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Add to this1) There are many others Adding to this healthy debate.
2) A timeline has been Added to this website.
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I might add1) I might add less sugar next time.
2) I might add a worse case scenario.
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add1) Foreign orders add $3 shipping per order.
2) Kentucky residents add 6% sales tax.
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add additional1) Rapid inflation caused Congress to add additional ad hoc benefit increases.
2) Readers to the west can perhaps add additional .
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add along1) A black nose is added along with whisker pores .
2) Some keyline tape is added along with strips of silk brocade.
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add around1) However , four AA batteries add around 100 grams to the camera's weight.
2) Try adding around good tablecloths.
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add comment1) A few comments are added for clarification.
2) The examiner may add explanatory comments . 5.
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add content1) We built page templates and added content to the site.
2) This example demonstrates how to create a new file and add content to it.
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add daily1) The internet keeps growing with over 120,000 sites added daily .
2) Up to 600 torrents added daily .
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add depth1) Production depth is added as the song develops.
2) Back branches add depth to the composition.
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add detail1) They are useful for adding fine details .
2) Readers are welcome to add incident details .
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add dimension1) The presence of earth energies adds another dimension .
2) A further dimension is added to our understanding.
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add element1) Contracts may add further exception elements under methods and properties.
2) Is space transport adding a vertical element to maneuver warfare?
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add emphasis1) It added emphasis to a mostly quiet and desperate film.
2) My hon. Friend adds emphasis to my point that dogma rules.
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add extra1) Customer service is no longer an added extra .
2) add extra $ 25,000 per student if they found job instead.
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add fat1) It adds tons of flavor without adding fat .
2) Aztec tamales differed from modern tamales by not having added fat .
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add feature1) Now add little features such as power supply wiring.
2) The ease of adding social features makes overload likely.
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add fuel to the fire1) the bank is actually adding fuel to the fire .
2) It just added fuel to the fire .
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add fuel to the flames1) Lusting after his daughter only adds fuel to the flames .
2) the president's annual message to Congress on 23 November added fuel to the flames .
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add greatly1) That means greater volume without greatly added costs.
2) Has added greatly to my own understanding .
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add humor to1) How can you add humor to yours?
2) Scout also adds humor to the book.
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add in1) Slowly add in and mix the water into the dough .
2) Cream the butter and sugar together, beat eggs and add in .
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add insult to injury1) to add insult to injury the roof leaked.
2) adding insult to injury , objectionable little man.
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add layer1) How does adding yet another layer for platform independence help?
2) Try adding more layers onto your legs.
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add liquid1) add liquid to the flour mixture.
2) Liquidise remainder, adding liquid .
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add little1) Syndra adds very little to my roster .
2) Unfortunately the motion comic elements add very little to the whole experience.
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add many1) State authorities implement the rules while adding many more.
2) I 'm sure readers can add many more.
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add more1) The residence hall project added more than 800 beds.
2) Please add more of your own facts.
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add much1) Amanda added so much to her family members lives.
2) Comments often add so much to the original post.
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add new1) Click on \ add new \ to continue.
2) To its increased range, scholarship added new \ scientific\ method.
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add next1) Indeed, it adds next to nothing to the caption.
2) The main nave and the apse were added next in the baroque period.
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add on1) The cable management is a nice add on .
2) Later, an extra bathroom was added on .
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add point1) A partnership winning all tricks adds another 100 points .
2) The winner of last trick adds 10 points .
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add quickly1) Let me add quickly about the protection.
2) He added quickly that there was no hurry any more.
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add salt1) add a little more salt & pepper.
2) I prefer adding salt while shaking it vigorously.
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add several1) The Americans added several of their own buildings.
2) add several of the following, to taste.
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add significantly1) Their administrative costs add significantly to providers' medical costs.
2) The resulting releases of methane may significantly add to GH warming.
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add softly1) Then she added softly 'I thank you for your help.
2) She paused, then added softly , 'If they are dead, that is.
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add support1) adding support for debug info is fairly straightforward.
2) Windows 8 adds support for printer driver architecture version 4.
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add that1) The study added that further research was needed.
2) The board added that more investigation is still needed .
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add the finishing touch1) A trio of decorative brass weight shells adds the finishing touch .
2) Your earrings can add the finishing touches your outfit.
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add to that1) Even the smallest movements are adding to that something greater.
2) We hope to add to that conversation.
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add together1) The trajectories are added together by using functional integration.
2) Different elements added together form a heterogeneous system.
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add touch1) The murderer had added some subtle touches .
2) A trio of decorative brass weight shells adds the finishing touch .
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add up1) Those yard bills can add up fast.
2) The weights must add up to 1.
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add up to1) The weights must add up to 1.
2) That adds up to another $340 per partner.
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add value1) These are places where public organisations should engage and add value .
2) The daily values are added to yield seasonal values.
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add water1) add water until chicken is completely covered.
2) Slowly add water while stirring to avoid lumps.
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add weight1) And bearing inserts add very little weight .
2) The seated ab crunch machine adds weight to the myth.
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add your name1) Of course I'll add your name to the list.
2) Email us to add your name to our waiting list.
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added1) The second story was added circa 1900.
2) A $5 convenience fee is added .
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added a new dimension1) They added a new dimension to my life.
2) It added a new dimension to the picture.
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added bonus1) Your shuttle service is an added bonus .
2) The solar heated pool and hot tub are added bonuses .
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added to1) In many instances powdered gold was added to create intricate designs.
2) Any finite number added to infinity is infinity.
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adding1) I was considering adding another magic line.
2) Some theme parks are adding outdoor laser tag facilities.
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adding that1) adding that item nearly doubled the shipping.
2) Fancy adding that personal touch to your garden?
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adds1) Private bath adds $3 per person per night.
2) Rich velvet brown vegetable colour adds warmth.
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also add1) Roth also adds little beyond comic relief.
2) A terminating zero byte is also added .
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automatically add1) Most schools automatically add the initials upon enrollment.
2) The transaction date is automatically added for you .
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drop add1) Can I drop , add , or change an online course after registering?
2) I.e. one can exclude users, so they are not dropped or added in the target.
more drop add sentences
emphasis add1) It added emphasis to a mostly quiet and desperate film.
2) See id. ( emphasis added ).
more emphasis add sentences
gradually add1) Professional management and staff were gradually added .
2) Gentle stretching and strengthening exercises are added gradually .
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hasten to add1) Let me ha hasten to add here.
2) But I hasten to add several things.
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just add1) just add a file named \ words.
2) just add more drivers and a bigger amp!
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manually add1) The $25 is manually added to your account.
2) You should not manually add entries to this file.
more manually add sentences
newly add1) The newly added color is harmless enough.
2) The battle mode and the bonus game are newly added .
more newly add sentences
only add1) These weights only add to 90%.
2) The real projective line adds only one value ∞.
more only add sentences
quickly add1) quickly add eggs and beat until well blended.
1) Other smaller French wine houses were quickly added to the portfolio.
2) Let me add quickly about the protection.
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recently add1) The fried potatoes have been added rather recently .
2) The most recently added females rank lowest.
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simply add1) Conversion is simply adding to the needs.
2) simply adding keyword anchor text to your file does nothing special.
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slowly add1) slowly add water while stirring to avoid lumps.
2) With blender running, slowly add oil.
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then add1) then add seven days , plus nine months.
2) I then added embroidery using a machine.
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