adulterate Collocations
adulterate1) A third report showed that canister coffee was even more adulterated .
2) The union says oil can also be adulterated .
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adulterate product1) Other contaminants: Unwanted substances from a number of sources may adulterate a product .
2) products adulterated with pharmaceuticals for weight loss or erectile dysfunction are one of the main concerns.
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adulterate with1) Beginning is compulsorily adulterated with inter-institutional nurse and instituted to manage hospital.
2) Tapioca pearls used for bubble tea were adulterated with macromolecular polymers to improve their texture.
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adulterated drug1) Face the Nation - Is the pharma industry adulterating drugs ?
2) Over 100 heart patients died after administration of adulterated drugs by the Punjab Institute of Cardiology.
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adulterated food1) The middlemen almost unconsciously adulterate the food which they supply.
2) It prohibits interstate commerce in misbranded and adulterated foods , drinks and drugs.
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unadulterated0) unadulterated apple juice serves nicely as white wine.
1) No instrument creates more expressive music than the unadulterated human voice.
2) But that image of unadulterated beauty has been challenged.
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