adolescence Collocations
adolescence1) But adolescence presents quite different problems regarding discipline.
2) The frontal cortex undergoes major development during adolescence .
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childhood adolescence1) Type 1 most often appears during childhood or adolescence .
2) Social phobia characteristically begins in childhood or adolescence .
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during adolescence1) The frontal cortex undergoes major development during adolescence .
2) This is especially true during adolescence .
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early adolescence1) The disease usually starts during early adolescence or adulthood.
2) Social phobia often begins around early adolescence or even younger.
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enter adolescence1) Other effective approaches begin as children enter adolescence .
2) As children enter adolescence , peers become more influential in their lives.
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in adolescence1) The condition may begin to form in adolescence .
2) in adolescence , peer influence plays a much more significant role.
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late adolescence1) The amygdala does not stop developing until late adolescence .
2) It most often begins during late adolescence or early adulthood.
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reach adolescence1) Kids reaching adolescence may change family relationships.
2) Her box office popularity waned as she reached adolescence .
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