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a different matter1) The closing ceremony was a different matter altogether.
2) The running mates are a different matter .
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another1) The effect upon enemy communications was another matter.
2) Industry is another area where little progress has been made.
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another bite1) Senior Diablo smiles again after another bite .
2) She smiled modestly, and took another bite of chocolate biscuit.
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another bus1) This bus was accompanied by another bus .
2) bus crash head on to another bus !
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another cup1) Clinical failure rates are another cup of tea entirely.
2) Her father poured out another cup of tea.
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another day1) They probably live to fight another day .
2) But those are best left for another day .
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another drink1) I can never ever touch another drink .
2) I put down my fork and immediately ordered another drink .
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another example of1) This is another example of altered states.
2) International pricing is another example of pricing discrimination.
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another guess1) another guessing game with club selection is the effect of the wind.
2) Resistance has increased, so have another guess , just a guess.
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another job1) I chanted strongly to find another job .
2) The coach had gone on another job .
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another kettle of fish1) A reverse split is another kettle of fish .
2) But international inspection was another kettle of fish .
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another matter1) The effect upon enemy communications was another matter .
2) Whether such changes are sufficient is another matter .
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another nail in the coffin1) Yet another nail in the coffin of pubs !
2) This case is just another nail in the coffin .
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another of1) Dublin has become another of those places.
2) That was probably another of his lies.
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another one1) A few seconds later another one goes.
2) one is holding while another one is slapping!
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another opportunity1) Each venue is another opportunity to correct ourselves.
2) Emergency department cases present another opportunity of examining injury patterns.
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another place1) But hate is always looking for another place .
2) It had completed its passage through another place .
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another planet1) So many rock stars live on another planet .
2) Did the moon spin off from another planet ?
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another question1) How those concerns are managed is another question .
2) another question is has your turtles shed?
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another sign1) Yet another sign something is a miss .
2) The growing number of jobless people is another sign .
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another thing1) How much less is another thing though.
2) The desktop integration is another thing though.
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another thought1) I had another thought - chocolate cake mix.
2) Yet another thought they were caps going off.
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another time1) They vow to finish things another time .
2) I was on report another time too.
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another to1) to transfer to another to whom property is assigned.
2) He poured himself another to keep her company.
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another year1) Raider fans are guaranteed another year too.
2) The farm was safe for another year .
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anough1) You seem intelligent anough to avoid barking That 's a good one and sometimes correct.
2) One can truly notice that a program may be debugged not necessarily at large working data sizes and testing tasks are anough .
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for another1) But hate is always looking for another place.
2) The show has been renewed for another season.
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have got another think coming1) If anyone thinks I'm going to miss my lovely Alvar Liddell they 've got another think coming .
2) If he thinks he's going to kiss me - he 's got another think coming , she decided firmly.
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lives to fight another day1) Bilsthorpe at least lives to fight another day .
2) Xue Gang escapes too , and lives to fight another day .
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living to fight another day1) Remember that old saying about living to fight another day ?
2) Saitoti gracefully bowed out of the race, living to fight another day .
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many another1) It is especially handy in a fire or many another panic situations.
2) many another town was actually uprooted or shifted by diggers.
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not another1) This is not another trivial political argument.
2) Its not another adolescence story.
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one after another1) He kept getting tumors, one after another .
2) All kinds of visual effects scroll one after another .
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one another1) These 2 sides war against one another .
2) Colors opposite one another are called complements.
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one good turn deserves another1) one good turn deserves another he has already failed so do not deserve another .
2) I have no qualms about any of this - one good turn deserves another .
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one kind or another1) These are usually associated with parasites of one kind or another .
2) They likely do background checks of one kind or another .
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one or another1) Most Indian universities participate in one or another centralized admission procedure.
2) one or another of those approaches is bound to work eventually.
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one sort or another1) How long before madness of one sort or another took over?
2) Both sets of pressures involve restrictions of one sort or another .
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one thing leads to another1) one thing leads to another . My point exactly.
2) An images from the one thing leads to another series.
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one way and another1) one way and another he felt let down.
2) one way and another Luke had filled her life.
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one way or another1) Everyone here is haunted one way or another .
2) It always works one way or another .
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story another1) Standing up he told the children that he would have to finish his story another time.
2) Michael's story another 18 year-old, Michael, came to see me because of depression.
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taking one thing with another1) taking one thing with another , I don't know that we ever had a better time while it lasted.
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tell me another1) They started to tell me another thing.
2) She never told me another man was responsible for her pregnancy .
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thing after another1) It seems I get one thing after another .
2) All my life there has been one thing after another .
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to put it another way1) to put it another way , we find fun simply irresistible.
2) to put it another way : First comes your opinion.
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tomorrow is another day1) tomorrow is another day but, fabulous job today!
2) There's always hope because tomorrow is another day .
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what with one thing and another1) what with one thing and another .
2) what with one thing and another she hadn't had much time for sleep last night.
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yet another1) This is yet another complex weighting procedure.
2) This represented yet another ideological difference between both.
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