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1) A sound argument therefore arrives at a true conclusion.

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2) This logical pervasion is required to fashion sound arguments .

3) You can find sound arguments for or against.

sound argument example sentences

4) PLEASE! make the sound argument with legitimate backup!

5) There were sound arguments for all these apparent American retreats.

6) Oh, good sound argument , lots of depth.

7) Sound arguments are not what convinces, which is irritating for philosophers.

8) This is not a sound argument .

9) Note that only sound arguments based on true principles can be inherently decisive.

10) A sound argument is one that is both valid AND has a true conclusion.

11) There is no progress unless this is challenged to defend itself by sound argument .

12) Logicians and rhetoricians are careful not to confuse sound arguments with valid arguments.

13) That's not a very sound argument for somebody calling themselves "Reason".

14) He will rely solely on sound argument and the truth to present his case.

15) Are sound arguments true arguments?

example sentences with sound argument

16) Conservative blogger Ed Morrissey presents a far more economically sound argument than the Paul supporters.

17) Is this a sound argument ?

18) If it isn't then you must explain what you mean by a sound argument .

19) This, in turn, benefitted society, providing a sound argument for investing in education.

20) When equally sound arguments surface on both sides of an issue, the result is often paralysis.

21) A sound argument , on the other hand, is a valid argument whose premises are true.

22) There is a pretty sound argument , championing SL above the likes of World of Warcraft.

23) There are sound arguments to debunk this absurd ip rationale as far as I can see .

24) He has a sound argument supported by numerous facts for everything he doesn't want to do.

25) There would appear to be a very sound argument in assuming that Arthur was of Welsh descent.

26) When it comes to dialogue and discussion, passion is a key player alongside sound arguments and critical incisiveness.

27) We publish articles covering a diversity of environmental topics, each with a sound argument and a novel approach.

28) Call b

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t on the idiots that use high sounding arguments to try and tell us something different.

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29) A lot of conservative ideals will have to collapse before they can argue with liberals with scientifically sound arguments .

30) As a consequence, Dennett concludes that this is not a sound argument for the existence of qualia.

31) Study will include a survey of the history of argument, structuring of a sound argument , and stylistics.

32) So far the Obama team has not developed a compelling and economically sound argument on behalf of open global markets.

33) These more standard forms of secret accounts have a long history, and there are sound arguments for their existence.

34) The output of models programmed with the assumption of the result looked for do not constitute even a sound argument .

35) Remember, a sound argument (one with true premises and valid logic) cannot lead to a false conclusion.

36) A sound argument perhaps , and one that would likely have been well-received at the House Intelligence Committee hearing on June 19.

37) If the people are left to act with no influence upon them but reason and sound argument , our government is safe, but if bribery rules we will drift to ruin.

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