adrenaline Collocations
adrenaline1) Another short situational adrenaline sequence happens here.
2) Beautiful hair needs an expert adrenaline fitness.
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adrenaline junkie1) Looks like quite the rush, right adrenaline junkies ?
2) And for the adrenaline junkies ... 9.
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adrenaline level1) This raises adrenaline levels and blood pressure goes up.
2) But it seemed like the adrenaline level was still pretty high.
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adrenaline rush1) The sheer volume of action is an endless adrenaline rush .
2) This was the adrenaline rush of a lifetime!
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get adrenaline1) Who needs rest when you've got adrenaline and momentum?
2) Together, they just get the adrenaline flowing.
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pure adrenaline1) It is 50 Yuan for 8 minutes of pure adrenaline .
2) Then end it on a note of pure optimistic adrenaline .
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release adrenaline1) During states of excitement or stress, the body releases adrenaline .
2) Under the influence of cortisol, the medulla releases adrenaline .
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