adoption Collocations
adoption1) Our standard adoption fee is $150.
2) No internal agency cooperation = low adoption rate.
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adoption agency1) adoption agencies are licensed as any business.
2) Cindy has exchanged letters with the child through the adoption agency .
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adoption agreement1) We prepare a written adoption agreement for every prospective owner.
2) Many animal shelters require these procedures as part of adoption agreements .
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adoption as1) She saw the 1975 Act's emphasis on adoption as positive.
2) Ryan and Gross first identified adoption as a process in 1943.
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adoption assistance1) Small businesses would be able to offer their employees tax-free tuition and adoption assistance .
2) The maximum exclusion for employer-provided adoption assistance is $12,970 for tax year 2013.
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adoption credit1) The health care legislation enhanced the adoption tax credit in three ways.
2) You cannot file a tax return with the adoption credit electronically.
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adoption curve1) Within the adoption curve at some point the innovation reaches critical mass.
2) I think we'll see similar adoption curves for distributed social networking.
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adoption decree1) I need my original adoption decree but it's been lost.
2) B. Date adoption Legalized–Enter the date the court issued the final adoption decree .
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adoption expense1) Pay qualified adoption expenses out of your own pocket.
2) Federal tax law allows a $10,000 tax credit for adoption expenses .
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adoption fee1) Our standard adoption fee is $150.
2) Q: What does the adoption fee include?
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adoption go through1) The adoption went through a month later.
2) In the season 10 finale it is revealed that the adoption went through and Calleigh now has full custody of Austin and Patty.
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adoption implementation1) Technology transfer addresses the assessment, adoption and implementation of technology.
2) Promoting the adoption and implementation of FATF anti-money laundering standards globally.
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adoption into1) The deity assumed female form on adoption into Buddhism.
2) With their adoption into mainstream fashion, the corset controversy receded into a historical curiosity.
2) Who is it who gives us a knowledge of our adoption into God's family?
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adoption of new1) The adoption of new ideas is very low.
2) adoption of new technology by the operation.
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adoption paper1) She refused to sign the final adoption papers .
2) The two also had adoption papers drawn up through a lawyer.
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adoption payment1) adoption assistance payments are designed to help offset the short- and long-term costs associated with adopting children who need special services.
2) Do not include foster care payments, adoptions payments , or any amount that was court ordered but not actually paid.
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adoption procedure1) An overhaul of adoption procedures is indeed necessary .
2) The right to a copy of your adoption agency's grievance procedure .
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adoption proceeding1) She and Jack then started adoption proceedings .
2) On January 9 the court decided to stay the adoption proceedings .
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adoption process1) The adoption process never troubled the Browns.
2) Figure 1 gives an overview of the parallel adoption process .
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adoption rate1) No internal agency cooperation = low adoption rate .
2) This fast adoption rate makes life easier for developers.
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adoption study1) adoption studies also suggest a strong genetic tendency towards alcoholism.
2) adoption studies also directly measure the strength of shared family effects.
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available for adoption1) Below are the dogs currently available for adoption .
2) Foster homes accommodate additional horses that are available for adoption .
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broadband adoption1) One area where Canada ranked ahead of the U.S. was in broadband adoption .
2) Online multiplayer games have achieved popularity largely as a result of increasing broadband adoption among consumers.
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cloud adoption1) cloud adoption is growing, and fast.
2) cloud adoption has dramatically changed how FMW conducts business .
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euro adoption1) Lithuania has been approved for euro adoption on 1 January 2015.
2) This could result in generating potential increase in price level after euro adoption .
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formal adoption1) formal adoption seems likely to take place during the Portuguese presidency.
2) England and Wales established their first formal adoption law in 1926.
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general adoption1) The governors of New York and Pennsylvania recommended general adoption to their legislatures.
2) As early notions of linking up different railway systems evolved, this gauge secured general adoption .
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intercountry adoption1) Is Russia justified in restricting intercountry adoption in these ways?
2) It contains 53 Articles, and addresses both domestic and intercountry adoption .
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interracial adoption1) A MUST READ for parents considering interracial adoption .
2) A dichotomy exists in reference to the subject of interracial adoption .
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mass adoption1) The product is priced too high for mass adoption .
2) Miracast , fair enough, not had mass adoption yet.
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pet adoption1) I love the video on pet adoption .
2) Rackliff has also been instrumental with multiple pet adoptions .
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put the child up for adoption1) To her dismay, Julie plans to put the child up for adoption .
2) Sonia decided to put the child up for adoption despite opposition from Martin's mother Pauline.
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put up for adoption1) The children are both put up for adoption .
2) He is being put up for adoption if possible.
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rapid adoption1) rapid adoption of large-scale societal change is a bad idea.
2) The technique is finding rapid adoption in consumer and high-end applications.
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recommend the adoption1) Speakers recommended the adoption of Costa Rica's outcome report.
2) Consequently, the Task Force recommends the adoption of the assessment proficiency measure as written.
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technology adoption1) What are the human limitations of technology adoption and adaptation?
2) technology adoption does not occur in a vacuum .
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unanimous adoption1) Besides, his constituents had prejudged the question, by a unanimous adoption of the Constitution, without suggesting any amendments thereto.
2) RICHARD RYAN ( Ireland ) said that the unanimous adoption of the resolution was a strong statement of the Council's unity.
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up for adoption1) The children are both put up for adoption .
2) He is being put up for adoption if possible.
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urge the adoption1) This approach urges the adoption of laws that maximize wealth.
2) In 1904 French urged the adoption of the 18 pounder field gun on Esher.
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widespread adoption1) Even this has not had widespread adoption .
2) It too has failed to acquire widespread adoption by brokers.
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