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1) Once again, a bid to make the arch permanent failed.

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2) The main arch is made from reinforced concrete, with metal railings.

3) The arch is made of sandstone in Baroque style with geometric fretwork.

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4) Entrada sandstone just isn't happy if it can't make an arch .

5) The second is expansion: the palate or arch is made larger by using a palatal expander.

6) And he made this great triumphal arch , which was completed long years after his death in 1466.

7) The arch was made up of two, or even three, separate, but parallel, arches.

8) For this occasion a sort of triumphal arch was made of two poles, decked with spruce branches and flowers.

9) A recently patented process by the company Woodbenders has made it possible to make a made-to-measure arch with preformed wood or mdf.

10) A triumphal arch made for the Royal entry into Paris of Louis XIII of France in 1628 carried a depiction of Pompey.

11) When the procession reaches College Hall, the students make an arch with their canes to greet the President of the University.

12) Move various parts of you - legs up and down, arms forwards, backwards; look through the arch made by your legs.

13) Try inserting " FC = f77 +U77 " and " FLAGS = +U77 -O +es +E6 " in the Makefile , and compiling with make arch =sun .

14) If you have a version of UNIX not listed above, please try make arch =sun and let us know how it goes.

15) The enormous arch made of teak outside the wat is all that remains of an original swing which was used to celebrate and thank Shiva for a bountiful rice harvest.

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16) Tall slabs, up to 21 in high, make up the jambs, which then support a pointed arch made up of ten voussoirs.

17) A passageway to the kitchen is framed by a pointed arch made of tongue and groove paneling, flanked by pilasters similar to the verandah columns.

18) Hereford Road Skew Bridge, Ledbury, Herefordshire (Ledbury and Gloucester Railway, 1881), a ribbed skew arch made of stone and blue brick.

19) The greet line starts as a large arch made up of every member of the first-year class (and various faculty, staff, and upper classmen campus leaders).

20) There were originally deep solid responds at the eastern end of each arcade (altered to make a narrower additional arch in the 19th century).

21) The former bedroom of Imee Marcos had an antique gilded arch made by Isabelo Tampingco, carved to represent a coconut tree complete with fruit and leaves.

22) This structure was replaced by a four-arched bridge between 1833 and 1835, one arch made of cast iron swivelled to allow vessels to pass.

23) This makes the arch higher in relation to its width than a semi-circular arch which is exactly half as high as it is wide.

24) The curse can also be obtained when in the adulthood the person passed three times through an arch made of a Birch with the help of a wild rose's spine.

25) make an arch out of copper tubing, which is bendable, so it's easy to form the arched top from it.

26) Plans to make metal arch ' doorways' have yet to materialise... but the herbs planted to make a green carpet are starting to spread.

27) An attractive rose arch made from reconstituted stone tiles and Tanalised timber, guaranteed for 15 years, has been introduced by Babylon Screens.

28) It can't move when I move, can't make an arch on my back, must be on the same level around body.

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29) This is a little man made arch of dredge material and cover rocks the Army Corps built to replace the "original" island that the tanker wakes destroyed years ago.

30) Type @make instead of " make arch =

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