page advert in a sentence

1) Rear page cigarette advert has an orange tinge.

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2) In June 1993 the newly formed K Foundation began taking out full page national press adverts .

3) Maxwell obtained letters of support from well-known personalities and launched his campaign with full page press adverts on 7 February.

page advert example sentences

4) As a UN Under-Secretary-General attributed war to unresolved human rights issues, Amnesty International launched a powerful full page advert .

5) Rallies were also held elsewhere around the world, and a full page advert supporting the show was taken out in the "Los Angeles Times".

6) The fundraisers hoped to raise £10,000, a lot less than the market rate for a full page advert in a broadsheet newspaper.

7) One month later, on 24 November 1927, Wilsdorf launched the Rolex Oyster watch in the United Kingdom with a full front page Rolex advert in the Daily Mail.

8) He was strongly opposed to the 2003 war against Iraq, and with fellow musician Damon Albarn personally paid for full page adverts in the NME magazine.

9) On February 18, 2011, her 78th birthday, Ono took out a full page advert in the UK free newspaper "Metro" for "Imagine Peace 2011".

10) In recent issues, The Walrus has published full page adverts for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), a major oil industry lobby group.

11) Mrs Calzini spent £2,000 on phone calls, drove all round the country and took out a quarter page advert in the Horse and Hound magazine.

12) It may help you to know our magazine format is A4 and a 1⁄4 page advert would measure 97mm by 144mm or thereabouts, portrait format.

13) The best I can do is to offer you a free 1⁄4 page advert , but I must have all the details in the next 48 hours.

14) - page post video advert .

15) - page post text advert .

example sentences with page advert

16) - page post photo advert .

17) - page post link advert .

18) These activities were accompanied by the usual full page press adverts , this time asking readers "

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