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The Imperatives

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 Uses & Meanings

How are imperatives used?

The imperatives structure is used in the following meanings:

 to give a direct order

  • Come to my office.
  • Don't come to my house again.
  • Wait here.
 to give instructions

  •     Close your notebook and speak.
  •     Take two pills every morning.
  •     Turn on your computer and click start button.

 to make an invitation

  •     Come and watch this funny film with me.
  •     Prepare something to drink for yourself.
  •     Have some apple pie. It's wonderful.

 on signs and notices

  •     Pull the door, please!
  •     Do not park here!
  •     Stop here!

 give friendly informal advice

  •     Wait for some time and then talk to him.
  •     Don't do it. It may be very dangerous.
  •     Don't go to work today. Stay at home and rest. 

We can make the imperative 'more polite' by adding 'do' and 'please'.

  •     Do not talk, please.
  •     Do come, please.
  •     Please, sit down.

in a sentence

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