adulthood Collocations
adolescence adulthood1) The disease usually starts during early adolescence or adulthood .
2) Many smokers begin during adolescence or early adulthood .
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adulthood1) Our bones remain strong throughout young adulthood .
2) This stage takes place during young adulthood .
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adulthood age1) Only Elizabeth Cady and four sisters lived well into adulthood and old age .
2) Despite these factors, siblings often maintain a relationship through adulthood and even old age .
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attain adulthood1) Upon attaining adulthood , Edmund joined Henry VI at court.
2) When the children had already attained adulthood , additional information on their marriages and careers is also sometimes given.
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childhood adulthood1) These typically are tumors of childhood and young adulthood .
2) The same caution applies to separating childhood and adulthood .
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childhood to adulthood1) The Nation itself moves from childhood to adulthood under its new leadership.
2) In past-life regression will I progress from childhood to adulthood ?
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during adulthood1) He regularly used the drug during adulthood .
2) It is slow growing and tends to stabilize during adulthood .
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early adulthood1) They normally begin between puberty and early adulthood .
2) Many smokers begin during adolescence or early adulthood .
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emerge adulthood1) emerging adulthood also encompasses late adolescence and early adulthood.
2) emerging adulthood and adolescence differ significantly with regards to puberty and hormonal development.
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enter adulthood1) Violence drops off as adolescents enter adulthood and assume adult roles.
2) As they enter adulthood , a pattern sets in.
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in adulthood1) in adulthood , dogs age more slowly.
2) Many women begin their careers in adulthood .
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into adulthood1) Eating habits formed during childhood impact health patterns into adulthood .
1) Sexual development is often delayed or impaired into adulthood .
2) Under what circumstances does childhood disorder continue into adulthood ?
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late adulthood1) Which senses become less sharp in late adulthood ?
2) These skills begin to decline in later adulthood .
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make it to adulthood1) Maybe more of them will make it to adulthood .
2) Few make it to adulthood .
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middle adulthood1) middle adulthood generally refers to the period between ages 25 to 69.
2) Children were especially vulnerable, but many also died in young or middle adulthood .
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reach adulthood1) One daughter and four sons reached adulthood .
2) These appear to earn names upon reaching adulthood .
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survive into adulthood1) Their son James was her only child to survive into adulthood .
2) None of Peter's other male children survived into adulthood .
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survive to adulthood1) The probability of every child surviving to adulthood was greatly increased .
2) Of their eight children, seven survived to adulthood .
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toward adulthood1) As Darling comets toward adulthood , her voice becomes more elastic and American.
2) For a boy, khitan, or circumcision, is an important transition toward adulthood .
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towards adulthood1) You need to be supportive and respect your son or daughter's move towards adulthood .
2) You're proud that she's making this important step towards adulthood , and you're heart-broken to see her gone.
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until adulthood1) From six until adulthood we check him.
2) We must check the proficiency of a minor until adulthood .
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young adulthood1) Our bones remain strong throughout young adulthood .
2) This stage takes place during young adulthood .
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