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51- Dervishes of the Mevlevi sect simply dance a sema by turning continuously to music that consists of long, complex compositions called ayin.

52- "The Americans said the sect had invited them to visit after they expressed concern to Aum's New York branch about religious freedom in Japan.

53- D. Persian sage who founded the sect) + English -an.

54- These hoary vampires have little use for sect, clan, or other ties.

55- Each sub sect is called Kootams, which regulates certain social events.

56- He was a brahmin of Bharadvaja gotra and he belonged to the Pashupata sect.

57- Chozhiar is the name given to a sect of Brahmins native to the Chola region.

58- He has acquired mastery of a Yagyuu swordsmanship sect and is in charge of espionage.

59- As Imperial Precepator, Phagpa was ready to go to the court and disseminate his sect's teachings.

60- Hamza is considered the founder of the Druze sect of Islam and the primary author of the Druze manuscripts.

61- Symbols Temples and images with the Vaikhanasas are of more importance than perhaps any other sect of Hinduism.

62- These are single (solo) shakuhachi (尺八) pieces played by mendicant Fuke sect priests of Zen buddhismCitation needed.

63- Simon’s authority was proved by miracles and Dositheus ceded his position as head of the sect and became Simon’s pupil.

64- He was born in Nara and his original profession was as an attendant at Shōmyōji, a Buddhist temple of the Jōdō sect in Nara.

65- "Mexico's insular Mennonites under siege, overlooked: The Tribune's Oscar Avila reports on Mexico's insular and targeted sect".

66- Zayd's sect, the Zaydiyya were separated from the Kufan influence of the Imamiyah and flourished in North Africa and Yemen as a prominent Shi'ah sect.

67- The sacred sufi music of the Yarsanî sect (Ahleh Haqq) with its 72 meqams is thought to be one of the most authentic and deep-rooted musical traditions in the world.

68- The Colluthians were a Christian sect of the fourth century.

69- Reichenbach did not list any subsections of Epidendrum sect.

70- The luminary of sect is the luminary which is said to rule each sect.

71- "The Dead Sea Scrolls-Documents of the Jewish-Christian sect of Ebionites.

72- Some Mohyal historians consider him to be the initiator of the Mohan sect.

73- Salazar interrogated, investigated and compiled information about the sect.

74- Caffeine and its precursors theobromine and theophylline are only found in sect.

75- Arif Alla Shah was about the earliest arrival in the Dakhan, who belonged to this sect.

76- This Monk was also the head of the Siri Dhamma Yuttika (Matara) sect of Buddhist Monks.

77- Epiphanius of Salamis seems to be the earliest Christian writer who speaks of this sect.

78- Warkari sect The Mahanubhav sect was followed by the Warkari saint-poet Eknath (1528-1599).

79- Tohan warriors have been entering Otori land, and submitting the members of the sect to torture.

80- Thousands of people of the sect visit his Shrine in yearCitation needed, especially at the occasion of urs.

81- In 1550, Pope Julius III affirmed that 1,000 Venetians might be counted as belonging to the Anabaptist sect.

82- These Hindu kapalika ascetics soon evolved into an extreme outcast sect of the 'left-hand' tantric path (Skt.

83- The Radhaswamis The Radhaswami sect has its headquarters at the town of Beas and is popular amongst Punjabi Hindus.

84- " Sipah-e-Sahaba or the Army of Prophet Mohammad's companions is a radical group from the majority Sunni sect of Islam.

85- The Iranian people would later split along sectarian lines as the Persians (and later the Hazara ) adopted the Shi'a sect.

86- Arnold Judas Rimmer's parents were members of this sect and raised him accordingly, but he appears to have left the faith.

87- Mirwais resisted attempts by the Persian government who were seeking to convert the Afghans from Sunni to the Shia sect of Islam.

88- Yogi Nath ( Bengali : যোগী নাথ ), simply known as Yogi ( Bengali : যোগী ) are a Bengali Hindu caste descended from the Nath sect.

89- Several key imperial officials became concerned about Zhang's hold over his followers, and suggested that the Taiping sect be disbanded.

90- Hinduism The Smarta sect worship the five major deities as supreme in turn and collectively.

91- In Meiji Period, Gōshō-ji was given the title of Bekkaku (別格), literally meaning special, by the sect.

92- Under his preaching, Methodists became the first sect to make drinking a matter of concern to the Lord.

93- Bedias of West Bengal now belong to the Ahle Hadith sect, which distinguishes from other Bengali Muslim communities.

94- Wesley's desire was not to form a new sect, but rather to reform the nation and spread scriptural holiness as truth.

95- Merouses 2002 ch. 5, sect. 3 In 412 BC during the Peloponnesian War Chios revolted against Athens and the Athenians besieged Chios.

96- Sosale is another important religious centre because of the famous Vyasraja mutt of the Madhva sect established there by Vysarajathirtha.

97- Osho said he ordered the book-burning to rid the sect of the last traces of the influence of Sheela, whose robes were added to the bonfire.

98- Xarus' allies in the Mystikos sect managed to invent a special device which can block the frequencies of light that are harmful to Vampires.

99- Numerous Shia and Sufi shrines were once located in Saudi Arabia, but were destroyed in the 1930's by Saudi Arabia's puritanical Wahabbi sect.

100- In 1999 he remade director Nobuo Nakagawa 's famous film Hell (Jigoku; 1960), using the trial of Aum sect leader Shoko Asahara as an inspiration.

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