Fill in the blanks with the right subject / personal pronouns (I, you, he, she, it, we, they):

  1. The cats are in the garden. are in the garden.
  2. Tom is ill today. is ill today.
  3. My mother isn't old. isn't old.
  4. Is your father at home? Is at home?
  5. Are Ted and Sam happy? Are happy?
  6. The notebooks aren't on the desk. aren't on the desk.
  7. Is your girlfriend here? Is here?
  8. The house is small. is small.
  9. The man is not short. is not short.
  10. The nurse is an old woman. is an old woman.

in a sentence

To be (am -is -are) Exercises

This website has been written for teaching English Grammar and Vocabulary through interactive lessons and example sentences for showing and teaching how to use these grammar points and words in a sentence with the meaning in the authentic examples. You can practice English while learning English.

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in a sentence