adsorption Collocations
adsorption1) Plant adsorption may reach 80% phosphorus removal.
2) Close agreement between calculated and realized phosphorus adsorption was found.
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adsorption capacity1) Although chemisorption is realized to have the high adsorption capacity , it is not reversible.
2) The poor adsorption capacity of the quartz gravel implied that plant uptake and subsequent harvesting were the major phosphorus removal mechanism.
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adsorptive1) These materials also show gas adsorptive characteristics.
2) Hydrogen spillover is the most common example of an adsorptive spillover.
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adulate1) It can still be cherished if less often adulated .
2) Most critics don't blindly adulate Leigh's work.
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adulated1) It can still be cherished if less often adulated .
2) Honours were showered on him and he was adulated everywhere he went.
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adulating1) It was customary for the adulating ghillie to be provided with a wee dram .
2) He cannot go golf putting anymore, surrounded by adulating white ambassadors and eager business executives.
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adulation1) This religious adulation over atomic elements is getting ridiculous .
2) Their necks were bowed in humble adulation .
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protein adsorption1) The considerations are complex and protein adsorption only adds to the complexity.
2) Polymers are of great importance when considering protein adsorption in the biomedical arena.
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