adult Collocations
accompanied by an adult1) Children are especially welcome when accompanied by an adult .
2) Children under eight should always be accompanied by an adult .
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adult1) Do adult men need yeast infection remedies?
2) adults are very welcome outside school holiday periods.
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adult animal1) Many adult animal abusers also abuse their spouses and children.
2) Bone morphogenetic proteins are known to stimulate bone formation in adult animals .
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adult child1) This burial contained both adults and children .
2) The maximum group size is four adults and four children .
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adult education1) adult education is both dynamic and diverse.
2) And he said adult education had never been cut.
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adult female1) adult females lay 50–200 eggs per opposition.
2) adult females and juveniles are lighter grey.
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adult learner1) Mentoring adult learners : Realizing possible selves.
2) I work with children 0-5 and with adult learners .
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adult life1) She maintained radical political views throughout her adult life .
2) In adult life , similar images are formed.
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adult lion1) According to The IUCN, fewer than 250 adult lions are left in West Africa.
2) There are usually two performers in one adult lion , and one in the young lion.
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adult literacy1) As for adult literacy , that has hardly improved.
2) Mongolian authorities announced that universal adult literacy had been achieved by 1968.
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adult male1) Relations between adult males were generally ridiculed.
2) Remember – not every adult male is tall.
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adult of1) Some pediatric dentists treat disabled adults of any age.
1) adults of both sexes are similar in size.
2) The adults of today are markedly more anxious than their parents.
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adult population1) These intensive programs serve both adolescent and adult populations .
2) They may be effective at reducing adult populations .
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adults1) adults are very welcome outside school holiday periods.
2) Two adults should accompany each school group.
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become an adult1) The website also became an adult boys joke amongst students.
2) How does a child become an adult ?
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civilized adult1) Control of body fluids is a must for civilized adults .
2) Not something I would expect from civilized adults , who enjoy classical music.
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consenting adult1) Marriage is a social contract between 2 consenting adults .
1) Why is sex between to consenting adults wrong ?
2) Those pictures were taken by consenting adults .
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disabled adult1) It examined 227 intellectually disabled adults aged 40 and above .
2) Some pediatric dentists treat disabled adults of any age.
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in an adult way1) Mario also I never liked his braids when he cut them it made him look cuter in an adult way , handsome.
2) When we're hurt or angry at our partner, we need to share our feelings with him in an adult way .
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obese adult1) obese children and adolescents also are more likely to become obese adults .
2) Another study found that 25% of obese adults were overweight as children.
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old adult1) Many chronic pain conditions affect older adults .
2) Falls are a major health concern among older adults .
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overweight adult1) These children are likely to have health problems and become overweight adults .
2) These children are likely to become overweight adults and have health problems.
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responsible adult1) This helps children prepare for being responsible adults .
2) Kids can't become responsible adults without failing sometimes.
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single adult1) Each urn contained the cremated remains of a single adult .
2) Swingers are often wary of single adults .
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young adult1) His fashion sense is geared towards young metropolitan adults .
2) For adults and young adults aged above 16 years old.
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