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99- For example, a person having sixteen quarterings (formally in heraldry seize Quartiers ) might have exclusively noble ancestry for the four previous generations (i.

100- Spain saw in the unrest an opportunity to seize all, or part, of the western third of the island in an alliance of convenience with the British and the rebellious slaves.

101- Ginzburg stated that, on the theoretical level, if a Jew requires a liver transplant to survive, it would be permissible to seize a Gentile and take their liver forcefully.

102- In 214 BC Qin Shihuang secured his boundaries to the north with a fraction (100,000 men) of his large army, and sent the majority (500,000 men) south to seize still more land.

103- They’d seize oil fields to fund their ambitions.

104- He and his companions attempt to seize the women escorted by Meng Jian.

105- They see Hamlet walk by but fail to seize the opportunity to interview him.

106- David X led his army against Kakheti, but failed to seize Levan and withdrew.

107- When Prasutagus died the Romans moved in to take power and seize their assets.

108- The alien empire of the Elda learn of this energy and plot to seize it by force.

109- Texas settlers jeered Houston as he passed and his officers threatened to seize command.

110- These are sensory structures which help the bird sense vibration and hence seize its prey.

111- Phát was supposed to seize the Biên Hòa Air Base to prevent Kỳ from mobilising air power against them.

112- Dogma Kurell teaches his worshippers to take what is rightfully theirs and to seize all their desires.

113- The Confederacy however missed the opportunity to seize the vessel, and she returned safely to New York.

114- They were deemed too difficult to seize and move after Escobar's fall, and hence left on the untended estate.

115- On April 30, 2010, the FDIC used emergency powers to seize three banks in Puerto Rico at a cost of $5.3 billion.

116- In 403 BC, he led a party of 70 exiles to seize Phyle, a defensible location on the border of Attica and Boeotia.

117- Maximum marketing efficiency from eMarketing creates new opportunities to seize strategic competitive advantages.

118- " (296) Cornelia recognizes that she has been invited to commit perjury and "moral whirlwinds seize her thoughts.

119- Avon quickly dismissed the idea, reminding Stringer how hard they worked to seize the territory in the first place.

120- Clarify A detachment of 500 men were sent to seize Vasili, but he escaped with his men and reached the Horde safely.

121- Malcolm's death and the minority of his son Rory, enabled John to seize the entire island of Lewes and its dominions.

122- The space race caught the imagination of the newly formed NASA and, Rogallo was in position to seize the opportunity.

123- Also, Confederate Indian forces under Lt. Col. John Jumper in May 1862 organized to seize Fort Larned in southwest Kansas.

124- Goguryeo counterattacked and struck Baekje's Geumhyeon fortress, but Silla took advantage of this to seize two more Goguryeo castles.

125- When Uesugi Tomooki died two years later, Ujitsuna took the opportunity to seize Kawagoe Castle, and secure his control of the Kantō.

126- When Caesar prevailed in the war and looked to seize power in Rome, Cato committed suicide.

127- New Delhi achieved its basic goal of thwarting Pakistan's attempt to seize Kashmir by force.

128- However, English accidentally triggers a microphone, alerting Sauvage, and guards seize them.

129- Dong Zhuo used the opportunity to seize control of state power and bring his army into the capital.

130- " Raids were conducted to take vengeance on enemies and to seize captives to replace lost compatriots.

131- Red Christmas aimed to seize territory on Nicaragua's mainland and overthrow the Nicaraguan government.

132- He now feels as if he has let her down, by never having the courage to seize the day and try new things.

133- The ships were authorized to board, inspect, and seize both ships seeking to break the blockade and their cargo.

134- The Union was now poised to seize both Fort Donelson and its river batteries when light returned the next morning.

135- Alpha Company was tasked for a D-1 night beach landing to seize the 1,554-foot Mount Tapochau center of the island.

136- The 'real' coup attempts were often perpetrated in an attempt by rival elites to seize the state's economic resources.

137- Polish fighters from Polish Military Organisation (POW) began to seize the city's key points, such as the railroad station.

138- In 387 AD the Sassanid Empire helped the Albanians to seize from the Kingdom of Armenia a number of provinces, including Utik.

139- Second lineup and seize the Time Meanwhile, Nawaz had restructured Fun-Da-Mental to add two new rappers - MC Mushtaq and Hot Dog Dennis.

140- Charlie and both of his aides seize the van in order to escape from the jockey's men, and soon realize that they have stolen a police vehicle.

141- HSI Special Agents can also seize merchandise and articles introduced into the United States contrary to U.S. laws under Title 19 United States Code.

142- Harper's Ferry Armory was involved in the beginning of the Civil War, when John Brown tried to seize its weapons and use them to start a slave revolt.

143- The Israelis were repeatedly reinforced with armor but were unable to make much headway, only managing to seize an important crossroad on the second day.

144- For Sierra Leoneans who did not have access to arable land, joining the rebel cause was an opportunity to seize property through the use of deadly force.

145- The Mexican Federales kill Bolsa, who realizes all too late that Gus engineered the entire fiasco in order to seize control of the methamphetamine market.

146- However, Ford's Dearborn headquarters continued to maintain 52% ownership over the factories, since Germany did not seize ownership through nationalization.

147- Lipsman and Weiss, p. 24. Nixon and Kissinger were convinced that the legislative branch "would seize the opportunity to simply write the United States out of the war.

148- ” An edict in 1035 offered a substantial reward, thirty strings of cash, to anyone who was able to seize such sectaries or who informed on them leading to their capture.

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