arms akimbo in a sentence

1) Arms akimbo , she made herself ready for battle.

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2) Arms akimbo , Olga swayed towards her mother.

3) She set her arms akimbo , and her face flushed up.

arms akimbo example sentences

4) Sabrina glared at him, arms akimbo .

5) He stood, arms akimbo , looking around in the musty gloom.

6) That's Aunt Bedelia with her arms akimbo again.

7) The seal character for "liu" suggests the " arms akimbo " posture.

8) She straightened, arms akimbo , facing the manager of the peep show joint.

9) Jake stood, arms akimbo , on the threshold of the room, nonplussed.

10) I half wanted him to fall, legs and arms akimbo , flowers drifting down after him.

11) Aunt Bedelia stood at the gate with her arms akimbo , then Otley and Elinor joined her.

12) It is a night of electronica spun by a lineup that includes Sorry Buttons , and arms akimbo .

13) I could see Elinor and Otley, and Aunt Bedelia standing with her arms akimbo silhouetted against the lighted windows.

14) Then smile and stretch your arms out wide (or place them on your hips (" arms akimbo ").

15) It was accompanied by a photograph of Blufton standing - arms akimbo - in front of a grey smudge of masonry.

example sentences with arms akimbo

example sentences with arms akimbo

16) The artist showed men and women in tenements and streets, gossiping, with arms akimbo , that his comic approach exaggerated.

17) What am I, a bone to toss to the dogs?" She stood trembling, arms akimbo , fists clenched on the sides of her hips.

18) The man, with arms akimbo keeps all his attention on the woman who holds her dress in her right hand with her left bent sharply at the hip.

19) He stood arms akimbo and told Johnson: "Why don't you

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