been any good in a sentence

1) It would not have been any good either.

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2) The cottages at Predator could not possibly have been any better .

3) Don't know how this tour could have been any better .

been any good example sentences

4) Has the service been any good ?

5) Unfortunately there just haven't been any good tools to accomplish this.

6) Mm, so it wouldn't have been any good going in.

7) Our timing couldnt have been any better and we had a great day there.

8) Quite why Hertford air should have been any better for him than Cambridge air is not clear.

9) I almost got the wireless-G and yet I'm not sure that would have been any better .

10) Had Ballieu been any good he would have executed the the evil within - He did not .

11) But apart from the brush with cramp, Nadal's day could not have been any better .

12) I don't know if he could have been any better with all that goes on today.

13) If he had been any good , there was no way the City of Ayutthaya would ever have fallen.

14) The fit couldn't have been any better , and the instructions were very easy to use and they were complete.

15) How could this day have been any better ?

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