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1) Sometimes a blood test may be used to diagnose allergies .

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2) Currently, only limited tests are available to diagnose specific medication allergy .

3) Immediate food allergies are diagnosed with a skin-prick test.

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4) A skin test is the best and fastest way to diagnose a food allergy .

5) The best method for diagnosing food allergy is to be assessed by an allergist.

6) Once an allergy is diagnosed , the recommended treatment is to avoid the offending food.

7) Never try to diagnose a food allergy yourself, because you can't be an instant expert.

8) Double-blind, placebo-controlled food challenges ( DBPCFC ) are considered the gold standard for diagnosing food allergy .

9) How is allergy diagnosed ?

10) Newly diagnosed food allergies .

11) He said that skin-

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