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There are no easy answer1) There are no easy answers for such cases.
2) So There are no easy answers here.
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acceptable answer1) I mean is that really an acceptable answer ?
2) Society is only beginning to devise acceptable answers .
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adequate answer1) The remaining 9.4% of the population did not provide an adequate answer .
2) Only from an investigation of the politics of schooling might come an adequate answer .
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affirmative answer1) This last question implied an affirmative answer and a choice.
2) An affirmative answer to Question 28 brought up other issues.
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answer1) Each correct answer is worth 10 points.
2) Each correct answer is worth 1 point.
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answer a call1) They haven't answered a call or card.
2) Van then answers a call on his briefcase video phone.
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answer a charge1) He appeared in court to answer a charge of drink-driving - not, it transpired, for the first time.
2) Appearing before Mr Justice Beaumount in the New South Wales Federal Court, Tooheys had to answer a charge of misleading the public and of deceptive advertising.
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answer a knock1) It was late evening when Ann Evans answered a knock at the door of her little Hawera home.
2) Mrs Beavis, busy preparing a large supper for her family, answered a knock on her front door.
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answer a letter1) He is answering a letter about a certain woman who divorced and remarried.
2) Somehow Bell has found time to answer a letter he has received from Sarah Baker.
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answer a need1) These operations answer a need specific to Palestinian families.
2) His gallery , which operated from 1981 to '83, answered a need .
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answer a query1) a client can sometimes answer a query locally using cached information obtained from a previous query.
2) The DNS server can use its own cache of resource record information to answer a query .
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answer a question1) answer a question with another rhetorical question.
2) The boy answers a question incorrectly and is publicly humiliated.
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answer a questionnaire1) Test subjects inspected the shoes in each room, and then answered a questionnaire .
2) Respondents answer a questionnaire that measures nearly 250 indicators covering everything from someone's feelings about race to their political leanings.
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answer a request1) a 'download' is just answering a request by sending the contents of a file.
2) Memorandum: a memorandum is generally used to request information or to answer a request for information.
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answer a summons1) Att answering machine manual, simple riddles how to answer a summons for credit card debt in arizona.
2) The officer later defended his action by claiming that the station's director had failed to answer a summons .
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answer accusation1) Of course he's answering accusations when he stops and defends himself.
2) Speaking in Record Mirror , Johnny Marr answered accusations of arrogance accordingly.: 'It always surprises me that people should call us arrogant or pretentious.
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answer affirmatively1) I believe that both questions must be answered affirmatively .
2) If you have answered affirmatively to these questions, read on.
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answer allegations1) The captains of the crusade were asked to answer allegations of receiving bribes totalling 18,000 gold francs.
2) The respondent may also state affirmatively special matters of defense. (c) Failure to deny or answer allegations in the complaint.
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answer an ad1) answering an ad ? keen Richie's eyes asked Bloom.
2) If you answer an ad , specify where and when you found the ad.
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answer an inquiry1) Maimonides answered an inquiry concerning astrology, addressed to him from Marseille.
2) V. To answer an inquiry which may naturally be raised concerning these things.
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answer as to1) There is no universal answer as to why we suffer tragedies.
2) Doctors have no answers as to why this has been happening.
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answer back1) Prisoners who answered back were met with violence.
2) Plus, it lets people answer back .
more answer back sentences
answer charge1) Robert Kennedy 's daughter answers charges of driving while impaired by medication.
2) In early 1694 Phips was recalled to London, to answer charges of misconduct.
more answer charge sentences
answer come to1) A prompt answer came to her letter.
2) The answer came to me while reading up on advertising.
more answer come to sentences
answer correctly1) Students receive 1 point per question answered correctly .
2) The student learns immediately whether he has answered correctly .
more answer correctly sentences
answer criticism1) While the redesign did not increase passenger space, it did answer criticism of the car's trunk space.
2) Plus the work of compiling and answering criticism and comments unless they want to be overturned on judicial review .
more answer criticism sentences

answer depend on1) The answer depends on n .
2) The answer depends on both state law and family dynamics.
more answer depend on sentences
answer depends on1) The answer depends on n .
2) The answer depends on both state law and family dynamics.
more answer depends on sentences
answer for1) The final answer for surfers is simple.
2) There are no easy answers for such cases.
more answer for sentences
answer from1) You gather wrong answers from wrong questions.
2) These are real answers from school kids.
more answer from sentences
answer honestly1) The audience is given this situation to answer honestly .
2) His eyes challenged her to answer honestly .
more answer honestly sentences
answer incorrectly1) Problems answered incorrectly reappear later until the child masters them.
2) Adaptive tests tend to administer easier items after a person answers incorrectly .
more answer incorrectly sentences
answer individually1) We welcome letters but can not answer individually .
2) This question needs to be answered individually by each of you.
more answer individually sentences
answer lie in1) The answer lies in using software drift compensation.
2) The answer lies in trusted 3rd parties.
more answer lie in sentences
answer lies1) The answer lies in using software drift compensation.
2) The answer lies in trusted 3rd parties.
more answer lies sentences
answer machine1) A third also have telephone answering machines .
2) She had forgotten the telephone answering machine the night before.
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answer print1) Deluxe Laboratories in London made the answer print .
2) His one-light dailies looked like many cinematographers' answer prints .
more answer print sentences
answer promptly1) Every question I asked was answered promptly .
2) They were informative and any questions were answered promptly .
more answer promptly sentences
answer question1) The person whose home is featured then answers questions .
2) One short answer question is equivalent to 3 multiple choice questions.
more answer question sentences
answer sheet1) Create an answer sheet for the worksheet.
2) Then fill in the heading of your answer sheet .
more answer sheet sentences
answer that1) This page should help answer that question.
2) American history has already answered that question.
more answer that sentences
answer the call1) How should technology management answer the call ?
2) the man who answered the call was incredibly rude.
more answer the call sentences
answer the door1) the servant exits to answer the door .
2) Sarah answered the door holding a cigarette .
more answer the door sentences
answer the doorbell1) Before Shildon got very far with his answer the doorbell rang again.
2) An elderly woman answered the doorbell .
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answer the phone1) He heard the sleepy voice answer the phone .
2) She heard her father answer the phone .
more answer the phone sentences
answer to the name1) the creature answered to the name and came.
2) You answer to the name of Ernest.
more answer to the name sentences
answer truthfully1) And what spy would answer truthfully anyway ?
2) Make sure that questions will be answered truthfully .
more answer truthfully sentences
answered1) But another important question is less easily answered .
2) The pope answered twelve different legal points.
more answered sentences
answering1) Receiving treatment poorly is yet another top answering services company issue .
2) Why buy old school outdated answering service equipment .
more answering sentences
answers1) The customer service answers questions within 4 seconds.
2) Correct answers are worth 10 points per second remaining.
more answers sentences
appropriate answer1) Common small talk questions and appropriate answers in a business context.
2) The appropriate answer is who wouldn't .
more appropriate answer sentences
arrive at answer1) The new tests require students to answer open-ended questions and show how they arrived at answers .
2) There should be a corollary to that: As long as you honestly stick to the right questions, you're sure to arrive at answers that will make a difference.
more arrive at answer sentences
await answer1) This configuration was the long awaited answer to the problems presented by primary-secondary pumping.
2) While we await answer , we must avoid any escalation of the hostilities between us.
more await answer sentences
back answer1) Yea, fall back answer !
2) Ask questions in the natural language and get back answers instantly as different data visualizations from Power BI.
more back answer sentences
blunt answer1) A blunt question and a blunt answer .
2) The blunt answer is, of course, 'no'.
more blunt answer sentences
brief answer1) The brief answer is , potentially.
2) Only a brief answer can be offered here.
more brief answer sentences
choose answer1) The objective is to choose the correct answer .
2) All players who choose a wrong answer receive nothing.
more choose answer sentences
clear answer1) Only experimentation is likely to provide clear answers .
2) Islam gives a clear simple constant answer .
more clear answer sentences
clear cut answer1) I haven't gotten a clear cut answer yet though.
2) I can't give you a clear cut answer on that.
more clear cut answer sentences
come up with answer1) Can you help me come up with answers ?
2) Ultimately, the group will come up with answers .
more come up with answer sentences
complete answer1) Get complete answer explanations for those problems ?
2) The humanities offer clues but never a complete answer .
more complete answer sentences
convincing answer1) The next problem is: Who will provide the convincing answers ?
2) To this there is a very simple and convincing answer .
more convincing answer sentences
correct answer1) Each correct answer is worth 10 points.
2) Each correct answer is worth 1 point.
more correct answer sentences
definite answer1) No definite answer has been found for it.
2) These are all questions which have rather definite answers .
more definite answer sentences
definitive answer1) Humans may never develop definitive answers to these questions.
2) This paper can't present a definitive answer .
more definitive answer sentences
demand answer1) These are profound questions that demand an answer .
2) Hitler emerges from his office demanding answers .
more demand answer sentences
deserve answer1) The families of those killed so senselessly deserve answers .
2) But if your child was hurt, you deserve answers .
more deserve answer sentences
detailed answer1) However, my discussion partner expected a more detailed answer .
2) He knew better than to expect a detailed answer .
more detailed answer sentences
different answer1) It requires three different answers put through the truth filter.
2) Do different philosophical traditions typically present different answers to this question?
more different answer sentences
direct answer1) They want direct answers to direct questions .
2) The human mind needs to hear a direct answer first.
more direct answer sentences
discover answer1) discover answers to your social networking questions here.
2) The student is then left to discover answers for himself.
more discover answer sentences
dusty answer1) dusty answers for villagers on road to the polls.
2) Oedipus had received a lot of dusty answers to his researches too.
more dusty answer sentences
easy answer1) There are no easy answers for such cases.
2) So there are no easy answers here.
more easy answer sentences
effective answer1) So you need lots of practice in structuring effective answers .
2) Etc. - there is a whole menu of effective answers .
more effective answer sentences
evasive answer1) As I asked them questions they gave evasive answers .
2) Alito gave an evasive answer about stare decisis .
more evasive answer sentences
expect answer1) Abbot Hans had certainly expected a different answer .
2) You didn't expect an answer straight away.
more expect answer sentences
file answer1) Security Union filed an answer and trial briefs.
2) All three defendants have filed answers to the parents' lawsuit.
more file answer sentences
final answer1) The final answer for surfers is simple.
2) The final answer is an intrinsic interest.
more final answer sentences
find answer1) The answer is found within our worship.
2) My second reaction was trying to find answers .
more find answer sentences
formulate an answer1) New Business items are first heard by Standing Committee who formulate an answer for each item.
2) The ruling peace faction in the States of Holland was unable to formulate an answer to the unexpected and far-reaching offer.
more formulate an answer sentences
formulate answer1) In formulating answers to the two basic questions, one factor was paramount.
2) Patience is essential, and the best teachers allow time for students to formulate answers and self-correct if necessary.
more formulate answer sentences
full answer1) I wasn't expecting such a full answer so thank you.
2) She made full answers to all of them.
more full answer sentences
get answer1) get fast answers to critical business questions .
2) I spoke again and got no answer .
more get answer sentences
give an answer1) The star was asked a question and gave an answer .
2) But clause (c) gives an answer .
more give an answer sentences
give answer1) Having someone else write down answers given verbally.
2) Islam gives a clear simple constant answer .
more give answer sentences
give me answer1) I had several service providers give me answers I didn't like, so I left.
2) Often she would give me answers in way that was really telling me I already knew the answer.
more give me answer sentences
good answer1) The best answer is whatever 100% magnification produces .
2) The best answer is displayed in list form.
more good answer sentences
guess answer1) I guess the answer - truly - is potentially infinite.
2) I'd guess the answer is no.
more guess answer sentences
guess the answer1) I guess the answer - truly - is potentially infinite.
2) I'd guess the answer is no.
more guess the answer sentences
have all the answers1) the false disciple has all the answers .
2) NO profession has all the answers to health.
more have all the answers sentences
have an answer1) Just curious , maybe somebody has an answer .
2) Father Devlin had an answer for everything.
more have an answer sentences
have answer1) The student learns immediately whether he has answered correctly.
2) A majority of readers had answered tomorrow .
more have answer sentences
hear answer1) I am here today expecting to hear answers from you.
2) When he stopped, they listened, and heard answering barks.
more hear answer sentences
honest answer1) This is not a very honest answer .
2) There is another important aspect that requires an honest answer .
more honest answer sentences
immediate answer1) Generally, questions receive an immediate answer .
2) Today's consumers need immediate results and immediate answers .
more immediate answer sentences
in answer to1) in answer to your ' bald face lie statement.
2) in answer to your question, sure!
more in answer to sentences
incorrect answer1) Both correct and incorrect answers are tallied.
2) The controls are the incorrect alternative answers .
more incorrect answer sentences
instant answer1) These are not instant answers to anything.
2) Want to get instant answers on those complicated work situations?
more instant answer sentences
know all the answers1) But does she know all the answers ?
2) I didn't know all the answers then.
more know all the answers sentences
know answer1) The correct answer is not known .
2) Very sure your broker knows the answer .
more know answer sentences
logical answer1) The logical answer is the fountain of youth.
2) Without more clarity, the logical answer is no .
more logical answer sentences
long answer1) The long answer is slightly more complicated .
2) There are normally 3-4 long answer questions per exam.
more long answer sentences
long term answer1) The Police's long term answer has been Operation Overdrive.
2) The long term answer does not lie in proving or disproving the validity of alternative allergy tests.
more long term answer sentences
look for answer1) Maybe someone else is looking for answers .
2) I came across this site looking for answers .
more look for answer sentences
need answer1) Those are the questions that need answers .
2) Do you need answers to tough job hunting questions?
more need answer sentences
negative answer1) At this third negative answer the hurricane exploded.
2) The form of the question requires a negative answer .
more negative answer sentences
no answer1) I spoke again and got no answer .
2) I rang both homes and got no answer .
more no answer sentences
not take no for an answer1) But Ross is n't taking no for an answer .
2) The man would simply not take no for an answer .
more not take no for an answer sentences
obvious answer1) The obvious answer was that video games were fun.
2) The warm weather is the obvious answer .
more obvious answer sentences
offer answer1) Many continue to ask and persistently attempt to offer answers .
2) offer answers to customers on your site.
more offer answer sentences
partial answer1) Risk assessment is only one evaluation method and provides only partial answers .
2) Let me give you a partial answer for the moment.
more partial answer sentences
pat answer1) He does not promise a quick fix nor pat answers .
2) There is no room for pat answers .
more pat answer sentences
perfect answer1) I have never found the perfect answer .
2) There are no perfect answers to market timing.
more perfect answer sentences
plausible answer1) Common sense seems to be a plausible answer to functional fixedness.
2) It provides a superficially plausible answer to deep and troubling questions about existence.
more plausible answer sentences
positive answer1) The latter form more strongly suggests the positive answer .
2) A positive answer would have deep implications in analysis.
more positive answer sentences
possible answer1) Among many possible answers is playing with sand.
2) Series 6 saw the possible answers format scrapped.
more possible answer sentences
precise answer1) International law offers no precise answers to this question.
2) precise questions encourage precise answers while vague ones often elicit more information.
more precise answer sentences
print answer1) To print answers , choose the print command from the File menu.
2) The way ProPublica handled Yoav Golan should remind us that the organization isn't print's answer to NPR or PBS.
more print answer sentences
proper answer1) Each failure stresses to find a proper answer to these questions.
2) He struggled for a moment to find a proper answer .
more proper answer sentences
provide answer1) Only experimentation is likely to provide clear answers .
2) This annual report provides timely answers to frequently asked questions.
more provide answer sentences
question and answer1) question and answer sessions followed each movie.
2) A short question and answer session follows .
more question and answer sentences
quick answer1) Such tests reward quick answers to superficial questions.
2) Asking thoughtful questions is more important than having quick answers .
more quick answer sentences
ready answer1) ready answers to enquiries from above are essential.
2) I didn't have a ready answer .
more ready answer sentences
real answer1) These are real answers from school kids.
2) But the real answer is more interesting.
more real answer sentences
reasonable answer1) The teacher will accept all reasonable answers . 6.
2) If only there was a reasonable answer .
more reasonable answer sentences
receive answer1) High quality bug reports tend to receive rapid high quality answers .
2) I asked question after question and received satisfactory answers .
more receive answer sentences
right answer1) We believe the right answer is fear.
2) And wrong questions will never lead to right answers .
more right answer sentences
satisfactory answer1) I asked question after question and received satisfactory answers .
2) No satisfactory answer was ever received to that particular question.
more satisfactory answer sentences
seek answer1) Everyone is seeking an answer to serious mental problems.
2) The government is seeking answers with resolution a priority.
more seek answer sentences
sensible answer1) It is deadly accurate and is a sensible answer for multiple assailants.
2) You must live under a rock it's the only sensible answer .
more sensible answer sentences
serious answer1) I am looking for a serious answer .
2) He kindly offered a serious answer to my query.
more serious answer sentences
short answer1) The short answer is yes .
2) A short answer very much shorter answer is yes.
more short answer sentences
simple answer1) The simplest answer is rights cost money .
2) The simple answer is by drinking green tea.
more simple answer sentences
straight answer1) Children's questions deserve simple, straight forward answers .
2) Can I please get a straight answer ?
more straight answer sentences
straightforward answer1) This seems to be a straightforward answer .
2) There 's no straightforward answer here, though.
more straightforward answer sentences
submit answer1) His team has submitted answers to the preliminary decisions.
2) Before submitting answer sheet, students can not escape from this activity.
more submit answer sentences
suggest answer1) Our own survey data strongly suggests the answer is definitely maybe .
2) The latter form more strongly suggests the positive answer .
more suggest answer sentences
supply answer1) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) supply answers to common queries.
2) Postmodern theatre raises questions rather than attempting to supply answers or definitive truth.
more supply answer sentences
think answer1) think the answer is pretty obvious here.
2) I think the answer is reasonably clear.
more think answer sentences
truthful answer1) The three women ask pointed and prying questions to get truthful answers .
2) Nathan wasn't sure whether that was a truthful answer or not.
more truthful answer sentences
unclear answer1) unclear answers will not earn credit. 1.
2) Pliny Book 9, Letter 23 reports that when he was asked if he was Italian or provincial, he gave an unclear answer , and so was asked if he was Tacitus or Pliny.
more unclear answer sentences
vague answer1) There were vague answers to this query.
2) vague answers cannot receive full credit.
more vague answer sentences
wait for answer1) Classes starting or need assistance while waiting for answer ?
2) Now, she'll wait for answers .
more wait for answer sentences
waiting for an answer1) I am still waiting for an answer .
2) I'm still waiting for an answer .
more waiting for an answer sentences
want answer1) Everyone wants fuzzy warm answers to harsh reality.
2) They want direct answers to direct questions .
more want answer sentences
write answer1) Chapters 15-18 write answers to these questions.
2) Chapters 9-11 write answers to these questions.
more write answer sentences
written answer1) In addition, questions may be put down for written answer .
2) Stoke Central) in a written answer .
more written answer sentences
wrong answer1) You gather wrong answers from wrong questions.
2) I say both are the wrong answer .
more wrong answer sentences
yield answer1) Put another way, it is a way of representing epistemic plausibilities but it can yield answers that contradict those arrived at using probability theory.
2) A full international investigation could yield answers to several key unresolved Iran-related issues cited by the IAEA in its report released April 28.
more yield answer sentences

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