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1) The last australopithecines walked the earth approximately a million years ago.

2) What does that suggest about australopithecine social organization?

3) Controversy has traditionally surrounded the supposed australopithecine sites investigated by Nicolăescu-Plopşor.

4) The early bipedal eventually evolved into the australopithecines and later the genus Homo .

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5) An australopithecine species that was bipedal but had many primitive features of the skeleton.

6) Thus, no australopithecine would be considered large brained in a genus Homo sense.

7) Ardi is a more primitive hominid than the well-known australopithecine skeleton, Lucy .

8) How long did australopithecines exist?

9) Homo erectus teeth were generally intermediate between modern humans and the australopithecines in shape and size.

10) In fact, australopithecines in various forms survived long after genus Homo was up and running.

11) Fossils of the australopithecine foot show only partial arch, suggesting less of a spring capacity.

12) Oldowan tools were made by Homo habilis, and perhaps also by the robust australopithecines .

13) I mentioned australopithecines, and would have mentioned humans if they didn't seem so obvious.

14) Bonobo body proportions have been compared with those of the australopithecines, a form of prehuman.

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15) The early bipedals eventually evolved into the australopithecines, and later into the genus "Homo".

16) Least developed in the gorilla but greater in chimpanzees and australopithecines, with formation of incisive canal.

17) The type specimen was the Taung Child, an australopithecine infant which was discovered in a cave.

18) It had some primitive features of the skeleton but shows an increase in brain size from earlier australopithecines.

19) By 3 million years ago, several australopithecine hominid species had developed throughout southern, eastern and central Africa.

20) Because the robust australopithecine fossils show these details, convolutions are included in the study of endocasts whenever appropriate.

21) It happens to be an image of what a female australopithecine might have looked like in the flesh.

22) Ethiopia has often been called the original home of mankind due to various humanoid fossil discoveries like the australopithecine Lucy.

23) Grooved and fractured bone fossils were found in Dikika near the remains of Selam, an australopithecine like Lucy.

24) It belongs to Australopithecus prometheus Also in the same cave scientists have recently discovered a new australopithecine in South Africa.

25) For years, *Richard Leakey has tried to prove that man's half-ape ancestors were the australopithecines of East Africa.

26) Confused about 'Lucy', the australopithecine (southern Ape) that is claimed to be an early ancestor of man?

27) I see australopithecines called apes sometimes, and "ape-like" by others, and have assumed that both were possible because "ape" is not well-defined.

28) Anthropologists disagree over whether these early australopithecines retained a chimplike ability to climb trees, despite the evident bipedal features of their anatomy.

29) Are they concerned that adolescent Christian boys are going to get turned on by a picture of an australopithecine and immediately go for their weenus?

30) This technique, however, has not yet been applied to the most recent type of australopithecine, commonly known as 'Lucy.' " –Walter T. Brown, In the Beginning (1989), p. 39.

31) The australopithecine skull is in fact so overwhelmingly simian as opposed to human that the contrary proposition could be equated to an assertion that black is white." Zuckerman, p. 78.

32) The claims that are made about the human character of the australopithecine face and jaws are no more convincing than those made about the size of its brain.

33) A computer simultaneously performs millions of comparisons on hundreds of corresponding dimensions of the bones of living apes, humans, and australopithecines.

34) I don't remember much else, but I imagine that Archaeopteryx, Lucy the Australopithecine, homology and Darwin's finches were all rolled into the mix somewhere.

35) On the other hand is the total absence of the kind of information needed to make any identification of those prints with australopithecines.

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