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" attractive "Collocations - Expressions
attractive alternative1) Wireless access however remained an attractive local loop alternative .

2) IP cameras often present an attractive alternative .

more attractive alternative sentences
appear attractive1) Sometimes certain eye colors appear very attractive.

2) To such persons, any disposable income would appear attractive.

more appear attractive sentences
become attractive1) The website has become much more attractive.

2) They no longer become relatively less attractive.

more become attractive sentences
be attractive1) The growing "sharing economy" is attractive.

2) A torn ear lobe is not very attractive!

more be attractive sentences
commercially attractive1) The comb was built in the glass jars which made it commercially attractive.

2) It is the speed and the extra space that make the Squirrel commercially attractive.

more commercially attractive sentences
consider attractive1) Originally, pale skin was considered most attractive.

2) All varieties were easy to purchase and considered attractive to humans.

more consider attractive sentences
attractive destination1) Vietnam keeps emerging as an attractive destination .

2) Żary is also an attractive tourist destination .

more attractive destination sentences
economically attractive1) economically attractive for mature oil fields before abandonment.

2) Hard drives are cheap and getting cheaper, making it economically attractive.

more economically attractive sentences
attractive element1) I think the attractive element of wildness is freedom.

2) Eastenders has not one attractive element .

more attractive element sentences
equally attractive1) All other things must be equally attractive.

2) But is a man not equally attractive when married?

more equally attractive sentences
especially attractive1) Women were said to find his piercing blue eyes especially attractive.

2) None of the explanations is especially attractive.

more especially attractive sentences
extremely attractive1) These are extremely attractive for ultra high temperature applications.

2) The upside potential is extremely attractive, however.

more extremely attractive sentences
attractive feature1) Other attractive features include a security element.

2) Raised vegetable gardening bed designs can be attractive landscape features .

more attractive feature sentences
feel attractive1) Furthermore you may not feel very attractive.

2) I 've always felt more attractive with a thin face.

more feel attractive sentences
attractive female1) I would consider myself to be a very attractive female .

2) Hi, we are two young attractive females aged 18 and 19.

more attractive female sentences
financially attractive1) Companies use this cost information to identify more financially attractive alternatives to disposal.

2) The smaller markets, like genuine serious hikers - not so financially attractive.

more financially attractive sentences
find attractive1) You literally model pieces of men women find incredibly attractive.

2) The kind of rebellion I found attractive was political and artistic.

more find attractive sentences
attractive foliage1) Many bear show flowers, others have attractive foliage .

2) attractive hoary foliage, and brilliant scarlet orange flowers.

more attractive foliage sentences
attractive football1) They still play attractive football, but there is no end product.

2) McDonald's team played attractive football, finishing eighth in League One.

more attractive football sentences
increasingly attractive1) During this period mechanized farming became increasingly attractive.

2) Her work as a teacher has been increasingly attractive.

more increasingly attractive sentences
look attractive1) This set looks much more attractive in person!

2) Other commodities businesses look more attractive now.

more look attractive sentences
make attractive1) Wood can be painted and made attractive without any difficulty.

2) It was all made very attractive.

more make attractive sentences
attractive offer1) attractive upgrade offers are available for all existing Phase One photographers .

2) Consumers perceived No. 2 to be the most attractive offer .

more attractive offer sentences
attractive option1) The bow pulpit is an attractive option .

2) This makes it an attractive legal research option .

more attractive option sentences
attractive package1) An attractive fringe benefit package is included.

2) An attractive salary package is on offer.

more attractive package sentences
particularly attractive1) There was one particularly attractive young couple.

2) Why should emerging markets be particularly attractive?

more particularly attractive sentences
attractive prospect1) As an educated professional, Bristow was an attractive prospect .

2) It has attractive long-term prospects ( but) there are temporary dislocations.

more attractive prospect sentences
prove attractive1) These characteristics proved attractive to motorcycle buyers.

2) The" English subjects" proved particularly attractive here.

more prove attractive sentences
reasonably attractive1) Although imperfect, this often gives a reasonably attractive display.

2) The Grand Memo's chassis is reasonably attractive.

more reasonably attractive sentences
remain attractive1) By being a challenge, you remain attractive.

2) It is apparent that she remained attractive into her later years .

more remain attractive sentences
seem attractive1) This explanation may not seem very attractive.

2) The mental picture of three compassionate children seemed very attractive.

more seem attractive sentences
sound attractive1) National regional accents sound very attractive on radio.

2) Following the sun playing golf and collecting cheques sounds attractive.

more sound attractive sentences
sufficiently attractive1) The enhanced earning capacity through more years in the education system has to be sufficiently attractive.

2) Despite this the mayor is confident that rail-based options will provide a sufficiently attractive alternative.

more sufficiently attractive sentences
superficially attractive1) Although the idea was superficially attractive, money was too tight.

2) Although superficially attractive, that would present a huge constitutional problem.

more superficially attractive sentences
attractive target1) This makes such services attractive targets for virus writers.

2) That "auxiliary" site is another attractive target for drug development.

more attractive target sentences
very attractive1) Sometimes certain eye colors appear very attractive.

2) A torn ear lobe is not very attractive!

more very attractive sentences
visually attractive1) This is arguably the most visually attractive contender.

2) Facilities are to be environmentally efficient and visually attractive.

more visually attractive sentences
attractive woman1) I am an attractive, heavy woman .

2) He believes Nikolai is an attractive woman .

more attractive woman sentences
attractive addition1) Piano Music Two works in particular have proved attractive additions to repertoire.

2) The brackish Gobies make very attractive additions to the aquarium.

more attractive addition sentences
attractive appearance1) She is of unusual and attractive appearance.

2) The fruit normally large with a smooth and attractive appearance.

more attractive appearance sentences
attractive aspect1) City officials have said it is among the least attractive aspects of the downtown.

2) The most attractive aspect of this predominantly ancient semi-natural woodland is its distinct habitats.

more attractive aspect sentences
attractive building1) Beautiful space, 1100 sf. office in attractive building.

2) Do you think it's an attractive building?

more attractive building sentences
attractive candidate1) Lipocytes are attractive candidates to regulate matrix turnover in both health and disease.

2) A possible consequence might be that South Korea would be a less attractive candidate for investment.

more attractive candidate sentences
attractive colour1) Makes some very original and attractive colour combinations.

2) However, not all of the wood species have attractive colour.

more attractive colour sentences
attractive combination1) Infographics are the attractive combination of important information with related imagery.

2) Thus, you may take mathematics with music or politics with personnel management -both attractive combinations!

more attractive combination sentences
attractive countryside1) Many other traditional crafts and skills can also be found in Taunton Deane's attractive countryside.

2) The County Council's environmental consultants reported that western routes pass through some of the most attractive countryside around Harrogate.

more attractive countryside sentences
attractive couple1) So should we only allow universally attractive couples to get married then?

2) With their youthful good looks and bronzed faces they were an attractive couple.

more attractive couple sentences
attractive design1) This is a flexible and attractive design.

2) They are all featured with charming colors and attractive designs.

more attractive design sentences
attractive display1) Although imperfect, this often gives a reasonably attractive display.

2) The attractive display consisted of three trays of presidential coins and medals.

more attractive display sentences
attractive dividend1) Seadrill offers extremely attractive dividends and has an impressive history of dividend increases.

2) It, too, has been pushed at investors as an attractive dividend generator.

more attractive dividend sentences
attractive flowers1) attractive flowers pass from white to crimson.

2) Transplant unused roots to borders the following spring, as both have attractive flowers.

more attractive flowers sentences
attractive force1) These correlations may also induce attractive forces.

2) attractive forces are greater when molecules are closer together.

more attractive force sentences
attractive girl1) A very attractive girl passing by heard his shout.

2) I am not the attractive girl I once was.

more attractive girl sentences
attractive incentive1) We also offer an attractive incentive scheme .

2) All the IPP contracts came with attractive incentives and guarantees.

more attractive incentive sentences
attractive investment1) I therefore believe more attractive investment opportunities can be found elsewhere .

2) The four suggested buy-and-hold portfolios above may represent an attractive investment opportunity.

more attractive investment sentences
attractive lady1) We like to go there and it's even more fun when attractive ladies are present.

2) You will be subjected to the remarkable attention of the most beautiful and attractive ladies in London.

more attractive lady sentences
attractive man1) Matthew Preston was an attractive man physically.

2) The lack of barriers, the supposedly attractive man.

more attractive man sentences
attractive nuisance1) I had the attractive nuisance safely back in the garage when the police arrived.

2) Artificial surfing reefs, like swimming pools, can be viewed as an attractive nuisance.

more attractive nuisance sentences
attractive packaging1) Creating attractive packaging and different from the others make more value of this product.

2) Simple, yet attractive packaging.

more attractive packaging sentences
attractive personality1) Sie owns a highly attractive personality and fluent technics.

2) Her striking good looks, keen intellect and attractive personality did not go unnoticed.

more attractive personality sentences
attractive price1) I think that $ 349 is a very attractive price point.

2) That's its clear selling point: the hugely attractive price.

more attractive price sentences
attractive proposition1) Plymouth is not the most attractive proposition geographically.

2) Are you a more or less attractive proposition ?

more attractive proposition sentences
attractive quality1) There's an additional attractive quality in this research.

2) It's one of my least attractive qualities.

more attractive quality sentences
attractive resort1) This is another attractive resort with the dramatic Wilder Kaiser mountain range behind it.

2) Possibly the company might arrange a holiday at a less attractive resort every seven years.

more attractive resort sentences
attractive return1) In our area in the fixed income space attractive returns are still available.

2) The base project itself though, provides an attractive return for Woodside.

more attractive return sentences
attractive room1) A most attractive room with double radiator.

2) Large and attractive room with 2 windows to side aspect.

more attractive room sentences
attractive route1) The payment of dividends may be the most attractive route.

2) The towpath through Chester provides an attractive route for walkers.

more attractive route sentences
attractive setting1) The graphic presentation is well done, with attractive settings.

2) Few will have claim to a more attractive setting.

more attractive setting sentences
attractive shade1) In fall the leaves turn attractive shades of purple and pink .

2) My current favourite is 'Rose Red' which is actually an attractive shade of fuchsia.

more attractive shade sentences
attractive to1) Make bond issues more attractive to voters.

2) These characteristics proved attractive to motorcycle buyers.

more attractive to sentences
attractive trait1) I feel that should be an attractive trait.

2) He gives a great massage, but his most attractive trait is his bedside manner.

more attractive trait sentences
attractive valuation1) In February I started a position in PepsiCo ( PEP ) when the beverage and snack maker was trading at an attractive valuation.

2) Dividend growth stocks will be available at attractive valuations, but the investor will be selling stocks from his total return portfolio at unfavorable prices.

more attractive valuation sentences
attractive village1) Alternatively the day could be spent relaxing in this attractive village.

2) Inveresk is an attractive village which has taken its name from the river.

more attractive village sentences
attractive wife1) His attractive wife got out wearing too little for my ease.

2) Enough reason to divorce can be that he does not find attractive wife no longer.

more attractive wife sentences
attractive yield1) HUD is now aware that these types of notes do not provide attractive yield to investors.

2) With a smidgen of creativity, you can wring attractive yields out of certain types of corporate debt.

more attractive yield sentences
attractive1) Sometimes certain eye colors appear very attractive.

2) attractive sheltered picnic site adjoining planned walk through wildlife meadow.

more attractive sentences
fairly attractive1) The new rear lighting is both welcome and fairly attractive.

2) The bottle is fairly attractive and sleekly designed.

more fairly attractive sentences
incredibly attractive1) You literally model pieces of men women find incredibly attractive.

2) I find you incredibly attractive, Kei-chan.

more incredibly attractive sentences
irresistibly attractive1) Its waters proved irresistibly attractive to us, and we playfully started splashing one another.

2) First shown in 1957, but not available until a year later, the new two-seater Elite coupé was irresistibly attractive.

more irresistibly attractive sentences
physically attractive1) There were girls far more physically attractive than her.

2) Plus, they are usually physically attractive.

more physically attractive sentences
strikingly attractive1) Basically propecia a scantily clad strikingly attractive real woman knocks on his door.

2) She was considered a pretty child and later, as a woman, strikingly attractive.

more strikingly attractive sentences
stunningly attractive1) The effect of a black and white room in stunningly attractive.

2) He was an incredibly handsome man, Marianne a stunningly attractive woman.

more stunningly attractive sentences

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