Wh Question Words and am is are - Test

Choose the correct wh question word
   How      How far      How many      How much      How old      What      Where      Which      Who      Why   
is their idea?
→ It's great.

is that man?
→ He is the boss.

isn't she at school?
→ Mary is at home because she's ill.

apples are there?
→ 9 apples.

is the key?
→ It's in the bag.

is it to your hotel?
→ It's 25 meters away.

is this building?
→ The building is 40 years old.

rice is there?
→ There is no rice.

is this?
→ It is a book.

man is your friend?
→ That tall one is my friend.

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To be (am -is -are) Exercises

To be (am -is -are) Exercises

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in a sentence