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1- Fat cells inside the abdomen are secreting molecules that increase inflammation.

2- She ceases to feed and stops secreting stomach acid.

3- I really wish they'd stop secreting .

4- B cells work chiefly by secreting soluble substances known as antibodies.

5- The main glands are all exocrine glands, secreting via ducts.

6- Fish combat such materials by secreting mucus that carries the particles away.

7- This is done by secreting hormones that travel throughout the entire body.

8- For instance, the implant may improve healing by secreting angiogenic drugs.

9- Snake venom is produced in modified parotid glands normally responsible for secreting saliva.

10- The socket contains the gland secreting the venom the dart is coated with.

11- The breasts starts developing in the adolescence after the ovaries start secreting estrogen.

12- Foals start secreting hydrochloric acid at two days of age.

13- Other tumors even if very small can produce adverse effects by secreting hormones.

14- Trapped eggs mature normally, secreting antigens that elicit a vigorous immune response.

15- Rough endoplasmic reticulum is present mainly in cells secreting resilin.

16- The manufacturing, secreting and biofeedback could federate unauthorized.

17- Since the pituitary senses too much thyroid hormone, it stops secreting TSH.

18- They also cleanse the wound by secreting proteases that break down damaged tissue.

19- There, they produce tumors secreting an antibody-rich fluid called ascites fluid.

20- The pancreas addresses this rise in blood glucose by secreting a hormone called insulin.

21- Cats are highly territorial and secreting odors plays a major role in cat communication.

22- This is accomplished by secreting more Somatostatin which then slows down GH production.

23- Women are naturally secretive, and they like to do their own secreting .

24- Both helper and cytotoxic T-cells can control viral infections by secreting interferons.

25- NK cells work to control viral infections by secreting IFNγ and TNFα.

26- Transformation of B cells into large plasma cells that act as small factories secreting antibodies.

27- Mineralisation involves osteoblasts secreting vesicles containing alkaline phosphatase.

28- During times of stress, the body reacts by secreting stress hormones into the bloodstream.

29- Each solution was perfused in eight to 10 rats with normal and with secreting intestine.

30- The rice based solutions promoted most water absorption in secreting intestine (p0.007).

31- Sandhill milkweed defends itself against feeding monarch caterpillars by secreting sticky latex from its leaves.

32- They are secreting mucus that is adhered to by the first microcrystals of calcite.

33- Later we discuss Acevedo's isolation of CG secreting "abnormal" bacteria from cancer.

34- Wright et al have described EGF secreting lineages containing neutral mucin arising beside ulcerated intestinal mucosa.

35- Technically speaking, type III secretion is used both for secreting infection-related proteins and flagellar components.

36- Hackberries themselves are also allelopathic secreting a chemical that inhibits grasses and other shallow rooted plants.

37- Estrogen promotes thickening of the uterine lining and inhibits the anterior pituitary from secreting FSH.

38- One approach undertaken by researchers is through the implantation of microcapsules containing genetically modified cytokine secreting cells.

39- By secreting these factors, macrophages contribute to pushing the wound healing process into the next phase.

40- The pituitary gland in the base of the brain has a key role in secreting many hormones. The housefly is able to eat solid food by secreting saliva and dabbing it over the food item.

41- They are commonly described as secreting large amounts of mucus, resulting in hypokalaemia in patients.

42- This will distinguish whether the cause is an ectopic ACTH secreting tumour, an adrenal carcinoma or an adrenal adenoma - ranges differ between different labs.

43- As oxygen gets built into the shells of calcium carbonate secreting organisms, such sediments prove a chronological record of temperature and salinity of the water in the area.

44- "Aquaporin-9 is expressed in a mucus-secreting goblet cell subset in the small intestine".

45- They have a single wax-secreting trichome in the epidermal pits and glands on the abaxial surface.

46- "A solid-phase enzyme-linked immunospot (ELISPOT) assay for enumeration of specific antibody-secreting cells".

47- There is a pair of calcium-secreting glands located near the midventral line on the posterior end of the peristomium.

48- Annexin VI has been implicated in mediating the endosome aggregation and vesicle fusion in secreting epithelia during exocytosis.

49- "Human adrenal cortex and aldosterone secreting adenomas express both 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 and type 2 genes".

50- These cells share the common function of secreting a low molecular weight polypeptide hormone.

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