advanced Collocations
advance career1) JobBound helps jumpstart, reignite, and advance careers .
2) When democracy returned, the chairmanship was used to reward political services and to advance careers .
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advanced1) A really advanced performance analysis tool was needed.
2) More complex retail tasks require more advanced retail math skills.
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advanced age1) The risk is greater for advanced paternal age .
2) Administration of melatonin may improve temporal organization in advanced age .
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advanced alien1) An advanced alien race lived on Membrono's moon.
2) The weapons are a mix of 1950s human technology and more advanced alien technology.
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advanced beginner1) Would you consider yourself an advanced beginner ?
2) A chess teacher analyzes and corrects the thinking of advanced beginners .
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advanced cancer1) People presenting with symptoms typically have advanced cancer .
2) Or perhaps the patient is dying from advanced cancer .
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advanced capability1) This includes advanced capabilities to measure individual and meeting performance .
2) Akash has an advanced automated functioning capability .
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advanced capitalist1) The modern patronal is common in advanced capitalist societies.
2) Erosion also occurs in advanced capitalist countries.
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advanced case1) This can be configured for more advanced cases .
2) In more advanced cases , a prescription medication may be needed.
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advanced civilization1) He believes that advanced civilizations destroy themselves.
2) The advanced civilizations developed where intensive agriculture provided an ample food supply.
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advanced class1) This trend holds true from developmental through advanced classes .
2) The school features advanced classes in the visual arts.
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advanced country1) advanced countries are already experimenting new solutions.
2) The evidence for other advanced countries has been mixed.
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advanced course1) These institutions offer almost exclusively advanced courses .
2) At advanced course level the situation is the reverse.
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advanced degree1) Many got advanced degrees or professional training.
2) Academic offerings grew to include advanced degrees .
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advanced digital1) advanced digital hearing aids should be explored.
2) advanced digital signal processing offers the possibility to simulate tube sound.
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advanced economy1) It has the largest income inequality among advanced economies .
2) Similar patterns can be seen in virtually every advanced economy .
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advanced electronic1) The most advanced electronic equipment of the age.
2) In 1988, a more advanced fully electronic fuel injection system became available.
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advanced engineering1) The opportunity exists to pursue an advanced engineering degree.
2) From this, machine building and advanced engineering developed.
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advanced extraterrestrial1) The Jjaro are a mysterious advanced extraterrestrial race.
2) Whether an advanced extraterrestrial civilization would send humanity a decipherable message is a matter of debate in itself.
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advanced feature1) The CD-ROM version has many advanced features .
2) I want to learn more advanced features .
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advanced graduate1) Services are provided by advanced graduate students under qualified clinical supervision.
2) Each year approximately 100 men and women pursue advanced graduate work at Smith.
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advanced industrial1) Today Slovakia is an advanced industrial nation.
2) The trends are rooted in the development of the advanced industrial societies.
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advanced instruction1) Thereafter, you can get more advanced instructions on different genres of music and techniques.
2) The greatest problem at the orientation stage is getting the balance between orientation and more advanced instruction .
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advanced learner1) This application is a milestone in dictionaries for advanced learners .
2) Nevertheless a valuable resource for the more advanced learner .
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advanced manufacturing1) We are uniquely positioned to lead in advanced manufacturing .
2) For instance, automotive sector and advanced manufacturing .
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advanced maternal1) Risk factors for autism include parental characteristics such as advanced maternal age and advanced paternal age.
2) On the contrary, for women of advanced maternal age, PGS significantly lowers the live birth rate.
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advanced mathematical1) It also left advanced mathematical economics with fewer applications of differential calculus.
2) advanced mathematical proofs like Siegel's lemma build upon this more general concept.
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advanced maths1) They can also be used for advanced maths work and for computer coding.
2) That's two brews a day - at a pinch we could push three through. You don't need a degree in advanced maths to work out that that adds up to 50,000 barrels a year.
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advanced medical1) Instead , they now visit regional advanced medical facilities.
2) India is now at the forefront of advanced medical technology .
more advanced medical sentences
advanced metastatic1) Suzanne Lindley is a long time survivor of advanced metastatic colorectal cancer.
2) Taxotere has been approved for treatment of locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer.
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advanced nation1) What would happen if other advanced nations did the same?
2) Very few other medically advanced nations fluoridate their water. 4.
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advanced persistent1) Afilias uses an advanced , persistent caching system to ensure extremely fast query response times.
2) advanced persistent threat: The APT collects information from a specific group of organizations.
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advanced physics1) The book is a standard advanced physics text at unis.
2) I have only heard about this in advanced physics .
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advanced reading skill1) A high-quality teacher can help every one of his or her students develop advanced reading skills .
2) Most 11-year-olds are not being encouraged to develop advanced reading skills ; a small but significant number are illiterate.
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advanced science1) Chemistry became an advanced science and pharmacy developed into a specialized subject.
2) It weighs approximately 120 kilograms and sports a robotic arm equipped with advanced science instruments.
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advanced search1) There is also an advanced search facility.
2) They have a pretty advanced search tool.
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advanced skill1) More complex retail tasks require more advanced retail math skills .
2) How many jobs need basic computing skills let alone advanced computing skills ?
more advanced skill sentences
advanced society1) No advanced society can exist without supporting art.
2) Atlantis was an isolated, advanced society .
more advanced society sentences
advanced stage1) Drug treatment often becomes less effective in the advanced stages .
2) Resolution of labour issues is at advanced stage .
more advanced stage sentences
advanced state1) The remaining lakes are in fairly advanced state of deterioration.
2) Such a person is awarded with a better, more advanced state .
more advanced state sentences
advanced statistical1) Estimating a relationship among variables requires a more advanced statistical technique.
2) Some projects require advanced statistical tools to make sense of misleading data.
more advanced statistical sentences
advanced student1) It is open to practitioners and advanced students .
2) One group of advanced students works on more complex math problems.
more advanced student sentences
advanced system1) More complicated fish may need more advanced systems .
2) An advanced system of nine standard airbags offers enhanced occupant protection .
more advanced system sentences
advanced technical1) Masters or other advanced technical degree preferred.
2) Training will focus on advanced technical and tactical aspects of volleyball.
more advanced technical sentences
advanced technique1) It was removed using advanced minimally invasive techniques .
2) More advanced photographic technique may involve additional training or attaching specialists.
more advanced technique sentences
advanced technological1) Modern hearing aids feature advanced technological features.
2) The phone comes equipped with the most advanced technological features.
more advanced technological sentences
advanced technology1) His body has been modified using advanced technology .
2) advanced technology allows measurements in brilliant resolutions.
more advanced technology sentences
advanced text1) The best advanced text is Atkinson and Stiglitz (1980).
2) Vim is an advanced text editor, used by many free software fanatics.
more advanced text sentences
advanced training1) Some had advanced training but were totally dysfunctional themselves.
2) They receive advanced training and wear regular police uniforms.
more advanced training sentences
advanced tuition1) However, advanced tuition is available in Edinburgh on a private basis for most instruments.
2) Arrangements can be made to provide basic and more advanced tuition in the use of computers in legal and social research.
more advanced tuition sentences
advanced version1) For advanced version try bikeTrailPro .
2) Ken: The advanced version of the basic Ren technique.
more advanced version sentences
advanced weapon1) He masters advanced weapons and is a fearsome ruler.
2) This dangerous new world demands advanced weapons and tactics .
more advanced weapon sentences
advanced weaponry1) The advanced weaponry led to massive casualty counts.
2) He would later use more advanced weaponry .
more advanced weaponry sentences
advanced years1) Death came as a result of advanced years .
2) Those of advanced years participate in the council of elders.
more advanced years sentences
basic advanced1) Are there basic and advanced search functions?
2) I consolidated the basic and advanced search pages into one.
more basic advanced sentences
be advanced1) Does that mean nobody is ever advanced ?
2) No soul is more advanced than another.
more be advanced sentences
become advanced1) This newly produced tissue is help them become more advanced .
2) As society became more advanced , these efforts became inadequate.
more become advanced sentences
complex advanced1) Modern landfills are complex , advanced and precise.
2) They are both under close examination using complex and advanced research techniques .
more complex advanced sentences
consider advanced1) The tools found there were considered advanced for its period.
2) Peale's bird exhibits were considered scientifically advanced .
more consider advanced sentences
economically advanced1) Changsha is one of China's 20 most economically advanced cities.
2) The United States spends 141 percent more on healthcare than other economically advanced nations.
more economically advanced sentences
extremely advanced1) Japan's technology is extremely advanced today.
2) The present generation is powered by the extremely advanced technology.
more extremely advanced sentences
fairly advanced1) The remaining lakes are in fairly advanced state of deterioration.
2) Both videos in fairly advanced American English.
more fairly advanced sentences
far advanced1) Most organisations are not so far advanced .
2) When a cancer becomes noticed, it is already far advanced .
more far advanced sentences
get advanced1) We get advanced in our spiritual maturity.
2) Technology used to fight crime and catch criminals is getting pretty advanced .
more get advanced sentences
have advanced1) Meanwhile, New Transformation has already well advanced .
2) As tweeter technology has advanced , different design applications have become popular.
more have advanced sentences
highly advanced1) A highly advanced radio communications system makes this possible.
2) These patents range from kids toys to highly advanced biological instruments.
more highly advanced sentences
industrially advanced1) There occurred the greatest general strike in the history of an industrially advanced country.
2) Its purpose was to strengthen relations among the three most industrially advanced regions of the capitalist world.
more industrially advanced sentences
intermediate advanced1) The terrain is suitable for intermediate and advanced rider.
2) Most patterns fall between the intermediate and advanced skill level.
more intermediate advanced sentences
locally advanced1) Taxotere has been approved for treatment of locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer.
2) This type of brachytherapy isn't commonly used to treat locally advanced prostate cancer.
more locally advanced sentences
modern advanced1) The modern and advanced meaning refers to the geometry of analytic varieties.
2) The Airflow was an exceptionally modern and advanced car, and an unparalleled engineering success.
more modern advanced sentences
more advanced1) more complex retail tasks require more advanced retail math skills.
2) more advanced press rolls are suction rolls.
more more advanced sentences
new advanced1) A new technologically advanced library was opened in January 1996.
2) However, research into new and advanced interventions is continual.
more new advanced sentences
powerful advanced1) It will be the most powerful and technologically advanced vehicle in Acura's history.
2) The Progenitors were an immensely powerful and technologically advanced race that apparently died out about 10,000 years ago.
more powerful advanced sentences
quite advanced1) Some are quite advanced , others are barely more than hypotheses.
2) Well, things were quite advanced by now.
more quite advanced sentences
relatively advanced1) Argentina's transport infrastructure is relatively advanced .
2) The assessment noted relatively advanced plans for a replacement.
more relatively advanced sentences
scientifically advanced1) They were very intelligent and scientifically advanced .
2) Peale's bird exhibits were considered scientifically advanced .
more scientifically advanced sentences
simple advanced1) The app includes a simple and advanced design mode.
2) There are two approaches to name mapping: simple and advanced .
more simple advanced sentences
spiritually advanced1) Karelian and Finnish forests were also populated by spiritually advanced hermits.
2) For the more spiritually advanced souls, there will be opportunities to ascend.
more spiritually advanced sentences
sufficiently advanced1) Post-AP courses are available to sufficiently advanced students through academy courses.
2) They were not considered to be sufficiently advanced .
more sufficiently advanced sentences
technically advanced1) The roof was a technically advanced metal and glass construction.
2) Great plans were drawn for large, technically advanced cities.
more technically advanced sentences
technologically advanced1) The technologically advanced instruments she is fitting today are amazing.
2) They are highly intelligent and technologically advanced .
more technologically advanced sentences
too far advanced1) The regiment was never completed, as peace negotiations were too far advanced .
2) The planning of U-Go was too far advanced to take account of these developments.
2) He coerces her into agreeing to an abortion but her pregnancy is too far advanced .
more too far advanced sentences
use advanced1) It was removed using advanced minimally invasive techniques .
2) The ship is being built to high commercial standards using advanced outfitting techniques .
more use advanced sentences
very advanced1) This is a very advanced pulling method.
2) I am im 6th grade but a very advanced reader.
more very advanced sentences
well advanced1) Other fund raising plans are well advanced too.
2) Provisions for radioactive waste disposal are well advanced .
more well advanced sentences

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