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            Modals of Advice in English (Should, Ought to, Had better, Should have done)

              Grammar Lessons
  1.  Modals of Advice: Should, Ought to, Had better
  2. Advisability, necessity, and requirement
  3. Using "Ought to" in Present, Past, and Future
  4. Using "Should" in Present, Past, and Future
  5. must, have to, should and ought to
  6. Advice -should, ought to (video lesson)
  7. Uses of should (video lesson)
  8. should
  9. should / should have 
  10. Structure of should
  11. Should and Shouldn't - Use 
  12. ought to
  13. Ought to forms
  14. Should/ought to – Obligation

  15. had better 
  16. had better (positive, negative, quastion)
  17. had better usage
  18. should/ought to/had better
  19. video lesson
  20. Should have verb 3
  21. I should have + (past participle)
  22. should have (video lesson)
  23. Should have usage


                Tests and Exercises
  1. Should / ought to
  2. might, must, should
  3. exercises on should
  4. had better exercise
  5. should have exercise
  6. Intermediate grammar exercise: should vs. should have
  7. Should or should have
  8. Modals of Advice 1 - Should, Ought to, Had Better
  9. Modals of Advice 2 - Should, Ought to, Had better
  10. Exercise on had better or should
  11. Mix and match
  12. Quiz 1 - Should
  13. Quiz 2 - Had Better
  14. Quiz 3 - Should / Ought to


Ability  (Can, Could, Be able to) ** Requests (Will Can, Could, may and Would you mind...?** Necessity and Prohibition  (Must, Have to, Need to, Had to)** Advice (Should, Ought to, Had better, Should have done)** Preference  ( Would rather, Would Prefer)** Habutual Past (Used to, Would, Be Accustomed to)** Expectations ( Be to, Be supposed to)** Suggestion (Let’s, Shall, Could, Why don’t you…?)** Degrees of Certainty (Must, may, might, can’t and couldn’t + have + verb3) ** more lessons in English

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