adorable Collocations
absolutely adorable1) He is absolutely adorable and nice too .
2) They are all very friendly and absolutely adorable !
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adorable1) The ornaments are great quality and adorable !
2) There are some adorable spring styles available!
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adorable animal1) Touch and tilt controls move adorable animals around the screen in a bouncy , dynamic manner.
2) The adorable nocturnal animal was snapped on the Japanese island of Hokkaido by Masatsugu Ohashi .
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adorable baby1) Kids pet these adorable babies one on one.
2) Take a photo of the adorable baby who made you smile.
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adorable child1) Towards the end, adorable children come out to play.
2) Poor Steve, he didn't even know about that adorable child .
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adorable couple1) They were . . . just an utterly adorable couple .
2) The second-most adorable couple on the show, of course, was Garfield and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin .
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adorable creature1) A furry, yellow, adorable creature , he came to Lakewood from Clearwater.
2) Pitch Jumper is a mobile, music-based, sidescrolling platformer starring an adorable creature named Coda.
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adorable girl1) Emerald is an adorable mixed breed girl with stunning eyes.
2) You have 2 seriously adorable little girls there!
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adorable puppy1) There were two adorable puppies to choose from.
2) The adorable puppies are such a rare breed of pomeranian.
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be adorable1) Our son works there and is adorable .
2) I think they are absolutely adorable together.
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cute adorable1) These things are awesome, so cute and adorable .
2) They're not just to be cute and adorable !
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look adorable1) Queen Elizabeth II looks adorable in pastel yellow.
2) Certainly Kate will look adorable too; as always.
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simply adorable1) Vivi and her accent are simply adorable .
2) That little boy is simply adorable .
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so adorable1) I think these bags are so adorable .
2) I love the picture of them together so adorable !
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