advance Collocations
British advance1) It was almost noon before the British advance resumed.
2) The British advanced on the second line.
more British advance sentences
German advance1) Horse logistics slowed down the German advance .
2) U.S. artillery batteries repeatedly pounded the German advance .
more German advance sentences
Recent advance1) Recent advances have made robotic behavior more sophisticated.
2) Recent advances in technology will inevitably change military thinking.
more Recent advance sentences
Thanks in advance1) Many, many many Thanks in advance .
2) Got any ideas And Thanks in advance .
more Thanks in advance sentences
advance1) Priority advance com cash loans steps apply review withdraw.
2) Send cancel instant cash advances checking account.
more advance sentences

advance about1) Residents are notified in advance about the collection.
2) Sorry in advance about your Monday morning hangover .
more advance about sentences
advance across1) U.S. forces continue to advance across the board as 1944 opens.
2) He smiled as he advanced across the room.
more advance across sentences
advance against1) Business cash advance against future credit card sales.
2) The draw is essentially an advance against your future commissions earned.
more advance against sentences
advance an idea1) He advanced an idea to trade wage cuts against saving 2,000 jobs.
2) Someone advances an idea .
more advance an idea sentences
advance booking1) advance booking is essential due to limited places.
2) Get 10% off for 2 months advance booking .
more advance booking sentences
advance considerably1) So, thanks to her, the plot advanced considerably .
2) By 13 December, Soviet resistance slowed the German advance considerably .
more advance considerably sentences
advance copy1) Note 1 : advance copy .
2) But a few advance copies have been circulated.
more advance copy sentences

advance directive1) How many have done advance directives about health care?
2) Will advance directives be recognized in emergencies?
more advance directive sentences
advance fee1) advance fee scams are easy to spot.
2) Dre approved advance fee agreement allows for outsourced attorney audits.
more advance fee sentences
advance fee fraud1) The advance fee fraud is not a new scam.
2) Some advance fee fraud scams on the Internet are based on lotteries.
more advance fee fraud sentences
advance guard1) This advance guard had moved up under most trying conditions.
2) The main army would join the advance guard shortly afterwards.
more advance guard sentences
advance in astronomy1) The Chinese were most advanced in astronomy .
2) Ancient Egypt made significant advances in astronomy , mathematics and medicine.
more advance in astronomy sentences
advance in mathematics1) Babylonian advances in mathematics were facilitated by the fact that 60 has many divisors.
2) The Babylonians were able to make great advances in mathematics for two reasons.
more advance in mathematics sentences
advance loan1) Cash advance payday loans get cash quick online.
2) Am star advance pay day loan is illegal said.
more advance loan sentences

advance man1) It was an advance man's nightmare.
2) This is the year of the advance man .
more advance man sentences
advance money1) A number of wealthy men advanced money on the security of the tolls.
2) Even these were restrained by prudence from advancing money for any such undertaking.
more advance money sentences
advance notice1) Any special diets require a three week advance notice before sailing.
2) Tour guides are available with advance notice .
more advance notice sentences
advance notification1) When possible advance notification of the closure is preferred.
2) The Millennium Edition also requires advance notification of sidewalk closures.
more advance notification sentences
advance on the capital1) the rebels advanced on the capital victoriously.
2) This forced other parties to advance on the capital as well.
more advance on the capital sentences
advance online1) Do yourself a massive favor and get you ticket in advance online .
2) Reserve a spot in advance online .
more advance online sentences
advance party1) After confused fighting the advance parties returned to the American shore.
2) Now they're sending out the advance party .
more advance party sentences

advance payment1) An advance payment of £10 is required.
2) advance payment for group participation is required.
more advance payment sentences
advance planning1) advance planning is the key for successful wealth management .
2) This advance planning has had to expand radically in recent years .
more advance planning sentences
advance publicity1) Neither lived up to its advance publicity .
2) Publishers Jonathan Cape spent £2,000 (£ in pounds) on advance publicity .
more advance publicity sentences
advance registration1) Admission is free; advance registration required .
2) advance registration required, limited space available.
more advance registration sentences
advance reservation1) A 48 hour advance reservation is required.
2) advance reservations are suggested for car rentals.
more advance reservation sentences
advance retreat1) During a glacial, the glacier experiences minor advances and retreats .
2) Whether they advance or retreat depends on the species.
more advance retreat sentences
advance stall1) At 0345 hours, light machine gun and rifle fire stalled the advance .
2) The result was a long nine-month siege of Petersburg, stalling the advance .
more advance stall sentences
advance team1) Ultimately Bernstein picked nine members to comprise the advancing team .
2) I went from being an intern to being on the advance team .
more advance team sentences
advance that1) This policy will help advance that goal.
2) They spend money to advance that position.
more advance that sentences
advance the price1) When you go to a show, you know in advance the price of the tickets.
2) Owing to the increased cost of all material used in the manufacture of Cocoaine and our other preparations, we have been compelled to advance the price .
more advance the price sentences
advance through1) New roller derby competitors advance through tiers.
2) He advanced through three preliminary rounds to face four competitors.
more advance through sentences
advance ticket1) advance tickets are $25 per event.
2) advance purchase tickets are still available until 1st September.
more advance ticket sentences
advance to the1) the top 40 athletes advanced to the next round.
2) the top 10 highest scoring contestants advance to the next stage.
more advance to the sentences
advance to the rank1) Beach was advanced to the rank of captain on October 1, 1956.
2) On 31 December 1941, he advanced to the rank of Tenente.
2) Two days before Christmas, 1944, Captain Schade was advanced to the rank of Commodore.
more advance to the rank sentences
advance towards1) The entire nature is advancing towards catastrophe together with man.
2) He advanced towards me in aggressive style.
more advance towards sentences
advance warning1) Frequent inspections are recommended and advance warning is preferable.
2) This advance warning is missing with road signals.
more advance warning sentences
advances in medical science1) What if advances in medical science and medical treatment make an old decision obsolete?
2) The utilisation of penicillin remains one of the greatest advances in medical science .
more advances in medical science sentences
advances in technology1) advances in technology plus market liberalization were reasons.
2) Recent advances in technology will inevitably change military thinking.
more advances in technology sentences
advances on0) Mr.___ makes sexual advances on her.
1) We've covered advances on this site.
1) Jake also makes sexual advances on Chloe.
2) If set in motion, human empowerment advances on three levels.
more advances on sentences
allied advance1) Model set out to stop the allied advance .
2) Can you repair your tank and repel the allied advance ?
more allied advance sentences
amorous advance1) She chants nursery rhymes, which put off his amorous advances .
2) He is quite insistent in his amorous advances despite the patent lack of response.
more amorous advance sentences
ask for an advance1) However Bethell and Walton asked for an advance of payment, but only got some shares in the Company.
2) More often Hanka Zborowska switched the lights off and they pretended to be out so that Modigliani would not come up and ask for an advance on the next day's work.
more ask for an advance sentences
bank advance1) Then four of the local banks advanced the city that amount to buy the land.
2) Based on this information, the bank advances the agreed percentage of the outstanding receivables.
more bank advance sentences
big advance1) The group did not take a big advance .
2) Im still waiting for the big advances in ID .
more big advance sentences
block advance0) Without artillery, Jewish forces were helpless to block the Syrian advance .
1) Abraham blocks the advance at the gateway to the Spaceport.
2) Tyler's division blocked the advance of the main flanking column on the turnpike.
more block advance sentences
cash advance1) Send cancel instant cash advances checking account.
2) Bad credit loans personal loan bankruptcy approved budget line cash advance .
more cash advance sentences
check advance1) This was enough to check the Germans' advance .
2) His mission was to check the enemy advance in the Merdjayoun area.
more check advance sentences
considerable advance1) Nevertheless, a considerable advance had been made.
2) They took heavy casualties, but they made a considerable advance .
more considerable advance sentences
continue advance1) Polish forces continued a steady eastern advance .
2) The French meanwhile had wanted to continue the advance eastward.
more continue advance sentences
delay advance1) The North Korean advance was delayed approximately seven hours.
2) They are also good at delaying enemy advances .
more delay advance sentences
development advance1) Furthermore, the fast pace of technological development and advance will certainly come.
2) Converting this concept into a usable system took years of development and several independent advances .
2) Growth, development , advance , evolution -- all are components of what we call progress.
more development advance sentences
dramatic advance1) A dramatic advance was introduced as the Look Nevada in 1950.
2) With dramatic advances , this is an area of dramatic developments in cyber technology.
more dramatic advance sentences
economic advance1) The others concede China 's economic advances but say that supremacy is less likely.
2) From a pan-European perspective he analysed the German character and economic advances towards militarism.
more economic advance sentences
educational advance1) These shortages have come despite recent great educational advances .
2) But for most, persistence and endurance were still the prerequisites of educational advance .
more educational advance sentences
enemy advance1) The enemy advanced from every quarter in several bodies.
2) They are also good at delaying enemy advances .
more enemy advance sentences
enormous advance1) The ST concept appeared to represent an enormous advance in tokamak design.
2) Finally, artificial prosthetics has made enormous advances over the past 5 years.
more enormous advance sentences
further advance1) By 7 a.m. further advance was impossible.
2) This further advance was made late in the afternoon.
more further advance sentences
get advance1) How to get advance earned income credit payments.
2) What a blessing to get advance warnings about storms.
more get advance sentences
great advance1) The 20th century saw great advances in reinforced concrete design.
2) During that time great advances were made.
more great advance sentences
halt advance1) Their advance was finally halted well short of its objective.
2) However, their advance was halted by a counterattack.
more halt advance sentences
hinder advance1) The counterattack, although partially successful, did not hinder the Nationalist advance .
2) The German advance had been highly successful, but long lines of supply hindered the continued advance .
more hinder advance sentences
impede advance1) No person may impede the advance of the troops enforcing martial law.
2) The huge craters caused by the earlier RAF bombing impeded the advance .
more impede advance sentences
important advance1) This has supported important advances in medical technology.
1) Several important advances are nonetheless either derivative or not quite revolutionary.
2) Other important advances occurred in the technical field.
more important advance sentences
in advance1) Consider options–including nursing home care– in advance .
2) Those trips are planned months in advance .
more in advance sentences
in advance of1) That is action taken in advance of certainty.
2) We are currently acquiring materials several years in advance of publication.
more in advance of sentences
in advance of the hurricane1) Various offices, businesses, and schools were closed in advance of the hurricane .
2) An estimated 2,000,000 people either fled or were evacuated from the coastal regions in advance of the hurricane .
more in advance of the hurricane sentences
know in advance1) Costs of production are usually known in advance .
2) This needs to be known in advance .
more know in advance sentences
large advance1) large advance Steel models have surprisingly very small file sizes.
2) advances vary greatly between books, with established authors commanding large advances .
more large advance sentences
loan advance1) Working capital loans business cash advance each.
2) Traveler car insurance home equity loans cash advance no fax payday.
more loan advance sentences
major advance1) Some innovative drugs include major advances with great benefits.
2) There were few major advances in weapons.
more major advance sentences
make advances1) Evidently Francis had never made advances to his cousin.
2) Columbia Engineering faculty has made advances in media and communication.
more make advances sentences
medical advance1) Demand is created by medical advance itself.
2) The possibility of medical advance using rainforest species.
more medical advance sentences
month in advance1) Those trips are planned months in advance .
2) I began planning three months in advance .
more month in advance sentences
notable advance1) We have already made notable advances in this regard.
2) It is a notable advance and a victory for democracy.
more notable advance sentences
offer an advance1) They also offered an advance payment on royalties.
2) We now offer an advance booking facility at this cinema.
more offer an advance sentences
order an advance1) Landcaster believed that the opposition had been annihilated, ordered an advance .
2) Rawlinson ordered an advance into Leuze Wood and the higher ground towards Ginchy.
more order an advance sentences
pay an advance1) ABC Television had paid an advance for a TV show they could screen.
2) Later I learned that O.J. was paid an advance of more than $3 million.
more pay an advance sentences
payable in advance1) The price of success is always payable in advance .
2) The entire 6-month rental fee is payable in advance .
more payable in advance sentences
payday advance1) You should seek alternate borrowing options before seeking payday advances .
2) payday service payday advance direct lender loan money payday tree.
more payday advance sentences
political advance1) The political advances on the Internet can potentially dishearten non-users to adapt the new technology.
2) The first political advances took place during the governorship of Sir George Don which started in 1814.
more political advance sentences
rapid advance1) The rapid advance had created logistical difficulties.
2) The rapid advance made communications more than usually difficult.
more rapid advance sentences
rebuff advance1) Ivan is not impressed and rebuffs Nicola's advances .
2) She rebuffs the romantic advances of the zone's leader, Douglas.
more rebuff advance sentences
receive advance1) Many West Coast affiliates received advance warning and refused to air the show.
2) According to the legislation the received advance payment for goods and services includes VAT.
more receive advance sentences
recent advance1) Our recent advances are significant and substantial.
2) This realization is especially important given the recent advances in genetics.
more recent advance sentences
remarkable advance1) Architecture saw remarkable advances as well.
2) Fortunately there have been some remarkable advances in optical technology in recent years.
more remarkable advance sentences
repel advance1) Can you repair your tank and repel the allied advance ?
2) The rebel attack was halted after loyalist armored units repelled an advance by rebel forward units.
more repel advance sentences
research advance1) With research and technological advances many lasers are able to perform a wide array of different tasks.
2) The collaborations fund university research , advance and promote practical knowledge, and deliver tangible societal benefits.
more research advance sentences
resist advance1) These Confederates would continue to resist any Union advance .
2) Lloyd pursues Cheryl, although she resists Lloyd's advances .
more resist advance sentences
resume advance1) They planned to resume the advance at daybreak.
2) Suddenly an order from Pulikovsky was transmitted to resume the advance .
more resume advance sentences
scientific advance1) This period also saw many scientific advances .
2) He was interested in the latest scientific advances .
more scientific advance sentences
significant advance1) His army has been making significant advances the past months .
2) Other texts imply significant advances toward an ultimate ethic.
more significant advance sentences
slow advance1) Sharpe wanted to slow the French advance .
2) This battle slowed the German army's advance .
more slow advance sentences
social advance1) They turn to it when conditions seem ripe for social advance .
2) At the Dorr residence where Felicity Dorr snubs the Baron's social advances .
more social advance sentences
spectacular advance1) Lead, normally the dullest of metals, has seen the most spectacular advance .
2) Here their spectacular advance , having outrun its supplies, ground to a halt.
more spectacular advance sentences
steady advance1) The steady advance of Roman civilization caused the neglect and abandonment of that tongue.
2) Before the steady advance of Marshal Belle-Isle the Austrians retired into Lombardy.
more steady advance sentences
stem advance1) The Allies stemmed Axis advances in 1942.
2) They had little hope of stemming the Japanese advance on Tainan.
more stem advance sentences
stop advance1) This timely action temporarily stopped any further French advance .
2) But their advance was stopped and they suffered heavy casualties.
more stop advance sentences
substantial advance1) Only the supporting attack in the north achieved a substantial advance .
2) A substantial advance in mechanical filter technology was the HEPA filter.
2) The Woolf report represents a substantial advance upon the 'orthodox account'.
more substantial advance sentences
technical advance1) Davies respectively, clearly convey technical advances in any memorable sense.
2) Bentinck was clearly interested in technical advance .
more technical advance sentences
technological advance1) technological advances began affecting sentence spacing methods.
2) technological advances simply enable processes to happen faster.
more technological advance sentences
technology advance1) The gaps are getting wider as technology advances ever more rapidly.
2) This means that technology advances only through necessity.
more technology advance sentences
theoretical advance1) theoretical advances in aerodynamics were made parallel to practical ones.
2) Through the year two key theoretical advances were made.
more theoretical advance sentences
tremendous advance1) During the late 1970s and 1980s, motorcycle rear suspension design and performance underwent tremendous advances .
2) There have been tremendous advances in research concerning ectomycorrhizal identification and ecological importance over the past few years.
more tremendous advance sentences
week in advance1) A spokesperson insisted the change was decided weeks in advance .
2) They start announcing it weeks in advance .
more week in advance sentences
year in advance1) We are currently acquiring materials several years in advance of publication.
2) The planning is years and years in advance .
more year in advance sentences

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