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The Imperatives

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 Negative  form

To make a negative imperative, we must use don't ( do not) and  the base form of the verb, and we don't add "to, -s, -ing " to the verb.

  • Don't come here.   (to come, comes, coming, come you,)
  • Don't come here, please.
We can add "please" at the end of the sentence to be more polite. We use please with a comma (,).

  • Don't come here.
  • Don't come here, please.
  • Don't open your books.

Some more example sentences for the imperative:

  • Don't push the door.
  • Don't pull the door.
  • Don't shut the windows.
  • Don't eat any meat.
  • Don't open the window, please.
  • Please, don't come in.
  • Don't go out.
  • Don't speak to Sam.
  • Please don't write your name on paper.
  • Don't drink any water.
  • Don't go, please.
in a sentence

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