adorn Collocations
adorn0) She is adorned with fine gold jewelry.
1) The sleeves were adorned with gold buttons.
2) Pottery used for more formal purposes was often more richly adorned .
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adorn building1) Sheela na gig an architectural grotesque which adorns numerous ancient buildings .
2) Many beautiful murals adorned the building .
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adorn church0) He preached in this church and adorned the church with paintings.
0) It adorned the church up to the Revolution, when it was sold.
0) churches now spent the little money they had on feeding the poor rather than adorning churches .
0) Many paintings, some of them Pascaletti and Santanna, adorn the church .
0) The interior of the church is adorned with the works of a number of famous artists.
0) This is commemorated by the flags of Canada and the US which adorn the church .
0) And may the church be wonderfully adorned in these days with gifts from her risen Lord.
0) Striking about the church is the tower's Baroque cupola, which has adorned the church since 1634.
0) The church was further adorned with the erection of a beautiful oak roof bearing the arms of George Crichton, vicar of St Michael's and later Bishop of Dunkeld.
0) Look to this matter, for the love of God, for I am sure His Majesty will provide some one to adorn the church : He can find a remedy for everything.
0) I am informed that the Religious of Veas, even after the chapter has been held, got out of their house to adorn the church !
0) Ortquist sculptures adorn churches and public buildings, and many of his most treasured works are preserved at the local Jean P. Haydon museum.
0) Icons from Byzantine and Post-Byzantine era adorning the church , create an impression that one is in a place of divine Byzantine beauty.
0) The creations of Portuguese artists can be seen on the altars of gilded panels and tiles, blue and white, that adorn churches , halls, staircases and gardens.
0) The church was later adorned with a grandiose 15th century cenotaph, whose replica can be found in the National Museum of Finland in Helsinki.
0) The church is adorned with monuments to individuals from the history of the city, including Sir William Penn (the father of William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania).
0) Finally, in 1683 the church was adorned with a tiled cornice, in yellow and blue colours, featuring a written history of the church in Old Slavic typeface.
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adorn cover1) The rear cover is adorned with a subtle pattern resembling carbon fiber.
2) Her face adorned the cover of People magazine over 40 times.
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adorn front1) Two large balconies now adorned the front and rear.
2) This was in part due to the 28 carats that adorned the front and back of the phone.
2) The Father William T. McBride Memorial Window adorns the front of the Church and is illuminated at night.
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adorn hall1) A very old statue of St. Ives once adorned the entrance hall .
2) This hall is adorned with beautifully carved pillars with Elephant motifs in the Steps.
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adorn herself1) Would she have adorned herself , her openings, and her breasts?
1) She dresses herself in white and adorns herself in ornate jewelry of gold and precious stones.
1) She then adorned herself as if for a wedding among the gods and appeared before him.
2) C. Shwetha, who adorns herself with beads, is the cynosure of the group.
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adorn interior1) The interior is adorned with famous paintings and frescoes.
2) Crown molding and cornices have adorned interiors for centuries.
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adorn page1) Nice artwork adorns the pages of the book giving it a very classic look.
1) His bible first in place – from worth and age Whose grandsires name adorns the title page .' He goes on to mention a Prayer Book, The Pilgrims Progress , and Old Tusser.
2) The image was put up on iStockphoto from where Twitter took it to replace the LOLCat photo that adorned the 404 page earlier.
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adorn side1) Brightly colored murals and giant masks adorned the sides of edifices.
2) The walls on both sides are adorned with carvings of ten thousand Buddhists.
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adorn table1) Spark your holiday decorating ideas with the many tables adorned in wonderful holiday décor.
2) Water sports were on offer, and lobster and other delicacies adorned the restaurant tables .
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adorn temple1) These images probably once adorned the siddheswar temple .
2) The ceilings of the temples are adorned with foliate scrollwork and geometric patterns.
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adorn themselves1) Cavalry were likely to adorn themselves more elegantly than infantry.
2) People should be free to adorn themselves as they choose.
2) Rumors were often told of tribes who adorned themselves with gold and jewels.
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adorn wall1) The walls are adorned with locally painted watercolours.
2) The lobby is grand with art works adorning the walls .
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adorn yourself1) adorn yourself first with inner beauty so the outer beauty may benefit from your best intentions.
2) adorn yourself with a stylish bracelet or a sporty watch in a company event you are attending.
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adorned with0) She is adorned with fine gold jewelry.
1) The sleeves were adorned with gold buttons.
2) The sprawling complex was adorned with brightly colored frescoes.
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adorns1) A limestone engraved sign adorns the front lawn.
2) The family 's eclectic art collection adorns the staircase wall.
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all adorn1) Behind his desk is a ceiling-to-floor bookshelf laden with plaques, monuments and medals, all adorned in his name.
2) The protesters all adorned Africa headgear as they walked the streets and finally stopped at the Union Square in New York.
2) The baby at its christening, the bride at the altar, the dead body in its bier, are all adorned with flowers.
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bride adorn0) I would make her my new bride adorned in a pure white wedding gown with jewels.
1) John saw the bride adorned for her husband because the time for the consummation had arrived.
1) Then the church will be as a bride adorned for her husband, and therefore she will exceedingly rejoice.
2) This is, by contrast, the holy city, prepared as a bride adorned (cosmetics) for her husband (not just the structure, but also the people who are to live in it).
2) Then I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.
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flower adorn1) Neon yellow, cup shaped flowers adorn winter aconite.
2) At every season the rarest living flowers adorn the house.
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hat adorn1) They are commonly depicted wearing tall, pointed wizard hats adorned with star and moon decorations.
2) Exotic feathers themselves were exported to Europe and used to adorn hats , horses and clothing.
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head adorn1) A garland of flowers adorned the head of a dead baby.
2) His head was adorned with amber and turquoise quills like a many-pointed crown.
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now adorn1) Two large balconies now adorned the front and rear.
2) This village wall paintings now adorn the gracious city homes and exported.
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often adorn1) Armour could be decorated and was often adorned with feathers.
2) Creative designs often adorn the tops of barns and houses.
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once adorn1) These images probably once adorned the siddheswar temple.
2) A very old statue of St. Ives once adorned the entrance hall.
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richly adorn1) Pottery used for more formal purposes was often more richly adorned .
2) A large, richly adorned book was published celebrating the event.
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room adorn1) No rugs adorned the room's gray tile floor.
2) The living room is adorned with paintings of countryside sunsets.
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still adorn1) The original 1842 Railway Crest still adorns the entrance.
2) Posters for the fair still adorned its sides.
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