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3 automatic1) Transmission is 5 speed manual transmissions, or a 3-speed automatic transmission.

2) Three- and four-speed manual and 3-speed automatic transmissions were offered.

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4 automatic1) The 4-speed automatic transmission could be ordered as an extra.

2) It is fitted with the 4-speed automatic transmission all numbers matching.

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5 automatic1) A 5-speed automatic transmission was also new for 2003.

2) All versions come with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

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6 automatic1) Early models included 6-speed automatic transmission.

2) All models are standard with 6-speed automatic transmissions.

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8 automatic1) All models include 8-speed automatic transmission.

2) Other features include auto start stop, 8-speed automatic transmission.

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automatic across1) The automatic, across-the-board sequester cuts become official at midnight.

2) The last part of the savings is coming from these automatic, across-the-board cuts.

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almost automatic1) The practice of personal hygiene is an almost automatic daily activity.

2) But indulgence in this small personal ritual was almost automatic.

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as automatic1) Initially Julian intercalation was not as automatic as it later became.

2) Fingering notes has to become almost as automatic as singing a note.

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become automatic1) This is compounded if a further points deduction becomes almost automatic.

2) These responses become increasingly automatic, a reflex action.

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automatic berth1) The tournament champion earns an automatic berth into the NCAA Tournament.

2) Four of the bowlers had an automatic berth to Round 2.

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be automatic1) The majority of such offline operations are fully automatic.

2) These services require monthly fees and are mostly automatic.

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automatic bid1) Seven conferences received automatic bids for their top team.

2) They need the automatic bid, though.

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completely automatic1) The overnight service for example is completely automatic.

2) The system is (usually) completely automatic.

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conventional automatic1) It is an automated semi-automatic transmission, drivable like a conventional automatic transmission.

2) The automatic CVT transmission of the previous model was replaced by a conventional automatic transmission.

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automatic cut1) Additional automatic cuts looming for 2014 will mean more downtime.

2) Those will not happen, those automatic defense spending cuts .

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automatic detection1) This requires automatic fault detection and reporting.

2) automatic pitch detection and easy to read display.

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dual automatic1) The cabin also includes a dual-zone automatic climate control with an in-line air filter.

2) The EX trim adds dual-zone automatic climate control, an 8-way power driver's seat, fog lamps and a backup camera.

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eight automatic1) The gearbox is an eight-speed automatic with paddle-shifters offering manual override .

2) Three transmissions are posited ; two six-speed manuals and an eight-speed automatic.

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automatic electronic1) Interest rate reduction for automatic electronic payment.

2) Some traders attributed the sharp fall and bounce-back to automatic electronic trading .

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automatic exchange1) Around 77 percent of all phones were on automatic exchanges .

2) This was replaced with an automatic exchange in June 1975.

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automatic federal1) Spokeswoman Elizabeth Isham Cory said the automatic federal budget cuts forced it to seek payment for the cost.

2) In the debate over how to balance the federal budget, politicians and citizens often overlook automatic federal spending.

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automatic firearm1) automatic firearms and grenade launchers were used.

2) Fully automatic firearms and explosive devices are prohibited.

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automatic fire1) Palestinian militants responded with automatic weapons fire .

2) Fully automatic fire is reduced to around 460 rounds per minute.

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automatic first1) The resulting penalty gave the Packers an automatic first down.

2) Depending upon the grant program, an automatic first payment may be made.

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five automatic1) Both are available with a superb five-speed automatic.

2) Five-speed automatic and six-speed manual transmissions are available.

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four automatic1) It is only available with four-speed automatic.

2) By '82 there was one, a four-speed automatic.

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full automatic1) The full automatic espresso machine does not call for any operator participation.

2) These were swapped for the full automatic couplers between 1933 and 1936.

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fully automatic1) It is a fully automatic portable mini gun.

2) The majority of such offline operations are fully automatic.

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automatic gearbox1) The traditional automatic gearbox was replaced by a sequential automatic.

2) The automatic gearbox is the only option.

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heavy automatic1) heavy automatic fire then searched the position of the 54th.

2) He then returned through heavy automatic weapons fire to evacuate the wounded company commander.

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intense automatic1) The patrol came under intense automatic weapons fire and was pinned down.

2) Then intense automatic weapon firing began and the helicopter was badly damaged.

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manual automatic1) Is the pickup manual or automatic shift?

2) They may use manual or automatic inflation.

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automatic manual1) Both automatic and manual (example) nesting systems exist.

2) automatic and manual modes for the message recipients' resolving.

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automatic musical1) The origin of automatic musical instruments seems considerably old.

2) In automatic musical instrument terminology, tuned percussion are usually listed individually.

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not automatic1) Renewal of financial aid is not automatic.

2) The important point is that breastfeeding is not automatic.

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optional automatic1) The optional automatic transmission received wider gear ratios for better fuel economy.

2) Less impressive is the performance of the optional automatic transmission.

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piaget automatic1) piaget automatic watch Wonderful article!

2) piaget automatic watch Wonderful article!

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automatic pistol1) It was like a 9mm automatic pistol .

2) When captured he was carrying a Browning automatic pistol .

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process automatic1) The installation process is automatic once it begins.

2) This process is almost automatic, and explained in this chapter.

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automatic promotion1) Our target has to be automatic promotion .

2) But they ended up seventh while Forest clinched automatic promotion .

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automatic rifle1) They are holding automatic rifles and wearing steel helmets.

2) The police were armed with automatic rifles and pistols.

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automatic semi1) These guns are capable of automatic and semi-automatic operation.

2) Types of automobile transmissions include manual, automatic or semi-automatic transmission.

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semi automatic1) Both semi-automatic, and automatic models exist.

2) The process can be semi-automatic or automatic.

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six automatic1) ALL4 all-wheel drive as standard, six-speed automatic gearbox optional.

2) The Malibu will be offered with four-cylinder engines and six-speed automatic transmissions.

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so automatic1) Why would the al Qaeda assumption be so automatic?

2) Make the swing so automatic that you never have to give it a second thought.

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speed automatic1) Four speed automatic with and without lockup torque converter.

2) It was offered in either a five-speed manual, or 4 speed automatic.

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automatic stay1) automatic stay of enforcement of claims against the debtor.

2) This had the effect of an automatic stay on the litigation.

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three automatic1) Australian and U.S. models were equipped with a three-speed automatic.

2) Also available was a Borg-Warner 35 three-speed automatic across all models.

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automatic transmission1) Some fuel injected versions had automatic transmissions .

2) S model receives automatic transmission as optional.

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automatic update1) After installation it performs an automatic software update .

2) automatic updates for greater user convenience and security.

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automatic weapon1) This is relevant for fully automatic weapons .

2) Most assault rifles and squad automatic weapons are gas operated.

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automatic adjustment1) A common example is automatic adjustment of color balance.

2) automatic adjustment of the control points in the smooth regions; none at the sharp regions.

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automatic approval1) Foreign banks are given automatic approval to open branches in india.

2) automatic approval of Payment.

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automatic assumption1) There is no automatic assumption that retrospective permission will be granted!

2) Most will make an automatic assumption about reductionist theory?

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automatic camera1) Most automatic cameras instead try to achieve a particular average density.

2) Fully automatic cameras and film cameras came into use.

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automatic cannon1) Such systems are more commonly used in modern automatic cannons.

2) It was to be armed with a 30 mm automatic cannon.

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automatic compensation1) Will the new law have provision for automatic compensation?

2) By allowing your eyes to relax and blur, you override your brain's automatic compensation and your eyes are less likely to fix at the same point that they normally would.

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automatic data processing1) automatic data processing (ADP) also provides a "National Employment Report.

2) automatic data Processing, Inc. calculates monthly job figures and breaks them down by company size.

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automatic device1) This automatic device discovery and address space assignment is how plug and play is implemented.

2) Modern installations often have automatic devices installed at vulnerable points to knock out build-up regularly.

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automatic direction finder1) automatic direction finder ADF 2.

2) Two Nintendo Gameboys were being used when a Douglas DC-10 automatic direction finder suffered bearing discrepancies.

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automatic dismissal1) A company rule provided for the instant and automatic dismissal of anyone found smoking on the premises.

2) When someone already employed lacks a valid National Identity File, this does not mean automatic dismissal.

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automatic door1) Minor changes included improved automatic doors that closed more quietly.

2) There were two automatic doors were on either side.

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automatic drive1) We offer quality manual u0026 automatic driving lessons or quick pass intensive driving courses.

2) automatic drive loosened all controls; I missed the nudge and bite of clutch.

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automatic enrolment1) The Methodist Council notes the update for automatic enrolment.

2) To note the update on automatic Enrolment.

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automatic entry1) Majority of the events disallow automatic entry company from joining an event.

2) The winner of these "Wingoffs" gain automatic entry into the Wing Bowl.

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automatic exposure1) A related problem is automatic exposure adjustment.

2) Allows you to over ride automatic exposure settings.

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automatic expulsion1) His automatic expulsion was due to an additional rule implemented by the academy on week 7.

2) These were automatic expulsions of words, brief SOS messages from the base of my brain.

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automatic focus1) automatic focusing was the one major feature missing.

2) As result the reader offers automatic focus adjustment without the addition of moving parts.

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automatic frequency control1) This effect is used to good advantage for automatic frequency control in receivers, and in frequency modulation for transmitters.

2) automatic frequency control was installed on July 15, 1932 which must have thrilled the staff as well as their listeners.

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automatic gain control1) Also called automatic gain control (AGC) .

2) Nonlinear compression devices are discussed, including log amplifiers and automatic gain control devices.

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automatic gate1) Enter the estate through brick pillars and automatic gates.

2) New railings and automatic gates were installed along the front boundary.

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automatic gear1) This engine is available with 5-speed manual gear box and 5-speed automatic gear box.

2) About all the exercise you get is pressing the button on your automatic gear change.

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automatic gunfire1) The men's bodies were found after six bursts of automatic gunfire.

2) This was answered by heavy bursts of automatic gunfire, and a battle began.

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automatic machine1) He also carried two air-to-air missiles and two automatic machine guns.

2) Boys and girls as young as six can compete on automatic machines.

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automatic mechanism1) Enhanced with automatic mechanism and the system operate independently.

2) And in others, there was some sort of automatic mechanism.

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automatic mode1) Its takeoff and landing is performed in fully automatic mode.

2) The camera works best in its automatic mode.

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automatic penalty1) Under the new regime, companies will be liable for automatic penalties for late filing.

2) Failure to timely and properly pay federal payroll taxes results in an automatic penalty of 2% to 10%.

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automatic pilot1) I've been on automatic pilot for 25 years.

2) The automatic pilot panel was located next the FuG boxes.

more automatic pilot sentences
automatic process1) Alternative definitions for automatic process have been given.

2) An automatic process is efficient because it requires few resources.

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automatic processing1) This automatic processing occurs in the secondary auditory cortex.

2) automatic processing is involuntary with little attention to the skill.

more automatic processing sentences
automatic qualifier1) automatic qualifiers for the champions of the power-five conferences.

2) The Patriot League's automatic qualifier to the NCAA tournament is their bailout.

more automatic qualifier sentences
automatic reaction1) Instead, colours produce an automatic reaction.

2) Israel's automatic reaction is not surprising.

more automatic reaction sentences
automatic recognition1) The subject of the research is the automatic recognition of handwriting by computer.

2) The automatic recognition of word meanings has been demonstrated in a number of experimental investigations.

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automatic reflex1) During the first subphase, which lasts one month, the newborn's automatic reflexes become more efficient.

2) This gasping is not a sign of returning life but is an automatic reflex caused by a fall in blood oxygen.

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automatic renewal1) automatic renewal occurs when a domain name expires.

2) Q. What does "automatic Renewal" mean?

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automatic repeat1) In any communication protocol based on automatic repeat request for error control, the receiver must acknowledge received packets.

2) In addition, packets with CRC will be retransmitted until acknowledged by automatic repeat request (ARQ).

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automatic response1) It was an automatic response, mechanical.

2) Being polite is an automatic response in most interpersonal interactions.

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automatic right1) Public sector workers will lose their automatic right to annual pay increases .

2) Volga Germans had automatic rights of entry and citizenship under German law.

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automatic sprinkler1) Use an automatic sprinkler system to provide moisture.

2) Inventors first began experimenting with automatic sprinklers around 1860.

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automatic suspension1) This automatic suspension has made fighting in college hockey relatively rare.

2) One more for either player and they will receive an automatic suspension .

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automatic system1) The transmission also featured an automatic system.

2) From here an automatic system took over.

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automatic teller machine1) Throughout Europe, automatic teller machines are readily available.

2) automatic teller machine and debit cards are subject to €2.50 each annually.

more automatic teller machine sentences
automatic thought1) Often anger occurs through automatic thought and irrational beliefs.

2) Therapy is a process of discovering and altering these automatic thoughts.

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automatic timer1) This requires a human operator rather than an automatic timer.

2) Use automatic timers on lights when away from your home or property.

more automatic timer sentences
automatic tracking1) automatic tracking relies on computer algorithms to identify and track features through a shot.

2) Westinghouse LLLTV, with automatic tracking.

more automatic tracking sentences
automatic transfer1) These may form part of an automatic transfer switch system for standby power.

2) An automatic transfer, such as from a deposit account to a loan.

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automatic translation1) This enables automatic translation between different natural language versions of Gellish.

2) But during the transition phase, automatic translation will be important.

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automatic vending machine1) Métro stations have both ticket windows and automatic vending machines.

2) automatic vending machines also began to appear in the 1920's.

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automatic vending1) Métro stations have both ticket windows and automatic vending machines.

2) automatic vending machines also began to appear in the 1920's.

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automatic washing machine1) Plumbing for automatic washing machine and dishwasher.

2) Got plumbing for automatic washing machine.

more automatic washing machine sentences
automatic watering1) Plant seedlings where there are automatic watering systems.

2) automatic watering and lighting in the garden .

more automatic watering sentences
automatic writing1) Similar incidents were reported during his automatic writing sessions.

2) From that time automatic writing became more dominant.

more automatic writing sentences
automatic1) My foot goes down – automatic points loss.

2) But such extensions are neither mechanical nor automatic.

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on automatic pilot1) I've been on automatic pilot for 25 years.

2) The conductor program sets most of the controls on automatic pilot.

more on automatic pilot sentences
virtually automatic1) Through the decade, "heavy metal" was used by certain critics as a virtually automatic putdown.

2) Once you insert the CD and connect the U301 to your computer, activation is painless and virtually automatic.

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