allocating in a sentence

1) The guide discusses key principles for allocating resources.

allocate collocations
2) The same principle is applied when allocating utility funds.

3) It is pointless allocating hours of teaching to irrelevant material.

allocating example sentences

4) The formula basis for allocating is common in accounting.

5) Risk management also faces difficulties in allocating resources.

6) All methods of allocating common costs shall be clearly documented.

7) Liberty means allocating state land to the citizen.

8) The regional scholarship office is responsible for allocating scholarships and loans.

9) In allocating resources, needs should be met before benefits.

10) Examples - feedback giving, allocating tasks, resource distribution.

11) We are not only allocating global savings to governments.

12) Zombies are very talented when it comes to allocating resources.

13) It is also responsible for allocating resources for service delivery.

14) Each state would employ the district system of allocating electors.

15) This means you are not properly allocating your budget .

example sentences with allocating

16) But what about allocating stocks and bonds between accounts ?

17) It is a relatively crude way of allocating such expenditure.

18) Senior functional managers are respnsible for allocating resources.

19) The reasons for allocating voters to specific polling stations are generally logistical.

20) The malloc function provides a simple method for allocating memory.

21) The written agreement, however, serves purposes beyond allocating future blame.

22) They've undermined it by not allocating resources.

23) Starting work on the seventh floor and allocating gangs accordingly.

24) The department of finance use this net figure for allocating purposes.

25) This can work for allocating resources to users.

26) The Discussion Paper discussed other methods of allocating finance costs.

27) Methods of allocating indirect costs: Chase Ltd. produces office furniture.

28) Allocating zero bytes is legal, but the result is

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