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" art "Collocations - Expressions
African art1) European architecture was strongly influenced by African art .
2) The origins of African art lie long before recorded history.
more African art sentences
American art1) American art and architecture greatly influenced Japan.
2) Massachusetts has contributed much to American arts and culture.
more American art sentences
Indian art1) My classes included courses in Indian art .
2) His contributions to Indian art are substantial.
more Indian art sentences
Japanese art1) The event offered free workshops for learning these Japanese arts .
2) They study the Japanese art of flowers.
more Japanese art sentences
Martial art1) Martial arts has substantially helped her control herself.
2) Martial arts are physical activities that include numerous aspects.
more Martial art sentences

Western art1) The focus is on Western art music.
2) The depiction of night in paintings is common in Western art .
more Western art sentences
abstract art1) Looks like 20th century abstract art .
2) abstract art is a fairly modern artistic genre.
more abstract art sentences
ancient art1) The three existing middle halls were reserved for ancient art .
2) ancient art is of significant interest to Amy.
more ancient art sentences
animation art1) Anime is a form of animation art .
2) She studied animation art at Kyiv Studio of Animated Films in 1974-1975.
more animation art sentences
applied art1) She continued her individual experiments in applied art .
2) Building 2 was constructed as an applied arts school.
more applied art sentences
appreciate art1) Dakota appreciates art and music, especially R&B music.
2) Aesthetics - This represents tendency to appreciate art , music and poetry.
more appreciate art sentences
art1) It featured 82 fine art photographic prints.
2) It is neither straight action movie nor straight art film.
more art sentences

art academy1) Sometimes we are teaching on different art academies .
2) Gates now has 3 performing arts academies in Yorkshire.
more art academy sentences
art administrator1) Practitioners and arts administrators on the ground live within this framework daily.
2) Cisneros has also worked as a college recruiter and an arts administrator .
more art administrator sentences
art aficionado1) Remembering Neville Wran - arts aficionado or Balmain bruiser?
2) Baudrillard was no art aficionado , but he was no stranger to art either.
more art aficionado sentences
art and part1) Choosing the right container is part art and part science.
2) and aushecken is also working between art and parts of society.
more art and part sentences
art auction1) Vintage posters are always available at art auctions .
2) The posters were for sale an art auction I attended.
more art auction sentences
art book1) There were lots of art books around.
2) The book then dives into creating art books .
more art book sentences
art buyer1) The same goes for needs of art buyers .
2) His art is for sale, for serious art buyers and art lovers.
more art buyer sentences

art carney1) Andy Griffith, Edward G. Robinson, art carney .
2) The film also features art Carney's last appearance in a motion picture.
more art carney sentences
art class1) art classes and piano lessons were offered.
2) I was teaching a metal art class .
more art class sentences
art collecting1) art and art collecting are both very popular in Madeira.
2) Without question, nostalgia plays an essential role in comic art collecting .
more art collecting sentences
art collection1) It is a wonderful folk art collection .
2) Birmingham has two major public art collections .
more art collection sentences
art collector1) He had since become an avid art collector .
2) His father was a noted art collector and equestrian.
more art collector sentences
art college1) What does a liberal arts college mean?
2) Most are private, although there are public liberal arts colleges .
more art college sentences
art community1) Lancaster city has a thriving art community .
2) Chicago is home to a lively fine arts community .
more art community sentences

art connoisseur1) He was a renowned art connoisseur and a generous patron.
2) Blanc's book was directed at artists and art connoisseurs .
more art connoisseur sentences
art consultant1) She also has experience acting as an art consultant and curator .
2) In the eighth season, she gets a job as an art consultant .
more art consultant sentences
art critic1) How does an art critic read a picture?
2) According to art critics she does her job highly successfully.
more art critic sentences
art criticism1) Published art criticism and articles since 1978.
2) These reports are highly readable pieces of art criticism .
more art criticism sentences
art curator1) Benedict Read, FSA, art historian, writer and art curator .
2) In 1955, art curator Dorothy Miller came to the West Coast.
more art curator sentences
art dealer1) He later became an important collector and respected art dealer .
2) Some good guys are art dealers and representatives.
more art dealer sentences
art deco1) art deco detailing is scattered throughout the building.
2) art deco designs frequently used aluminum for ornamental features.
more art deco sentences
art degree1) No special software or graphic arts degree required.
2) And who said our crazy liberal arts degrees were worth nothing ?
more art degree sentences
art department1) We gave versions to the art department .
2) The gallery is run by the visual arts department .
more art department sentences
art director1) Another leading art director tells much the same story.
2) Carmichael was the agency 's art director .
more art director sentences
art editor1) The current art editor has never seen his work.
2) Times arts editor Richard Brooks helped unravel the mystery .
more art editor sentences
art education1) The environment for arts education has changed since 2007.
2) arts integration is related to arts education in schools.
more art education sentences
art enthusiast1) art enthusiasts will enjoy visiting this area's many art galleries.
2) Lewin is also an art enthusiast and collector.
more art enthusiast sentences
art exhibit1) The space is mainly used to display temporary art exhibits .
2) Currently the castle hosts art exhibits and conferences.
more art exhibit sentences
art exhibition1) The event hosted a miscellaneous art exhibition featuring 45 contemporary artists.
2) Many mixed media and collage art exhibitions are especially appropriate.
more art exhibition sentences
art expert1) art experts estimated the sale price at $20 million.
2) But several artists and art experts praised the paintings.
more art expert sentences
art fair1) His art fairs started to be oppressed.
2) Basel soon became the most important art fair .
more art fair sentences
art film1) It is neither straight action movie nor straight art film .
2) Martial arts films contain many characters who are martial artists.
more art film sentences
art form1) Various art forms were used during religious ceremonies.
2) Opera is a very expensive art form .
more art form sentences
art gallery1) Very often art galleries are themselves works of art.
2) I love visiting manufacturing plants and art galleries .
more art gallery sentences
art glass1) The art glass windows were repaired and cleaned.
2) He has created many lovely art glass paperweights.
more art glass sentences
art historian1) This view remains rather singular among art historians .
2) She was extremely generous to aspiring young art historians .
more art historian sentences
art historical1) It is foremost an archive of art historical pieces.
2) The photographs often play upon and subvert classical art historical images.
more art historical sentences
art history1) One notable exception is in art history .
2) The program includes both art history and studio programs.
more art history sentences
art house1) Ban art house movies and save the next generation.
2) This was not a typical film theater or art house .
more art house sentences
art lover1) This event is an art lovers dream!
2) art lovers are fond of calling it passion .
more art lover sentences
art magazine1) The art magazines had overall positive comments as well.
2) A number of arts magazines ran articles on the author.
more art magazine sentences
art market1) There is a young art market which is growing fast.
2) Indian and Chinese art markets were beginning to boom.
more art market sentences
art movement1) The first major arts movement publication was in 1964.
2) The future has been explored through several art movements and cultural genres.
more art movement sentences
art museum1) The city opened its own art museum .
2) The buildings that house the art museum are eclectic architectural beauties.
more art museum sentences
art music1) But precise length is purely a secondary issue in art music .
2) The focus is on Western art music .
more art music sentences
art nouveau1) art nouveau had a particularly strong influence.
2) In that period around 800 art nouveau buildings were erected.
more art nouveau sentences
art object1) But novel art objects are very different from people.
2) Woolly mammoth ivory was used to create art objects .
more art object sentences
art of compromise1) All politics is the art of compromises .
2) The art of compromise is an innate talent.
more art of compromise sentences
art of conversation1) So the art of conversation is dead after all.
2) The art of conversation - Narrated by Begbie.
more art of conversation sentences
art of healing1) The art of healing is knowing what needs to move.
2) Now he totally dedicates himself to the art of healing .
more art of healing sentences
art paper1) Examples of this are high gloss and art papers .
2) Lithographs are printed on art papers chosen by the artist.
more art paper sentences
art patron1) Its sponsors include Pittsburghs art patrons , the Mellon family.
2) But I wasn't attacking you personally, only you opinion about art patrons .
more art patron sentences
art print1) These were originally done as art prints for collectors .
2) The portfolio featured a total of 34 art prints .
more art print sentences
art professional1) Later many art professionals participated in the art demonstrations.
2) This portal website was developed and maintained by computer and graphic art professionals .
more art professional sentences
art publisher1) He runs fine art publishers Redfox Press in Dugort.
2) Rakoff worked in Japan as a translator with a fine arts publisher .
more art publisher sentences
art restoration1) Octagon spent six years in a punctilious art restoration and conversion project.
2) An art restoration company working along with a steel contractor undertook the difficult task.
more art restoration sentences
art scene1) The art scene depends on where artists are living.
2) More cover stories about the burgeoning local arts scene .
more art scene sentences
art school1) An international art school was established in 1970.
2) I am an independent martial arts school owner.
more art school sentences
art show1) The spacious center gallery hosts gatherings and art shows .
2) Why is photography in art shows so bad?
more art show sentences
art song1) Robert Boury is known for his beautiful art songs and cycles.
2) She specialized in Gypsy art songs .
more art song sentences
art student1) This course is for liberal arts students .
2) Malcolm McLaren enjoyed being an art student .
more art student sentences
art studio1) These include fairly large classrooms classrooms and smaller art studios .
2) These included large classrooms and smaller art studios .
more art studio sentences
art style1) This martial arts style looks really great.
2) It has a very unique art style .
more art style sentences
art subject1) To truly understand any art subject , you must train your eye.
2) Flowers are his favorite art subject .
more art subject sentences
art teacher1) The inference of arts teacher curriculum isolation seems unavoidable.
2) This club is advised by a school art teacher .
more art teacher sentences
art theater1) The arts are thriving with galleries, museums and performing arts theaters .
2) The M. art theater is based in the city.
more art theater sentences
art theft1) art theft is an ancient and complicated crime.
2) It certainly seems to be so with respect to art thefts .
more art theft sentences
art therapy1) Another purpose of art therapy is determining existing disorders.
2) art therapy is not being properly reviewed.
more art therapy sentences
art thief1) And boy, those art thieves just don't give up.
2) Mühlmann was one of the most successful art thieves of Nazism.
more art thief sentences
art treasure1) His travels netted an impressive stock of furnishings and art treasures .
2) In April 1945 American troops found the art treasures .
more art treasure sentences
art treasures1) His travels netted an impressive stock of furnishings and art treasures .
2) In April 1945 American troops found the art treasures .
more art treasures sentences
art works1) New art works included progressive images, including nudity.
2) In those cities he created and left numerous art works .
more art works sentences
art workshop1) The highlights of the activities on February 1 included paper art workshops .
2) Youngsters were also able to take part in arts workshops .
more art workshop sentences
art world1) Lilly was rare in the art world .
2) The art world is very close to its own Watergate.
more art world sentences
arts and crafts1) We support community tourism projects and regional arts and crafts shops.
2) There is a thriving arts and crafts sector.
more arts and crafts sentences
avant garde art1) He has exerted profound influence on modern and avant garde art .
2) This became a venue for exhibitions of Australian Modernist avant garde art .
more avant garde art sentences
black art1) Suspension tuning is the black art of compact performance.
2) The black arts community in Chicago was especially vibrant.
more black art sentences
body art1) Under 18 years of age requires parental consent for body art .
2) It was purely because I love body art .
more body art sentences
buy art1) They prefer to buy art in original condition.
2) Many of the kids are too poor to buy art supplies.
more buy art sentences
cave art1) The final mystery , around 12,000 years ago, cave art stopped.
2) And what might the most ancient cave art known to man depict?
more cave art sentences
cinematic art1) This was very clear with cinematic arts .
2) The Potenza festival explores new language in the cinematic arts .
more cinematic art sentences
classical art1) The photographs often play upon and subvert classical art historical images.
2) classical music, classical arts have NEVER been profitable altogether.
more classical art sentences
clip art1) Electronic clip art is available in several different file formats.
2) Electronic clip art emerged to fill the need.
more clip art sentences
collect art1) His hobbies include sailing, skiing and collecting art .
2) Let him collect art and leave us alone .
more collect art sentences
collection of art1) It also houses a large permanent collection of art .
2) No Roman collection of art could match hers.
more collection of art sentences
comic art1) Miller has said he opposes naturalism in comic art .
2) I produce a product, a comic art story.
more comic art sentences
commercial art1) Some young trained men have taken up commercial art .
2) Fredericton is also home to several commercial art galleries.
more commercial art sentences
concept art1) The footage seems like high concept art .
2) Get access to vote on concept art .
more concept art sentences
conceptual art1) And most conceptual art produces more questions than answers .
2) She makes clothing that functions as conceptual art too.
more conceptual art sentences
contemporary art1) The species is frequently depicted in contemporary aboriginal art .
2) contemporary art includes sculpture and figurative paintings.
more contemporary art sentences
cover art1) The website uses the original photograph cover art .
2) The controversial cover art has won critical acclaim and numerous awards.
more cover art sentences
create art1) Vine has created art installations and sculpture using found objects.
2) Do we need reasons for creating art ?
more create art sentences
creative art1) The creative arts team helps enhance our worship with their talents.
2) Music applicants for creative arts are considered separately.
more creative art sentences
culinary art1) Experiments may be better suited for culinary arts ?
2) Today's culinary arts entry is bread a very special Southern cornbread.
more culinary art sentences
decorative art1) The decorative arts is tactile and visual.
2) The 1st exhibition of monumental decorative art .
more decorative art sentences
definition of art1) definitions of art are always open to questioning.
2) They are linguistic in character because they express definitions of art .
more definition of art sentences
digital art1) digital art creates narrative complexities through code.
2) The criticisms of digital art are many.
more digital art sentences
display art1) The centre displays art and culture exhibits of lower Isan.
2) art galleries are museums, either public or private, which display art .
more display art sentences
down to a fine art1) Mike had got the breakfast routine down to a fine art .
2) Some animals have this honed down to a fine art .
more down to a fine art sentences
dramatic art1) The most notable dramatic arts venue is the Rose Theatre.
2) Students who choose the dramatic arts participate in the annual spring play.
more dramatic art sentences
earth art1) See earth art , ephemera , and wood .
2) Be sure to keep your eyes open for works from the earth art exhibit which are on display through the RBG.
more earth art sentences
environmental art1) Renewable energy sculpture is another recent development in environmental art .
2) These include guided walks, fungal forays and environmental art days.
more environmental art sentences
exhibit art1) The exhibited art had an over-arching climate change theme.
2) The Cook Islands National Museum also exhibits art .
more exhibit art sentences
feature art1) Today it presents exhibitions and programs featuring art and art cars.
2) The comic features art by Geoff Shaw .
more feature art sentences
figurative art1) figurative art and total abstraction are almost mutually exclusive.
2) Natural elements occurred rarely, and mainly as figurative art .
more figurative art sentences
fine art1) Public relations is clearly a fine art .
2) Practice the fine art of eating slowly.
more fine art sentences
folk art1) Hahn has been collecting folk art for 35 years.
2) Pakistani vehicle art is a popular folk art .
more folk art sentences
graphic art1) No special software or graphic arts degree required.
2) Do you design graphic art or icons?
more graphic art sentences
great art1) My biggest concern is to create really great art .
2) It takes guts to create great art .
more great art sentences
high art1) Severe illness is rightly considered high art .
2) The exhibition challenges conceptions of high art .
more high art sentences
imitate art1) Tonight is a clear case of life imitating art .
2) On the other hand, life does imitate art .
more imitate art sentences
installation art1) This series reminds me of temporary environmental installation art .
2) The camp area also features numerous works of installation art .
more installation art sentences
junk art1) This is simply a lousy piece of junk art .
2) This was chosen to reflect Akita's dada influence and junk art aesthetic.
more junk art sentences
kinetic art1) kinetic art encompasses a wide variety of overlapping techniques and styles.
2) NAKAGAWA: Have you been influenced by kinetic art too?
more kinetic art sentences
land art1) land art Performance meets the digital world.
2) Construction based on nature; close to the land art movement.
more land art sentences
liberal art1) The liberal arts face a perfect storm.
2) The idea of teaching liberal arts online scared me.
more liberal art sentences
life imitates art1) Sometimes life imitates art and vice versa in a serendipitous feedback loop.
2) life imitates art with deadly results in Punished Talents: Seven Muses!
more life imitates art sentences
line art1) And the artwork was simple line art .
2) As such, line art is preferred.
more line art sentences
martial art1) The girls learned basic martial arts poses.
2) The martial arts inspired many film producers.
more martial art sentences
master art1) Touriest Classe - A V.I.L.E. agent and also an international con man and a master art thief.
2) Test your skill and precision to master art of swimming in the underwater world while avoiding becoming an enemies next target .
more master art sentences
medieval art1) His miniature technique derived from the medieval art of manuscript illumination.
2) Much of the film's imagery is derived from medieval art .
more medieval art sentences
minimal art1) Titan minimal art from Silhouette is available from opticians worldwide.
2) And: Titan minimal art is around 80% hand made - in Austria.
more minimal art sentences
modern art1) It proved that modern art goes beyond fixed principles.
2) modern graffiti art often incorporates additional arts and technologies.
more modern art sentences
modernist art1) The museum hosts exhibitions from classical modernist art to contemporary art.
2) Clement Greenberg argues that modernist art excludes anything outside itself .
more modernist art sentences
naive art1) What future for the British naive art museum?
2) naive art , then, is a secondary phenomenon.
more naive art sentences
original art1) The walls are hung with original art work.
2) original art sales and foreign reprint money helped finance his dream.
more original art sentences
outsider art1) The authors are convincing in defining what amounts to outsider art .
2) And so that was outsider art .
more outsider art sentences
perfect art1) Catherine is an art historian and the perfect art guide.
2) Film is the perfect art form for passing on new vision.
more perfect art sentences
performance art1) Nineteen artists offer installations and performance art .
2) A performance art generally has technical elements and mechanical elements.
more performance art sentences
performing art1) Assam has rich tradition of performing arts .
2) The campus also houses several performing arts facilities.
more performing art sentences
piece of art1) Quite often incredible pieces of art are created.
2) Some specific dances are considered important cultural heritage pieces of art .
more piece of art sentences
plastic art1) plastic art is fairly scarce and so are brass items.
2) The plastic arts are also widespread throughout the island.
more plastic art sentences
pop art1) Like pop art and photo real paintings.
2) pop art is consumed by corporate culture .
more pop art sentences
postmodern art1) Many critics hold that postmodern art emerges from modern art.
2) Such elements are common characteristics of what is defined as postmodern art .
more postmodern art sentences
primitive art1) They went in for primitive emotions, primitive art .
2) primitive art , however, was the star of the fair.
more primitive art sentences
prior art1) The entire prior patent constitutes prior art .
2) Why is the definition of prior art important?
more prior art sentences
produce art1) The ancient Egyptians produced art to serve functional purposes.
2) Some however, continued to produce art through their military career.
more produce art sentences
public art1) Birmingham has two major public art collections.
2) The town centre features six examples of public art .
more public art sentences
purchase art1) The festival will offer incentives to those who purchase art .
2) During this period he began to purchase art .
more purchase art sentences
quite an art1) It's becoming quite an art gallery.
2) It was quite an art .
more quite an art sentences
renaissance art1) A flourishing trade in renaissance art developed.
2) The wedding banquet was a favored theme for renaissance art .
more renaissance art sentences
representational art1) He is always comfortable in creating representational art .
2) The work provoked outcry from those expecting more conventionally representational art .
more representational art sentences
rock art1) Some rock art has been interpreted to represent presumed cultural behaviors.
2) There are various forms of rock art .
more rock art sentences
roman art1) roman art was the modern art of antiquity.
2) The entire building has ornamentation derived from ancient roman art .
more roman art sentences
sacred art1) A holy place demands beauty and sacred art .
2) But sacred art is not merely beautiful to behold.
more sacred art sentences
showcase art1) Trend setting designers will showcase art inspired fashion collections.
2) The space is a wonderfully intimate environment for showcasing art .
more showcase art sentences
state of the art1) Safety technology always reflects state of the art .
2) the quality standards are state of the art .
more state of the art sentences
television art1) The series connected with Canada's television arts organizations.
2) FM) and New Zealand's only television arts channel.
more television art sentences
the art of war1) the art of war is simple enough.
2) Martial arts literally are the art of war .
more the art of war sentences
theatrical art1) She also has a talent for theatrical arts .
2) During the Byzantine period, the theatrical art was heavily declined.
more theatrical art sentences
thou art1) thou art remote yet thy rays are upon the earth.
2) thou art more lovely and more temperate.
more thou art sentences
traditional art1) The city retains ties to traditional arts .
2) They also practice traditional arts termed witchcraft.
more traditional art sentences
video art1) Installation video is the most common form of video art today.
2) video art and electronic music were showcased to an eager public.
more video art sentences
view art1) We also viewed art galleries with great works by local New England artists .
2) It is a state in which we view art objectively, at least partially.
more view art sentences
visual art1) His performances often feature projected visual art .
2) The visual arts became a lifelong interest.
more visual art sentences
words of art1) of the many monuments in the cemetery, a considerable number are worthy of note as words of art .
2) In the words of art historian John Rowlands:
more words of art sentences
work of art1) Very often art galleries are themselves works of art .
2) Please keep making wonderful works of art .
more work of art sentences
works of art1) Very often art galleries are themselves works of art .
2) Please keep making wonderful works of art .
more works of art sentences

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