go ape in a sentence

1) PC gamers are gonna go ape

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17) New Yorkers went ape for the animal when she was born on Sept. 3 , 1972, at the Central Park Zoo, the offspring of Lulu and Kongo.

18) The guard went ape saying I would be prosecuted , it was only the other passengers around who all backed me up which stopped him.

19) So blow it out your a $$ Yet, when a smuch smaller incident happens in Bengazi, Libya the right wing nut jobs go ape .

20) I bet if it was an electric Cafe bike I would have a lot more comments , people go ape for electric vehicles.

21) * Special Animation : See Mack go ape as he dances and jumps.

22) Presto, now you've got a dual s/h. go ape .

23) "I'm actually going to see it so I'm going to go ape , let's just say," Tunstall said excitedly.

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