action movie in a sentence

1) It is neither straight action movie nor straight art film.

2) Not very fast when playing action movies or games .

3) Action movies or games not running very smooth .

action movie example sentences

4) The comic's fight scenes seem heavily influenced by action movies .

5) At heart Trek is an action movie .

6) Or maybe a plot device in an action movie .

7) I love action movies , especially if revenge is the plot.

8) A sci-fi action movie that shoots above its weight.

9) Like an explosion in an action movie .

10) The entire story is an homage to 80's action movies .

11) Hornets make frequent appearances in action movies and military novels.

12) I'm not an 80s action movie fan.

13) Anything but action movies and computer-generated special effects .

14) What makes action movies attractive to so many people ?

15) Chin: Any kind of action movie .

use action movie in a sentence

16) BASE jumping is often featured in action movies .

17) The film parodies clich├ęs used in other action movies .

18) Action movies of the 80s, move over!

19) I also like plenty of other action movies .

20) Making a good action movie , though, is really hard.

21) Daily Photo Galleries Making a bad action movie is famously simple .

22) An action movie that is driven by its outstanding martial arts fights.

23) Aggression mode is an appropriate fit for actors in action movies .

24) Tarantino aside , action movies tend to have action in them.

25) A fine superhero action movie

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