To be Verb (am - is - are) + Wh question Words Exercise

Choose the correct question word
   How      How far      How many      How much      How old      What      Where      Which room      Who      Why   
is London from Paris?
→ It's about 450 kilometers.

are you?
→ I am 22 years old.

stars are in the sky?
→ Millions.

bread is there?
→ Not much.

is the weather?
→ It is cold.

is my car?
→ It's in the garage.

are those?
→ They are my books.

is larger? Yours or mine?
→ Mine is larger.

is she?
→ She is my wife.

is the window open?
→The window is open because it's very hot here.

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To be (am -is -are) Exercises

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