Western alliance in a sentence

1) This change further strained the Western alliance system.

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2) The following factors hindered the constructive interference of the Western alliance .

3) The Western alliance is in poor shape, I'm told.

Western alliance example sentences

4) The league began in 1985 as the Western alliance Challenge Series.

5) Allies received attention in proportion to their contribution to the Western alliance .

6) Both states have also been part of a Western alliance of states in various wars.

7) Gordon, Philip H. "France, Germany and the Western alliance ".

8) He said the Western alliance had no information about what casualties or damage the missiles had caused.

9) Ministers were as anxious as their predecessors to preserve Britain's privileged position in the Western alliance .

10) Allied setback in December might also have had dire consequences on postwar Europe for the Western alliance .

11) The third factor tending to the indefensibility of Europe is the dwindling American commitment to the Western alliance .

12) As Defence Minister he favoured the re-entry of the Federal Republic of Germany into the Western alliance .

13) The party was split over issues of rearmament within the Western alliance and German unification as a neutral state.

14) Bhutto was conscious that despite Pakistan's membership of anti-communist Western alliances , China had refrained from criticising Pakistan.

15) The Western Allied governments refused this initiative, while continuing West Germany's integration into the Western alliance system.

example sentences with Western alliance

16) When Russia annexed Crimea in March the Western alliance did not even turn out to have a strategy prepared.

17) Other teams held similar challenge series and it was from these efforts that The Western alliance Challenge Series was born.

18) This means that Paris has to balance its interests with the Arab world with its role in the Western alliance .

19) It was also partly because of a sense of loyalty to the United States as leader of the Western alliance .

20) Two great powers, the Soviet Union and the Western alliance , were glaring at each other threatening mutual nuclear annihilation.

21) The Cold War was won by a Western alliance that finally won the sympathies of regular people in the Soviet Empire .

22) The SPD's willingness to talk with the Eastern bloc, whilst maintaining the Western alliance , seemed a more realistic policy.

23) It and similar vessels were expected to also gather intelligence and take an

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