ally1) These are natural allies of the peace movement.
1) They're natural allies of Christian fundamentalism.
2) They are natural allies because they are authoritarians by nature.
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need ally1) Clearly, we need allies in this fight.
2) And then you'll need allies and supporters.
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non ally1) Israel has the official distinction of being an American Major non-NATO ally .
2) Morocco has been given the status of non-NATO ally by the US government.
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old ally1) Part of the accommodation involved abandoning old allies .
2) The Philippines is our oldest ally in Asia.
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political ally1) He maintained control through generous patronage to political allies .
2) He left office respected by political allies and foes alike.
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potential ally1) They can identify potential allies , obstacles and solutions.
2) Another potential ally down the drain, and why?
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powerful ally1) In the rural districts they had still more powerful allies .
2) Pictures are certainly powerful allies to the uninspired.
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prove ally1) Yet Fate always proves Mugabe's ally .
2) They have proved a useful ally in fighting BT's inadequacies.
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reassure ally1) It would reassure allies that they could depend on U.S. help in defending themselves.
2) President Barack Obama has scrambled to reassure allies and US citizens about the extent of the spying .
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recruit ally1) Additional allies are recruited including The Incredible Hulk and Hawkeye.
2) Tensions escalated as the two generals worked against each other in recruiting Native allies .
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reliable ally1) Karimov has not been a reliable ally to any country.
2) Thus the Soviet Union was deprived of its only reliable allies .
2) He soon became a reliable ally of Metro Chair Paul Godfrey.
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remain ally1) Both countries stressed that they would remain firm allies .
2) The two empires would remain allies until the 18th century.
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seek ally1) The Group has also been seeking allies in Eastern Europe.
2) Three Syracusan generals went to Corinth seeking allies against Athenian invasion.
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staunch ally1) The now democratic German colony become staunch allies of Rourke.
2) Even Obama's staunchest allies cried foul.
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strategic ally1) Iran and Syria are close strategic allies .
2) There can be strategic allies and tactical allies .
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strong ally1) Both good and evil had new, stronger allies .
2) Lothair became Innocent's strongest ally among the nobility.
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suppose ally1) This meant that the Congress of Berlin was mainly a dispute among supposed allies with conflicting goals.
2) An additional 34,000 troops from NATO and non-NATO allies are supposed to be deployed there by year's end.
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traditional ally1) Now, though, he is appealing to traditional allies .
2) Hollywood had not been traditional ally .
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trust ally1) Israel is a long time ally , a trusted ally .
2) And what of America's trusted ally ?
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trusted ally1) Israel is a long time ally , a trusted ally .
2) And what of America's trusted ally ?
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unlikely ally1) Small miracles are conducted and friendships are formed between unlikely allies .
2) However, characteristically, she befriends unlikely allies along her way.
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useful ally1) Cicero saw in the young Octavian a useful ally .
2) They have proved a useful ally in fighting BT's inadequacies.
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valuable ally1) Ash later turns out to be a valuable ally and friend.
2) Because, you see, we have valuable allies .
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wartime ally1) Most Poles felt betrayed by their wartime allies .
2) Dealing with the wartime allies was a major task for the high commissioner.
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