adrift Collocations
adrift1) Without language human beings are cast adrift .
2) Berger was a further 46 points adrift .
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adrift from1) To be set adrift from the one you knew.
2) He was pretty well adrift from realities at that time.
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adrift in life1) He was then adrift in life , and alone.
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adrift of1) They were eight points adrift of closest rivals Monaghan United.
2) Third-placed Manchester City are eight points adrift of top place.
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be adrift1) We 're adrift – culturally, financially.
2) I was adrift within the body of Creation.
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cast adrift1) Without language human beings are cast adrift .
2) Here the President finds himself cast adrift .
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come adrift1) The ship came adrift on 22October and the party spent three days recapturing her.
2) Shortly after this I nearly suffocated when the pipe of my breathing apparatus came adrift .
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cut adrift1) Is philosophy permanently cut adrift from its grounding in being and anthropology?
2) Dark clumps of water hyacinths floated downstream like tiny islands cut adrift .
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go adrift1) The America people are on their own with a Government gone adrift .
2) Ten people were initially feared dead after their boat went adrift during the storm.
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hours adrift1) They, too, had spent about 24 hours adrift after being shot down.
2) Rafał Sonik completed a Yamaha 1–2–3, albeit over three hours adrift of Patronelli.
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leave adrift1) However, the SDF-3 is left adrift in space.
2) Goldfaden and his troupe were left adrift in Saint Petersburg.
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minutes adrift1) By now McRae was down to seventh, four minutes adrift and close to tears.
2) Tiptree Road Runners' Sue Baker, celebrating her 33rd birthday, was runner-up, 11 minutes adrift .
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points adrift1) Berger was a further 46 points adrift .
2) Manchester City are a further two points adrift .
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seconds adrift1) By the six-mile mark he was already 44 seconds adrift .
2) Some 36 seconds adrift in second place was Mike Grafton.
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set adrift1) Maybe the whole group should be spun off and set adrift .
2) To be set adrift from the one you knew.
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