make arch in a sentence

1) Local inhabitants make arches from tissue or crepe paper to decorate atriums, squares and streets.

arch collocations
arch collocations
2) Try inserting " FC = f77 +U77 " and " FLAGS = +U77 -O +es +E6 " in the Makefile , and compiling with make arch =sun .

3) If you have a version of UNIX not listed above, please try make arch =sun and let us know how it goes.

make arch example sentences

4) It is not clear whether the columns carried arches or an entablature; the width of the space between the columns, which is 3.19 metres, would make arches more likely.

5) This is a little man made arch of dredge material and cover rocks the Army Corps built to replace the "original" island that the tanker wakes destroyed years ago.

6) Type @make instead of " make arch =

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