adopt Collocations
Adopt THE accent1) THE character is a Geordie, which required THE actor to Adopt THE accent .
2) In THE retranslation for THE DS version, Frog's manner of speech is closer to modern, yet antiquated English, and no longer Adopts THE accent of THE earlier versions.
more Adopt THE accent sentences
Adopt alias1) Comedians and others performing hoaxes often Adopt aliases for their performance role.
2) To further this divide, the girls would sometimes Adopt aliases so that their activities might not reach their families' ears.
more Adopt alias sentences
Adopt amendment1) The depositary shall communicate any Adopted amendment to all States Parties .
2) We are Adopting amendments to our rules to implement the Conflict Minerals Statutory Provision.
more Adopt amendment sentences
Adopt approach1) Municipalities also may Adopt approaches of converting waste to energy through methods such as generating electricity from landfill gas.
2) But across the country, communities are Adopting approaches to help put these boys and young men on the path to success.
more Adopt approach sentences
adopt1) The strategy adopted might depend upon each circumstance.
2) Again cultural control measures are being adopted .
more adopt sentences

adopt a child1) You adopted a child with special needs.
2) An individual or couple adopts a child from another country.
more adopt a child sentences
adopt adapt1) Various nations either adopted or adapted the design for their own cipher machines.
1) Both are pre-Celtic goddesses, but heartily adopted and adapted by the Celts.
2) Some people outside the University have adopted or adapted more quickly than some inside.
more adopt adapt sentences
adopt apply1) It was later adopted and extensively applied by the Boeing Company.
2) The pipe band idiom has also been adopted and applied to the Galician gaita as well.
more adopt apply sentences
adopt approach1) Brennan has adopted a completely different approach .
2) Experimental and clinical research papers adopting fresh conceptual approaches are encouraged.
more adopt approach sentences
adopt approve1) Notes that are signed, adopted or approved by the witness are generally subject to subpoena.
2) This analysis was adopted and approved by this House and I do not intend to cast any doubt on it.
more adopt approve sentences
adopt attitude1) It shapes and molds the youth to adopt attitudes and values.
2) People adopt attitudes that are rewarding and that help them avoid punishment.
more adopt attitude sentences
adopt baby1) Many couples are eagerly willing to adopt babies .
2) After being unable to get pregnant, they adopt baby Ned.
more adopt baby sentences

adopt child1) Adoption–The child was legally adopted .
2) Still, dozens more dead adopted children .
more adopt child sentences
adopt code1) Cities have been adopting code amendments that limit stays to 60–90 days.
2) Users can select international, state, and locally adopted codes and standards.
more adopt code sentences
adopt constitution1) The newly adopted constitution decreed that a military command be subordinated to civilian rule.
2) March 3, 1862 Dashaway Association of San Francisco adopted constitution and by-laws.
more adopt constitution sentences
adopt criterion1) Her suggestion was to have the county adopt criteria for a master planned resort.
2) The Greatest Happiness Principle of John Stuart Mill is one of the most commonly adopted criteria .
more adopt criterion sentences
adopt develop1) This became universally adopted and developed into the three-mile limit.
2) Later a multi-fuel diesel engine was adopted , developed by Hispano-Suiza.
2) Teshub was a Hurrite god whom the Hittites adopted and developed .
more adopt develop sentences
adopt disguise1) This restriction is soon abandoned and Roger begins adopting disguises and fictitious personas in order to have a life outside the house.
2) Whereas Goneril and Regan had been shown to us first in disguise, and then in reality, Edmund begins in reality, and only adopts disguise when his father enters.
more adopt disguise sentences
adopt internationally1) It has been accepted and adopted internationally .
2) It was commercially successful and has been adopted internationally .
more adopt internationally sentences

adopt kid1) Do adopted kids ever have emotional or psychological problems?
2) They should not be able to adopt kids !
more adopt kid sentences
adopt law1) Switzerland has adopted laws that punish genocide denial.
2) It makes, proposes and adopts laws .
more adopt law sentences
adopt legislation1) Some states have adopted legislation to limit liability of volunteers.
2) The European Union adopts legislation through a variety of legislative procedures.
more adopt legislation sentences
adopt measure1) They would adopt ridiculous food safety measures .
2) Many councils have adopted measures to encourage public participation.
more adopt measure sentences
adopt name1) The present name was adopted through general usage .
2) All members were required to adopt classical names .
more adopt name sentences
adopt orphan1) Q: My adopted orphan is 7 years old.
2) Jones had been encouraging Temple members to adopt orphans from war ravaged Korea.
more adopt orphan sentences
adopt out1) Morgan also adopts out pets to community members locally.
2) Q: Do you adopt out animals?
more adopt out sentences

adopt policy1) Later dynasties adopted different policies towards northern frontier defense.
2) Irish society adopted relatively liberal social policies during this period.
more adopt policy sentences
adopt pseudonym1) Victims frequently respond by adopting pseudonyms or going offline entirely.
2) Venom's members also adopted pseudonyms , a practice that would become widespread among black metal musicians.
more adopt pseudonym sentences
adopt raise1) They did adopt and raise an orphaned cousin, Dorothy Upham.
2) Clark Kent was adopted and raised by the Langs.
more adopt raise sentences
adopt regulation1) These federal regulations are further strengthened by regionally adopted regulations .
2) The commission shall adopt regulations for its own government.
more adopt regulation sentences
adopt resolution1) Several state legislatures adopted resolutions of thanks.
2) The resolution was adopted with 37 votes to 12.
more adopt resolution sentences
adopt role1) Both teachers and learners adopt roles in the classroom.
1) The Bible calls us to adopt role models.
2) Only his adopted role as class comic had made him accepted, even popular, and had saved him, sometimes at least, from those who feel powerful when they humiliate others.
more adopt role sentences
adopt rule1) Gene therapy group adopts stringent rules on financial ties.
2) Many jurisdictions have adopted broadly similar transfer pricing rules .
more adopt rule sentences
adopt solution1) Drafters of a civil code adopt solutions that best suit the society.
2) Its architects adopted solutions very similar to those used in modern stadiums to deal with the same problem.
more adopt solution sentences
adopt son1) She has one daughter and an adopted son .
2) The adopted son bears the lineage identity of the foster parents.
more adopt son sentences
adopt standard1) Other local online papers are starting to adopt similar standards .
2) The fund has criticised companies that voluntarily adopt high environmental standards .
more adopt standard sentences
adopt strategy1) The strategy adopted might depend upon each circumstance.
2) What barriers are keeping others from adopting mobile strategies ?
more adopt strategy sentences
adopt tactic1) They learned from their mistakes and adopted tactics and measures to reduce losses.
2) The police allegedly reacted by adopting tactics such as delay and suppression of evidence.
more adopt tactic sentences
adopt technique1) Felstein says each could benefit from adopting techniques from the other.
2) The receiving STB adopts techniques which are dual to those ones used in the transmission.
more adopt technique sentences
adopt technology1) Occasionally, armed forces adopt technology developed by foreign nations.
2) A digital immigrant refers to one who adopts technology later in life.
more adopt technology sentences
adopt the bill1) the Senate adopted the bill in the summer of 2006.
2) We expect more states to adopt the bill and come up with their own version.
more adopt the bill sentences
adopt the convention1) Significant amongst those that have adopted the convention are Singapore and China.
2) But as more countries adopt the convention and start enforcing it , the incentives and disincentives change.
more adopt the convention sentences
adopt the course1) He said that there were 'cogent reasons for not adopting the course proposed by your Lordships'.
2) the Institute has broadly adopted the course curricula, syllabi and other academic regulations of IIT Kharagpur, the mentor institute.
more adopt the course sentences
adopt the custom1) His followers adopted the custom of wearing a shamrock on his feast day.
2) However some Sefardic and Mizrahi communities have not fully adopted the custom .
2) the Jewish people adopted the custom to read the Haftorah long before the advent of Christianity.
more adopt the custom sentences
adopt the declaration1) Being a member, the Philippines adopted the declaration .
2) Two days after his appointment, the Convention adopted the declaration of Independence.
more adopt the declaration sentences
adopt the definition1) We are, therefore, adopting the definition as proposed.
2) Meteorologists seemed to adopt the definition of prediction that was standard in mathematical statistics.
more adopt the definition sentences
adopt the directive1) the Council of Ministers of the European Committee adopted the directive in 1982.
2) the council is unlikely to adopt the directive formally much before the end of this year.
more adopt the directive sentences
adopt the doctrine1) By adopting the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Babylonian Mystery religion.
1) the church never formally adopted the doctrine , and has since officially repudiated it.
2) As for the past, I have adopted the doctrine of anamnesis.
2) In general, they adopted the doctrines and form of government of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
more adopt the doctrine sentences
adopt the document1) the session will be held on Friday if the government first adopts the document .
2) the Lead agency must file a Notice of Determination (NOD) after adopting the document with a 30 day statute of limitations for legal challenge.
more adopt the document sentences
adopt the guideline1) the annex contains references and a list of institutions adopting the guidelines .
2) While some states won't adopt the guidelines for several years, others already have.
more adopt the guideline sentences
adopt the habit1) Children adopt the habits of their parents.
2) the goal was for Indians to, through assimilation, adopt the habits of civilized life .
more adopt the habit sentences
adopt the identity1) They adopted the identities of dead children then infiltrated protest groups.
2) He adopts the identity of Doll Man .
more adopt the identity sentences
adopt the ideology1) the Black Panther Party of the US adopted the ideology .
2) Ratzel (1844 – 1895) He was a political geographer from Germany that adopted the ideology of fisis.
more adopt the ideology sentences
adopt the lifestyle1) Others of their class, eschewing the powder, nevertheless adopted the lifestyle .
2) In the 18th century, the branch migrated south and adopted the lifestyle of the Kiowa.
more adopt the lifestyle sentences
adopt the line1) Russell asked the LNWR to adopt the line in August 1865, to no avail.
more adopt the line sentences
adopt the manner1) Harappans began producing the indigenous ceramic goods, adopting the manner from the natives.
2) But because the wisdom of Kabbalah prohibits that, they denied it and adopted the manners of the neighbors in order to enjoy life.
more adopt the manner sentences
adopt the measure1) In February 2009 the Senate adopted the measure 61-37.
2) the Hospital Quality Alliance Principals adopted the measure set in December 2008, pending NQF endorsement.
more adopt the measure sentences
adopt the method1) the author concludes with advice for researchers considering adopting the method .
2) Under the new policy, the ruler adopted the method of confining responsibilities to the natives.
more adopt the method sentences
adopt the mode1) So if they could understand the value of peace, they would certainly be happy to adopt the mode of life of the last generation.
more adopt the mode sentences
adopt the model1) This clause was utilized after Belgium adopted the model 1889 rifle.
2) Croatia and Switzerland have adopted the model and Corsica is expected to follow.
more adopt the model sentences
adopt the motion1) the House adopted the motion for 72 votes against 63 .
2) the Speaker: Is it the pleasure of the House to adopt the motion ?
more adopt the motion sentences
adopt the motto1) the formation later adopted the motto One more river .
2) WAAKE-UP! adopted the motto Action without Awareness is ignorant.
more adopt the motto sentences
adopt the perspective1) As a book that adopts the perspective of a marginalized and exoticized literary figure, Wide Sargasso Sea promotes an awareness of other versions.
2) Regulators of a sector have sometimes adopted the perspective of the industry, and opted for lax regulation as a path to growth of the industry.
more adopt the perspective sentences
adopt the philosophy1) the Actor model adopts the philosophy that everything is an actor .
2) From the outset, they adopted the philosophy espoused by esoteric novel series The Illuminatus!
more adopt the philosophy sentences
adopt the plan1) the NEC adopted the plan by 21 votes to five.
2) On Sept. 7 of that year, the city council adopted the plan .
more adopt the plan sentences
adopt the point of view1) Is it not a shame for a Russian Marxist to adopt the point of view of an Armenian hen coop?
2) Blyth and Hoppe adopted the point of view , that the waqf was no property in the sense of western law, with both congregations only being its beneficiaries.
more adopt the point of view sentences
adopt the policy1) It is wrong to adopt the policy of retreating into oneself.
2) But Masonic Lodges adopted the policy of a static dues structure.
more adopt the policy sentences
adopt the position0) Jewish law adopted the position of Hillel.
1) the Unionists adopted the positions they had demonstrated previously in 1886 and 1893.
2) It is relative on different songs and I usually adopt the position that best advances the song.
more adopt the position sentences
adopt the practice1) Bethlehem experimented with continuous casting but never fully adopted the practice .
2) Thus some Cherokee adopted the practice of chattel slavery.
more adopt the practice sentences
adopt the procedure1) Many larger companies adopt the procedure of raising a debit note for any errors on invoices.
2) After discussion of the Working Group's proposals, the Committee in December of that year adopted the procedures that are now in place.
more adopt the procedure sentences
adopt the reasoning1) This court adopts the reasoning in Agnes and declines to recognize a claim of right defense.
2) Their Lordships gratefully adopt the reasoning of Sir John Donaldson M.R. which applies equally to the Order of 1910 now under consideration.
more adopt the reasoning sentences
adopt the recommendation1) Sustrans and CTC both said the challenge now was to make government leaders adopt the recommendations .
2) the Executive Committee had adopted the recommendation in a meeting the previous day by an overwhelming majority.
more adopt the recommendation sentences
adopt the reform1) Luxembourg later unilaterally adopted the reform .
2) the last European country to adopt the reform was Greece, in 1923.
more adopt the reform sentences
adopt the religion1) the narrator adopted the religion enthusiastically.
2) the early inhabitants of the Achaemenid Empire appear to have adopted the religion of Zoroastrianism.
more adopt the religion sentences
adopt the rhetoric1) They also adopted the rhetoric and the substance of nationalist demands.
2) Thus they adopted the rhetoric of Norman vs. Saxon conflict as part of a much wider ideology.
more adopt the rhetoric sentences
adopt the scheme1) the regulatory framework in the national model Bill adopted the scheme set out in the Victorian Act.
2) All the 78 panchayats in the district are readied to adopt the scheme under the guidance of local bodies.
more adopt the scheme sentences
adopt the slogan1) They even adopted the slogan Why not us?
2) the Dogecoin community adopted the slogan To the moon!
more adopt the slogan sentences
adopt the stance1) Lovecraft himself adopted the stance of atheism early in his life.
2) the figure adopts the stance of a hitchhiker.
more adopt the stance sentences
adopt the strategy1) Review and adopt the strategies or strategic plan. 8.
2) It smells like nFail have adopted the strategy themselves.
more adopt the strategy sentences
adopt the style1) the play attracted notice, and other performers adopted the style .
2) Subsequently, other Eastern communities adopted the style for their fashionable suburbs.
more adopt the style sentences
adopt the suggestion1) the final regulations adopt the suggestion to retain these current rules.
2) the final regulations do not adopt the suggestion to broaden the definition of consolidated reporting statement.
more adopt the suggestion sentences
adopt the surname1) In Palestine, the family adopted the surname Ovadia .
2) Nai Siang adopted the surname Phanomyong in 1866.
more adopt the surname sentences
adopt the system1) the cost of adopting the system is another problem .
2) On 19 August the Board resolved to adopt the system .
more adopt the system sentences
adopt the terminology0) the church has adopted the terminology and trappings of traditional theologies.
1) Psychologists and IQ test authors recommend that psychologists adopt the terminology of each test publisher when reporting IQ score ranges.
2) Anti-Zionist propaganda in the Middle East frequently adopts the terminology and symbols of the Holocaust to demonize Israel and its leaders.
more adopt the terminology sentences
adopt the tone1) He deliberately adopts the tone of an impartial observer.
2) We kind of adopted the tone and the language that the family did.
more adopt the tone sentences
adopt the view1) Althusser has a theoretical reason for adopting the views of Lenin and Mao.
2) He adopted the view that social institutions adapted progressively and positively to their social environments.
more adopt the view sentences
approve adopt1) The resolution was unanimously approved and adopted by the Institute on November 25, 1989.
2) The Council approves and adopts ordinances, resolutions and contracts and enacts regulations and policies.
more approve adopt sentences
be forced to adopt1) Koreans were forced to adopt Japanese names.
2) Repealers were forced to adopt similar tactics.
more be forced to adopt sentences
congress adopt1) I move that the congress adopt the Massachusetts militia immediately!
2) This time, congress adopted a different legislative strategy.
more congress adopt sentences
constitution adopt1) The university constitution was adopted in 1827.
2) The current constitution was adopted in 2005.
more constitution adopt sentences
council adopt1) City council adopts an ordinance regulating signage on river walk.
2) council adopts the ordinance on March 28.
more council adopt sentences
decide to adopt1) The Vatican subsequently decided to adopt a different protocol instead.
2) At 37 years old, she decided to adopt .
more decide to adopt sentences
develop adopt1) Specific laws were eventually developed and adopted .
2) The first Computer Policy was developed and adopted in 1988.
more develop adopt sentences
duly adopt1) Phillips was duly adopted on 21 December.
2) The winning entrant was Ms Patricia Taylor, whose design was duly adopted .
more duly adopt sentences
enthusiastically adopt1) Clarke's scheme was adopted enthusiastically by the archaeological community.
2) Japan has enthusiastically adopted NFC services .
more enthusiastically adopt sentences
eventually adopt1) The government eventually adopted a political compromise.
2) Croatia is obliged to eventually adopt the euro.
more eventually adopt sentences
formally adopt1) Parking districts may be formally adopted for transit station areas.
2) He formally adopted the two youngest foster children.
more formally adopt sentences
gradually adopt1) This code was gradually adopted by many municipalities on the island.
2) The temporal lords gradually adopted the opinions of the Commons.
more gradually adopt sentences
have her baby adopted1) I mean, Lilian had had her baby adopted .
2) She wondered if Hugh Russell had ever hinted that his wife should have her baby adopted .
more have her baby adopted sentences
instead adopt1) A zero tolerance policy must be adopted instead .
2) A majority report declaring against an independent political party was instead adopted .
more instead adopt sentences
legally adopt1) Adoption–The child was legally adopted .
2) A legally adopted child is treated as your own child.
more legally adopt sentences
officially adopt1) The name was officially adopted in 1966.
2) The national flag was officially adopted in 1919.
more officially adopt sentences
parliament adopt1) During the ensuing years, parliament adopted several more minor reforms.
2) At the first reading parliament adopts its position.
more parliament adopt sentences
propose adopt1) It makes, proposes and adopts laws.
2) Policy: A proposed or adopted course or principle of action.
more propose adopt sentences
quickly adopt1) The northern states quickly adopted the holiday.
2) The term was quickly adopted by all sides.
more quickly adopt sentences
subsequently adopt1) He subsequently adopted his wife's religion.
2) A substantively identical permanent regulation may be subsequently adopted .
more subsequently adopt sentences
tend to adopt1) Formal organizations tend to adopt formal group practices.
2) Forensic scientists have tended to adopt this argument.
more tend to adopt sentences
unanimously adopt1) The principle of disease notification was unanimously adopted .
2) The motion quickly received a second and was unanimously adopted .
more unanimously adopt sentences
universally adopt1) It was in time nearly universally adopted .
2) In various forms, it has been nearly universally adopted .
more universally adopt sentences
voluntarily adopt1) The fund has criticised companies that voluntarily adopt high environmental standards.
2) These standards have been voluntarily adopted by residency programs.
more voluntarily adopt sentences
widely adopt1) This architectural style was never widely adopted .
2) His box kite designs were widely adopted .
more widely adopt sentences

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