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Times article1) The Sunday Times article gives several contacts.
2) Read the entire New York Times article .
more Times article sentences
Wikipedia article1) The same applies to Wikipedia travel articles .
2) It has real Wikipedia articles linking to it.
more Wikipedia article sentences
academic article1) Mike has written over 200 academic articles and 8 books.
2) He is the author of 16 academic articles .
more academic article sentences
accompanying article1) An accompanying article discusses this Draft International Standard.
2) Fiercely calm, he read the accompanying article .
more accompanying article sentences
according to an article1) according to an article on NBC News .
2) according to an article by Marc J. Spears of Yahoo !
more according to an article sentences

an article of faith1) It's an article of faith that usually goes unchallenged.
2) Small is beautiful is almost an article of faith in Britain.
more an article of faith sentences
article1) Their peer reviewed article was published immediately upon acceptance.
2) This highly favorable article opened many doors.
more article sentences
article about1) Jack has written nearly 400 articles about market research.
2) The major news magazines are publishing articles about peak oil.
more article about sentences
article address1) This article addresses effectively communicating with physicians.
2) This web page article addresses those two questions.
more article address sentences
article allege1) Jachowicz had published numerous articles alleging abuses by the secret police.
2) I have not done what the article alleges .
more article allege sentences
article analyse1) This article analyses the nature of values in environmental politics.
2) The article analyses the activities of the European Commission for Democracy through Law.
more article analyse sentences
article analyze1) This article analyzed 224 instances of fatal workplace violence.
2) The remainder of this article analyzes whether these potential differences actually exist.
more article analyze sentences

article appear1) The article eventually appeared three years later.
2) Their articles appear in leading law reviews and journals.
more article appear sentences
article argue1) The article argues that the smog strengthens Chinese military defense.
2) This article argues that this picture should change.
more article argue sentences
article assert1) The article asserts that with comparison sites , only the lowest price matters.
2) They began to write articles asserting that the American dream had been blighted.
more article assert sentences
article attack1) This journal published articles attacking conservative Chinese morality and promoting individualism.
2) He published several articles attacking The Town .
more article attack sentences
article by1) No more stupid articles by stupid experts.
2) Please improve this article by introducing more precise citations where appropriate .
more article by sentences
article cite1) These articles cite five instances of contention.
2) By j hills cited by related articles .
more article cite sentences
article claim1) This article claims only 12 spoke and 7 were in favor.
2) I guess that's inline with the article's claim .
more article claim sentences

article conclude1) Each article concludes with a brief bibliography.
2) The article concludes by identifying opportunities for future research.
more article conclude sentences
article contain1) The articles contained within the book are varied.
2) Thought provoking article containing useful tools for performance reviews!
more article contain sentences
article cover1) Basque verbs are covered by a separate article .
2) This article covers oil spill governance under United States federal law.
more article cover sentences
article criticize1) But even this article criticized certain ideas of Kuyper.
2) A magazine published an article criticizing Schacht, containing several incorrect statements.
more article criticize sentences
article deal with1) The handbook contains nine articles dealing with chess competitions.
2) The next two articles deal with this dilemma.
more article deal with sentences
article demonstrate1) The previous article demonstrated a simple interest calculator.
2) This article demonstrates capabilities of the static code analysis methodology.
more article demonstrate sentences
article describe1) The cycle types article describes additional variations.
2) This article describes proper tack welding conditions.
more article describe sentences

article detail1) This article details the protocols and technical structure of X11.
2) There was an article detailing life in the full-blown special period.
more article detail sentences
article discuss1) This article discusses more about mass customization.
2) This article discusses emotional intelligence and its primary components.
more article discuss sentences
article emphasize1) Why does Cantor's article emphasize the countability of the algebraic numbers?
2) Dooyeweerd's 1975 article emphasizes that theory does not correspond to ontic reality.
more article emphasize sentences
article entitle1) There is also an article entitled : Was Cleopatra Black?
2) I found your article entitled 'Research Scientist' most interesting.
more article entitle sentences
article examine1) The article examines five of these issues.
2) This article examines some reasons why conflict exists in healthcare organizations.
more article examine sentences
article explain1) That article actually explains why Randall is right!
2) This article explains when this might happen.
more article explain sentences
article explore1) This article explores possible programming considerations related to different languages.
2) article exploring 2002 changes in southern literature.
more article explore sentences
article focus1) This article focuses upon these educational policies.
2) This article focuses on activities related to eating.
more article focus sentences
article focus on1) This article focuses on activities related to eating.
2) This article focuses on genetic testing for medical purposes.
more article focus on sentences
article highlight1) This article highlights the small problems that typically stay off screen.
2) The lowest average person need for article highlights the plague.
more article highlight sentences
article illustrate1) This particularly graceful article illustrates the point entirely.
2) This article illustrates some typical applications of operational amplifiers.
more article illustrate sentences
article imply1) This, however, is what your article implies .
2) Where is the crisis, as the FT article implies ?
more article imply sentences
article indicate1) Do we actually know the things that the article indicates ?
2) There have been several recent articles indicating that this type of violence is growing .
more article indicate sentences
article look1) This article looks at how culture impacts international interviews.
2) This article looks at the sites in general.
more article look sentences
article mention1) Neither article mentions some very important historical context.
2) The article never mentions revenues or profits .
more article mention sentences
article note1) The article also notes what has been rumored elsewhere.
2) As the article noted : It is winter.
more article note sentences
article of belief1) It would make it an article of belief that all cultures are equal.
2) Chief amongst their articles of belief was, and is today, the permanent necessity of keeping the Sabbath holy.
more article of belief sentences
article of clothing1) Every season has one prized article of clothing .
2) This glass pin will beautifully grace any article of clothing .
more article of clothing sentences
article of commerce1) The chief articles of commerce are sugar and grain.
2) NKR security should never be an article of commerce either.
more article of commerce sentences
article of furniture1) Every article of furniture stood in exactly the same place it had always stood.
2) In make up one's mind to unfeignedly entrust to any article of furniture .
more article of furniture sentences
article of the constitution1) the final article of the constitution covers topics not under other articles.
2) the bishops worked to have the offending articles of the constitution amended.
more article of the constitution sentences
article on1) Also included are articles on upcoming events.
2) This section has illustrated articles on ghosts.
more article on sentences
article outline1) This article outlines four dieting mistakes with accompanying healthy weight loss tips .
2) This article outlines the steps to take.
more article outline sentences
article point out1) Your article points out another complexity in our healthcare system.
2) As the article points out , tiny amounts are not zero.
more article point out sentences
article present1) article presents a computer aided case based conflict resolution system.
2) This article presents a terminology timeline of binary prefixes.
more article present sentences
article propose1) The article proposes a few suggestions.
2) On 17 May 2009, Swiss voters clearly approved the constitutional article proposed by parliament.
more article propose sentences
article quote1) The article quotes Wills as saying, Rock and Roll?
2) The article quotes one year as being almost 10 fold increase... .
more article quote sentences
article report1) A recent article reported that 80 law firms were hacked during 2011.
2) Sensational newspaper articles reported that an insurrection was occurring.
more article report sentences
article reveal1) This article reveals a disturbing advertising trend.
2) This article reveals the seven deadly sins of public speaking.
more article reveal sentences
article review1) Most articles reviewed were not research studies.
2) The article reviews a study conducted on CSR.
more article review sentences
article say1) As the article says speculative .
2) article says start reducing copper after 2 weeks.
more article say sentences
article show1) Some articles show concrete results of empirical investigations.
2) This article shows marathon dancing in Venice as theatrical affairs.
more article show sentences
article state1) The article states that pollen has sources everywhere.
2) The article states he had been married four times before.
more article state sentences
article suggest1) The article suggested Switzerland has independent capability.
2) So this article suggests ways around it?
more article suggest sentences
article talk about1) This interesting article talks about electricity being symbolized as a snake.
2) This Yahoo article talks about how useless computers are.
more article talk about sentences
article title1) An article titled Planning to dump IE?
2) I once read an article titled Private vs. Public .
more article title sentences
author article1) No discource here in regards to the authors article above.
2) It illegally sold hundreds of thousands of copies of authors' articles without their permission from 1978-94.
more author article sentences
authore article1) He authored roughly 600 articles in economics and social criticism.
2) Professor Roberts has authored 170 articles and eleven books.
more authore article sentences
be in breach of article1) Accordingly I shall pronounce the declarator sought that the respondents are in breach of article 6 of the Convention.
2) On the face of it, that seems to be in breach of article 6(2) of the European convention on human rights, which states that a person is innocent until proven guilty.
more be in breach of article sentences
breach article1) They said the name breaches article 11.
2) They said that our work could breach article 11.
more breach article sentences
brief article1) This brief article describes the warning signs of workplace violence.
2) It consists of about 100 book reviews and brief articles .
more brief article sentences
brilliant article1) Bloody brilliant article , really top shelf.
2) This is another brilliant article written by a brilliant man.
more brilliant article sentences
carry article1) The piece on the carry article is excellent.
2) The press often carries articles about such conversions, including testimonials.
more carry article sentences
cite article1) All articles cited are listed in the Bibliography .
2) But citing legal articles rarely helps a client prevail in trial courts.
more cite article sentences
clip article1) clip articles and keep them here for reading when you have time. 7.
2) I have stacks of magazines that I want to read and clip article out of.
more clip article sentences
commission article1) The New Yorker has a good record of commissioning articles .
2) By mid-1909 he was working on commissioned articles , the first being The Wool Land in three weekly instalments.
more commission article sentences
contravene article1) The result would be that all mandatory sentences would contravene article 21.
2) They directly contravene article 38 of Iraq 's constitution, which guarantees freedom of assembly and peaceful demonstration.
more contravene article sentences
contribute article1) Many outstanding writers and scholars contributed articles and illustrations.
2) He has also contributed several articles to bass playing specialist magazines.
more contribute article sentences
controversial article1) Editors may dispute suspected biases and discuss controversial articles , sometimes at great length.
2) This has been described as the most controversial article in the International Law Commission draft.
more controversial article sentences
critical article1) Several columnists regularly wrote critical articles of Ford.
2) What could happen if a Hungarian journalist wrote a critical article ?
more critical article sentences
definite article1) These definite articles are always pronounced distinctly.
2) The definite article in each case is omitted.
more definite article sentences
do an article1) Gold was drawn in while doing an article on Winter himself.
2) You might wanna do an article on this.
more do an article sentences
do article1) This is a really well done article and very informative .
2) Well done article and good food for thought.
more do article sentences
edit article1) They wrote and edited articles based upon their interviews.
2) Now you can edit articles and make comments.
more edit article sentences
electronic article surveillance1) electronic article surveillance (EAS) is another method of inventory protection.
2) All electronic article surveillance systems emit electromagnetic energy and thus can interfere with electronics.
more electronic article surveillance sentences
excellent article1) excellent article with many great learning points.
2) The author has written an excellent article .
more excellent article sentences
fascinating article1) I highly recommend reading this entire fascinating article .
2) Such a fascinating article expressed so beautifully.
more fascinating article sentences
feature article1) This issue contains great feature articles and important association information.
2) An array of feature articles and press releases.
more feature article sentences
finished article1) I must admit to being impressed with the finished article .
2) Looking more like the finished article now.
more finished article sentences
follow up article1) Can't wait for the follow up articles .
2) follow up articles will address this in greater detail.
more follow up article sentences
front page article1) I'll post a front page article .
2) Comments for popular or controversial diaries or front page articles can run into the thousands.
more front page article sentences
good article1) You are really great so allowing good articles .
2) It is good articles in simple language.
more good article sentences
great article1) This great article has really peaked my interest.
2) great article and almost uniformly excellent comments.
more great article sentences
historical article1) More of these historical articles in future newsletters.
2) There are various historical articles available on Unnao.
more historical article sentences
household article1) Fig. 15 shows how this household article is used.
2) Launder personal clothing worn during use separately from household articles .
more household article sentences
how to article1) This series includes an article by Ted Nugent plus how to articles on gutting, sausage making, recipes and more.
2) Through photography, detailed reports and how to articles , we hope to create as much of a visual as possible.
more how to article sentences
in depth article1) The website provides expert reviews, in depth articles , user testimonials, and a star rating system.
2) The Economist has many short articles that make for awesome bathroom reading, plus longer in depth articles .
more in depth article sentences
indefinite article1) And indefinite article means a .
2) The indefinite article is often borrowed from the local contact language.
more indefinite article sentences
influential article1) A collection of some of Sternberg's most influential articles and book chapters.
2) In response, Shichihei Yamamoto and Akira Suzuki wrote two controversial yet influential articles which sparked the negationist movement.
more influential article sentences
informative article1) This article is really interesting and informative article actually.
2) This informative article had been surely an extremely excellent examine.
more informative article sentences
infringe article1) Such protection must not be excessive if it is not to infringe article 85.
2) That plainly would amount to questioning a member's behaviour in Parliament and infringe article 9.
more infringe article sentences
insightful article1) Thank you for your very insightful article .
2) Click here to read his vulnerable and insightful article .
more insightful article sentences
interesting article1) Keep writing such interesting articles and insights .
2) Send interesting article to clients using distribution lists.
more interesting article sentences
journal article1) A journal article might not include conflicting scientific views.
2) He has written 50 books and 27 journal articles .
more journal article sentences
lead article1) My question: does anyone in our lead article above.
2) It's our lead article on the web today.
more lead article sentences
leading article1) Another leading article that day commented on the events.
2) Special attention is paid to leading articles and reports of political speeches.
more leading article sentences
lengthy article1) This lengthy article lists seven steps towards preventing workplace violence.
2) Suddenly a lengthy article on Allen S. Richards rolled across the screen.
more lengthy article sentences
link article1) Read both of these linked articles closely .
2) The linked articles make for interesting reading .
more link article sentences
magazine article1) The same is true for magazine articles .
2) Original copies of newspaper or magazine articles are required.
more magazine article sentences
major article1) Each included major articles and editorial support for a new investigation.
2) In fact, Reid actually wrote two major articles about the trial.
more major article sentences
make article1) This is incorrectly made article . 1.
2) Where possible we are making articles available as text.
more make article sentences
manufacture article1) And the manufactured article seems good of its kind.
2) The term manufacture refers to articles that are made, and includes all manufactured articles .
more manufacture article sentences
must read article1) A must read article for working parents.
2) The site will provide tips and must read articles on home repair.
more must read article sentences
news article1) Your news article is missing an important fact.
2) news articles published by credible news organization are generally reliable.
more news article sentences
newspaper article1) The third point is newspaper articles themselves.
2) Also published are hundreds of newspaper articles .
more newspaper article sentences
numerous article1) He has written numerous journal articles and book reviews.
2) Ford has written around 30 books and numerous articles .
more numerous article sentences
occasional article1) Primarily useful for the occasional article in depth.
2) He also wrote occasional articles for The Times .
more occasional article sentences
offending article1) An advertisement will now replace the offending article .
2) Censorship only exposes the offending article to a greater public.
more offending article sentences
online article1) The content of this online article examines healthy conflict.
2) Finally, online articles are a great information source.
more online article sentences
opinion article1) What a ridiculous title for the opinion article .
2) Her opinion article in the July 2014 Hearing Review explains why.
more opinion article sentences
peer reviewed article1) Their peer reviewed article was published immediately upon acceptance.
2) Another peer reviewed article from the journal Energy and Environment .
more peer reviewed article sentences
pen article1) Thanks for another well penned article with great info!
2) A frequent traveler, she also has penned articles as a travel writer.
more pen article sentences
post article1) We generally post new articles several times each week.
2) The community posted articles are a huge informational asset.
more post article sentences
press article1) Many used the alternative press articles to start discussions.
2) The press articles talk about the big commercial developments downing tools.
more press article sentences
print article1) No more having to be online to print article .
2) The students read and printed short articles about the issue.
more print article sentences
print the article1) Widows, print the article and get your gamer to read it.
2) I even printed the article .
more print the article sentences
produce article1) But Campagnolo does not produce articles just for cycling.
2) From his journey to Japan in 1916 he produced articles and books.
more produce article sentences
provocative article1) Digital Web running a provocative article on CSS techniques?
2) It seems he thrives on controversy and provocative articles to say the least.
more provocative article sentences
publish article1) Their peer reviewed article was published immediately upon acceptance.
2) The major news magazines are publishing articles about peak oil.
more publish article sentences
published article1) Both had already published articles in the paper.
2) He published articles intermittently until his death in 1908.
more published article sentences
quote article1) The quoted article includes quite a deal of flawed reasoning.
2) Upon closer scrutiny though, the quoted article includes lots of food for thought.
more quote article sentences
read article1) I actually put off reading this article .
2) read full article starting on page 4.
more read article sentences
recent article1) What are recent articles on quality circles saying?
2) Here are excerpts from several recent articles on medical literacy.
more recent article sentences
reference article1) She just omitted titles and names of reference articles .
2) I have not yet located the referenced article from 1926.
more reference article sentences
related article1) By j hills cited by related articles .
2) He has authored more than 100 scuba related articles .
more related article sentences
reprint article1) The article reprinted below can be found here .
2) This article was reprinted in 1930 and caused controversy.
more reprint article sentences
research article1) Many popular cancer journals require payment for downloading research articles .
2) See the workplace stress research articles below.
more research article sentences
review article1) The journal publishes original research papers and review articles .
2) Read relevant law review articles and economic or similar studies.
more review article sentences
run article1) A number of arts magazines ran articles on the author.
2) Other state-run outlets have also run articles and editorials criticizing Apple .
more run article sentences
scholarly article1) The war has generated and is still generating many scholarly articles .
2) He has written approximately one hundred scholarly articles in respected journals.
more scholarly article sentences
scientific article1) He has published numerous scientific articles and book chapters.
2) Doing research and submitting scientific articles to peer review publications.
more scientific article sentences
see article1) see article published in local newspaper below.
2) see the workplace stress research articles below.
more see article sentences
seminal article1) The subject is addressed in several of his seminal articles .
2) A number of previously published seminal articles will also be reprinted.
more seminal article sentences
series of article1) See the mentioned series of articles for details.
2) This memoir emerged from the resulting series of articles .
more series of article sentences
short article1) short articles contain internal links to locate more details.
2) Four short articles giving the cabinet a constitutional basis.
more short article sentences
submit article1) These articles are submitted to article directories or 2.
2) Doing research and submitting scientific articles to peer review publications.
more submit article sentences
terms of the article1) Britain took possession in 1713 under the terms of the article XI of the Treaty of Utrecht.
2) the claim defines the design which applicant wishes to patent, in terms of the article in which it is embodied or applied.
more terms of the article sentences
the genuine article1) And the background music is the genuine article .
2) A forced smile might be the genuine article .
more the genuine article sentences
thought provoking article1) thought provoking article containing useful tools for performance reviews!
2) Thank you-very helpful and thought provoking article !
more thought provoking article sentences
thoughtful article1) That is a well written thoughtful article .
2) A thoroughly enjoyable, well written and thoughtful article .
more thoughtful article sentences
timely article1) Thanks for posting this very timely article !
2) Scott This is a timely article for me.
more timely article sentences
toilet article1) These are invariably requests for condiments unobtainable in camp, or toilet articles for creature comfort.
2) Each menu included an accessory packet which consisted of essential toilet articles , tobacco, and confections.
more toilet article sentences
under an article1) This is covered elsewhere on the site under an article on Portfolio Design .
2) They have been developed under an article (Article 118A) specially added to the Treaty of Rome for this purpose.
more under an article sentences
under the article1) For medical education, please see under the article medical education.
2) He was charged under the article of the Criminal Code for hooliganism.
more under the article sentences
violate article1) It also violated articles 12 and 221 EC.
2) Accordingly, the Service violated article 14.
more violate article sentences
well researched article1) Thanks for a very thoughtful and well researched article .
2) well researched article ,and it is definitely prejudicial to ST owners to be charged twice.
more well researched article sentences
well written article1) This is a really well written article .
2) This is an extremely well written article .
more well written article sentences
write article1) The article was written based upon extensive research.
2) Jack has written nearly 400 articles about market research.
more write article sentences
zero article1) The zero article is the absence of an article.
2) For more cases where no article is used, see zero article in English.
more zero article sentences

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