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It was announced that1) It was announced that every volume would contain two episodes.
2) It was announced that she had suffered a miscarriage.
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announce1) In addition nine charter standards were announced .
2) The final cost never was announced officially.
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announce allocation1) The state has announced allocations to school districts around Colorado.
2) The government on Thursday announced allocation of Rs .
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announce appointment1) On April 13, 2005, Fairchild announced appointment of Mark Thompson as CEO of the corporation.
2) There had been criticism earlier in the day regarding the announced appointment of Milan Beko as head of Serbian Railways.
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announce arrival1) There is a video screen in the center of the room announcing arrival and departure of ships, aircraft and spacecraft.
2) Apis's confession, however, states that I engaged Malobabić to organize the assassination on the occasion of the announced arrival of Franz Ferdinand to Sarajevo.
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announce award1) A1: Orders are not published to announce award of the AFRM.
2) Back in the fall of 2006, GIPEC announced awarding leases to its first two tenants.
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announce cancellation1) The announced cancellation of numerous international observation missions is regrettable.
2) Portugal announces cancellation of 'residence permits' of Indian nationals.
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announce ceasefire1) At 5PM of 17 September Nizam announced ceasefire thus ending the armed action.
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announce closure1) Schools on the Treasure Coast announced closures for October 26 in anticipation of Sandy.
2) Scratch-off prizes claims must be made within 90 days after the announced closure of the game.
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announce cut1) The service chiefs announced cuts to facilities maintenance and contract delays .
2) The SERC last week announced cuts of £28 million.
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announce cutback1) Late last year he announced cutbacks in staff to respond to falling demand.
2) Ford and General Motors immediately announced cutbacks in production after the sales statistics were released Tuesday.
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announce date1) These dates are updated from previously announced dates .
2) He would announce date of the Bij .
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announce decision1) How does the agency announce decisions on GE animal approvals?
2) There is no formally announced decision .
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announce detail1) It's too early to announce details .
2) We will be announcing details nearer the time!
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announce intention1) He was announcing intentions to put the venerable newsweekly up for sale.
2) SHARE members announced intention to begin encampment in a county-owned park.
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announce officially1) The final cost never was announced officially .
2) It wasn't announced officially until 2007.
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announce plan1) The company already announced plans to shut down five plants.
2) The plan was officially announced in 2003.
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announce publicly1) The campaign was announced publicly in June 2004.
2) Less than two hours later the action was announced publicly .
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announce release1) European and Australian releases were announced on later dates.
2) Oracle has announced a new release of MySQL.
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announce shortly1) The exact location will be announced shortly .
2) A complete track listing will be announced shortly .
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announce soon1) They became romantically involved and soon announced their engagement.
2) Another surprise act will be announced soon .
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announce that1) A police spokesperson announced that 89 protesters had been arrested.
2) The court further announced that multiple clients be heated.
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announce the Cabinet1) In the late evening of December 7, 1941, the Canadian Prime Minister, W. L. Mackenzie King, announced the Cabinet's decision to declare war on Japan.
2) Ahead of the 1997 parliamentary election, Jagland announced the Cabinet would resign if the party received less than 36.9% of the popular vote.
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announce the agreement1) Mayor Cutrer announces the agreement on May 18.
2) Party leaders announced the agreement Thursday .
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announce the appointment1) Polestar has announced the appointment of Richard Timmins as group finance director.
2) Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced the appointments in Canberra the same day.
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announce the arrival1) Sled dogs bark to announce the arrival of hunters.
2) She turned away as Victor announced the arrival of their guests.
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announce the ban1) the reasons given in the press release announcing the ban seems to be inferred and vague.
2) the Dee Why Grand shopping centre in Sydney , Australia announced the ban of screaming children from their facility.
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announce the closure1) They announce the closure of the roads leading to the festival.
2) A sign announces the closure of public land during the cattle roundup.
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announce the crackdown1) Alacrity was scheduled to call in Cartagena before Virgilio Barco, Colombia's president, announced the crackdown .
2) the BBC reported on 16 June 2014 that more than 180,000 Cambodians have fled Thailand after the NCPO announced the crackdown .
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announce the creation of1) announce the creation of a college level short track league.
2) Nevertheless, the government in 1983 announced the creation of Freeports.
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announce the deal1) When we announced the deal , everybody agreed.
2) On July 13, the 76ers announced the deal officially.
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announce the decision1) Gorbachev announced the decision officially on 25 December.
2) the club announced the decision on its website Monday.
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announce the delay1) the company also announced the delay of the new BlackBerry 10 OS until the first quarter of 2013.
2) During the Nintendo Conference on October 10, 2007, Nintendo of Japan president Iwata announced the delay .
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announce the departure1) the Lee Valley Lions are sad to announce the departure of forward Calum Heath.
2) It also announced the departures of founding 99X members Leslie Fram and Steve Craig.
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announce the discovery of1) the space agency announced the discovery of the impact last week.
2) NASA has announced the discovery of an Earth Trojan.
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announce the formation of1) It also announced the formation of a second sales team.
2) Zuckerberg enters world of politics Zuckerberg announced the formation of Fwd.
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announce the intention1) the city announced the intention of ending these payments.
2) the band announced the intentions to proceed with the release.
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announce the launch of1) July the NFL announces the launch of the next football season .
2) Two years later, the bishop announced the launch of preparatory work.
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announce the loss1) British Coal yesterday announced the loss of 450 white-collar jobs in Yorkshire.
2) Granada Leisure announced the loss of 20O support jobs under the restructuring of the division.
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announce the merger1) Below is our press release announcing the merger .
2) the companies announced the merger in a joint announcement Tuesday.
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announce the news1) Our post yesterday announced the news of a birth.
2) the guards then announce the news in public.
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announce the partnership1) Steve announced the partnership with Microsoft.
2) Arsenal had announced the partnership with Puma will be effective from 1 July 2014.
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announce the plan1) Mets manager Terry Collins announced the plan Friday .
2) General Charles Timmes announced the plan in Saigon.
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announce the proposal1) announcing the proposals Education Minister Michael Ancram acknowledged the importance of the voluntary sector as a source of independent advice.
2) More information, including the rationale for the updated recommendation, is available in the Federal Register notice announcing the proposal (76 Fed.
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announce the release1) We will announce the release date in early February.
2) On March 13, she announced the release date.
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announce the resignation1) the latter took the opportunity to announce the resignation of Mgr Elwes.
2) In March 2004 Ludin announced the resignation of Afghan Planning Minister Mohammad Mohaqeq.
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announce the retirement1) PTEC announces the retirement of Mary Fehrs from the project.
2) In 2011, the Recording Academy announced the retirement of the award category.
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announce the sale1) On 24 April it announced the sale was postponed indefinitely.
2) Apple announced the sales milestone in a news release Wednesday.
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announce the signing1) Bush announced the signing of an order expanding sanctions on 25 July.
2) the Timberwolves officially announced the signing on December 14, 2011.
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announce the split1) R.E.M. disbanded amicably in September 2011, announcing the split on its website.
2) the group announced the split in June by a newsletter to members of their fanclub.
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announce the suspension1) the United States announced the suspension of joint military operations.
2) On July 30, Wood announced the suspension of the program.
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announce the verdict1) the Court announced the verdicts would be made July 31.
2) the judge will then end the discussion by announcing the verdict .
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announce the winner1) We'll announce the winners next Sunday.
2) I'll announce the winners in 4 weeks time.
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announce the withdrawal1) the Philippines announces the withdrawal of its forces from Iraq.
2) Means announced the withdrawal by a small group of Lakota people.
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announce to1) Special courts were announced to try such offences.
2) Screen changes are announced to the user.
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announced1) In addition nine charter standards were announced .
2) The final cost never was announced officially.
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announced that1) A police spokesperson announced that 89 protesters had been arrested.
2) The court further announced that multiple clients be heated.
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announces1) The announces whenever magical power is invoked.
2) The highest bidder announces trumps before play.
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announcing1) Is an email service announcing recent major updates available?
2) Your communication practices are always critical when announcing bad news.
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be delighted to announce1) Murrelektronik is delighted to announce the launch of CONNECTIVITY its system consulting brand.
2) SIIA is delighted to announce a new video series, filmed at DreamForce 2010!
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be expected to announce1) BJP is expected to announce organisational changes soon.
2) HLCap is expected to announce better financial results moving forward .
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be pleased to announce1) We are pleased to announce that she accepted!
2) We are pleased to announce the 7th international Somatechnics Conference.
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be proud to announce1) I am proud to announce my graduation.
2) I am proud to announce my first academic publication!
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expect to announce1) BJP is expected to announce organisational changes soon.
2) She expects to announce several more shows this spring .
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first announce1) The project was first announced 13 years ago.
2) Their separation was first announced nearly four years ago.
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formally announce1) A couple may begin living together or formally announce their engagement.
2) The changes would be formally announced within ten days.
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initially announce1) An implementation timeline was not initially announced .
2) It runs Android and was initially announced in 2013.
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jointly announce1) KDDI and Kyocera jointly announced in 2011 that they were collaborating on research.
2) On May 2011, both organizations jointly announced the first open G.hn plugfest.
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loudly announce1) Every royal event was loudly announced in the temples to inform the ancestors.
2) The act of challenging is called a 'Coin Check' and is usually loudly announced .
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newly announce1) Cisco is leading the way with newly announced tools .
2) In this video I overview Microsoft newly announced Surface tablets .
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officially announce1) The final cost never was announced officially .
2) The plan was officially announced in 2003.
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originally announce1) The concept was originally announced in 2011 .
2) The game was originally announced last year .
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previously announce1) The films announced today join previously announced vintage titles .
2) These dates are updated from previously announced dates.
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proudly announce1) But last week the Department of Defense proudly announced that the satellite had been identified.
2) Belmont Dental Care proudly announces the improvement of their dental care services with advanced technology .
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publicly announce1) He would publicly announce his retirement five months later.
2) The reasons behind his decision were not publicly announced .
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recently announce1) BBC staff were striking over recently announced job cuts.
2) Figures announced recently gave the port yet another record year.
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regret to announce1) Portpin Ltd regrets to announce that it is withdrawing its bid for Portsmouth Football Club.
2) We regret to announce that we have to cancel this initial run of dates due to family illness .
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subsequently announce1) The New Zealand government subsequently announced a similar move.
2) Southern California Edison subsequently announced the plant is being permanently closed .
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today announce1) The films announced today join previously announced vintage titles .
2) The Region 6 winner will be announced later today .
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triumphantly announce1) When the experiments were completed, Ford didn't triumphantly announce the results.
2) When he returns home, she triumphantly announces what she intends to reap from their divorce settlement.
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winner announce1) The names of fifteen winners were announced .
2) The names of eleven winners were announced .
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